My wifes birthday gangbang

My name is Alan i'm a very happily married man with a normal job and life, but what happened 2 years ago changed all of that.
My wife is Kelly, and i'm proud to say she is a very sexy lady who gets lots of male attention. We met when we were both 17 and both virgins. So up until 2 years ago the only person i had ever had sex with was Kelly and the same goes for her. Like i said Kelly is a very sexy lady 32 years old average hight dress size 12 long blonde hair big full kissable lips but the thing that gets her the most attention are her natural 36 E cup tits! She always dresses to show off her breast and i've always known she loves the attention.
A couple of years ago it was Kellys 30th birthday and i'd gone over the top buying her some very expensive gifts and as i do every year i bought her a very expensive set of sexy underwear. This year i had gone for a classic, a black strapless basque and stockings.
Her birthday fell on a Thursday so we went out for a meal and had alot of wine, so in the cab on the way home Kelly was wispering in my ear that she was going to thank me properly when we got home.
As soon as we went up to bed she started giving me a blowjob, sucking me until i came in her mouth. We laid and cuddled up and i asked her if there was anything else she had wanted for her birthday. She paused for a while and then blurted out that she wanted to experiment more with our sex life and although she loved me very much she felt we had both missed out being with other partners. I put alot of this done to the wine. All of the next day Kelly acted completely normally, and when i got home from work she had made a lovely meal with more wine!
I noticed Kelly was drinking alot and becoming very tipsy. When i asked her if anything was wrong, she asked if i recalled what she had said the night before about sex. When i said i did she open her laptop and played a short porn clip. It was basically 1 woman being roughly fucked by 5 guys. I sat open mouthed when Kelly said this was her fantasy! We talked about it for a while and she asked if it turned me on, the thought of a group of strangers fucking her like a whore. I couldn't believe it but the more i thought about it the more it turned me on.
That was all Kelly needed, she ran upstairs and half an hour later she came down in a long coat and black high heels and wearing very heavy makeup. She handed me the video camera and the car keys. But when i asked where we were going she just said its a suprise.
She directed me to an industrial estate on the edge of town. It was 9pm and just gone dark when i pulled up. Kelly pointed to some bushes and told me to go and hide in them and to film everything.
I was still in a bit of shock but i did as i was told. i got into the bush and from there i could see a lorry park, full of heavy goods vehicles on overnight stops. As i looked round i saw our car drive into the centre of the park, right infront of the bushes were i was hiding.
Kelly got out of the car and walked over to one of the wooden benches. She took of her coatand laid it on the bench, she was wearing the basque and suspenders i had bought her with high heels and no pants. She sat on the bench with her legs wide open and started to play with her pussy. Within seconds i could see cab lights coming on and doors opening. Two men started to walk over to the bench, it was only about 15 feet away from me and through the camera i could see the excitment on Kellys face. I carried on filming and Kelly carried on playing, the 2 guys stood and watched until a third man joined them but he didn't stand and watch, he walked staright up to my wife and grabbed at her tits, this was all the encouragement the other 2 needed, they soon joined in. Within a minute two other men had come over, My wife was surrounded by 5 complete strangers, not a word had been spoken but all 5 were pawing at her, grabbing her kissing her all over, i was trying my best to film it but there were hands and tongues everywhere. One of the guys grabbed Kellys hair and roughly pushed her towards his groin, he'd pulled his cock out, he was a big guy much bigger then me, Kelly opened her willing mouth and wrapped her big red lips around his cock, sucking on it like a pro, by this time the other men had torn of her basque, it was ruined on the wet floor, her stockings were in bits, and they carried on abusing my wife. Surronded by 5 erect cocks Kelly took turns in wanking and sucking them all, but never let go of the big one. The man with the big cock was first, he bent her over the bench, no condom, he thrust inside her making Kelly scream out, as he gave her his full length in one thrust, Her hands on the bench and this a****l fucking her hard, her massive tits swinging, the other guys grabbed at her and wanked then took turn fucking her mouth. For over an hour i watched as the 5 men took turns fucking my wife in her pussy and mouth, using her like a whore, just like she wanted. None of them spent long enough fucking her to come, until the big guy threw her on her back onto the bench and entered her again, the others stood wanking, occasionally Kelly could stop panting long enough to suck one of them, but the big man was fucking her hard, Kelly was really screaming out until, he pulled out of her pussy, he straddled over her and fired come all over her tits. The other men were soon to follow with kellys help at one point she had a cock in each hand and one in her mouth, within 20 secondes or so all 4 of them had come either on my wifes face or in her mouth. She was covered.
Without a word she put on her coat and got in the car. She confessed later she had lost count how many times she had come herself.
This was a major turning point in our marrage and we are bith now regular swingers and go dogging, but that one video we watch over and over again.
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2 months ago
Very sexy, thanks for sharing your wife.
3 months ago
Awesome story!
7 months ago
mmm i need to hear more!! :)