blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 2

Mel looked me in the eye and begged, "Fuck me with that big cock, fuck me hard."
I stood at the side of the bed and without instruction, Mel grab her ankles pulling her legs wide apart, presenting her teen pussy for my throbbing cock.
I eased the tip of my dick inside her dripping pussy, and slowly began to feed my cock inside her. Mel gasped her eyes and mouth wide open. "O my god, its so thick." she said.
I roughly grabbed her hips and with the first few thrusts i f***e more of my cock inside her, she was moaning loadly with every thrust.
"No more, its to big, please." she begged.
"You said you wanted it, so your gonna get it all, so shut up bitch." and with that i thrust as hard as i could forcing my full 12 inches inside her.
Melissa screamed so loadly. She let her ankles go and wrapped them around my waist. I fucked her sweet pussy as hard as i could with every thrust, holding tightly around her throat. Her screams and my grunts got loader and faster. Four more time she cried out she was cumming while we fucked. I could feel my balls tighten and i told Mel i was about to cum.
"O please don't cum inside me." she pleaded.
I pulled my cock out, it was covered dripping in Mels juices. I climbed ontop of Mel letting my cock flop on her tits, she grabbed my soaking wet cock with both hands and furiously wanked me off as she licked the tip of my cock.I looked down and Mel looked up and she said.
"Cum over my teenage tits."
That was all i needed and i had a huge orgasm, covering her tits and chin in hot cum, which she greedly licked of her chin.
We quickly cleaned up the cum cover bed sheets. Mel showered in the bathroom and i went to shower in the ensuite and as i came out i heard the door slamming.
Sortly after i'd dressed Sharon arrived home, we had a meal and a quite normal evening although Sharon said i was very distracted. She was right i couldn't stop thinking about Mel.
Sharon walked over to were i was sat on the sofa.
"What ever it is your thinking about, let me see if i can take your mind of it, while we have the house to ourselves."
She removed my jeans and shorts and nelt down infront of me. She took my cock in mouth and hand making me intsantly hard.
"I love your big dick" she said. And with that she held my cock and licked my cock working her way down to my balls. She pushed my leg up onto the sofa, so my legs were spread. She worked her way down with her tongue till she reached my ass crack. At this point something caught my eye. Stood in the kitchen doorway was Melissa!
Mel put her finger to her lip, indicating for me to be quiet. Her other hand had lifted her skirt and was inside her panties. She was clearly fingering her clit.
So her Mother couldn't turn around i put my hand on Sharons head grabbing a handful of hair. Sharon rimmed my arse hole, it felt great but seeing her daughter stood masterbating was so horny. Sharon had reached up to wank me off. But when she moved up to suck my dick, i stood up and grabbed her hair with both hands. I stood and fucked Sharons mouth just like i had her daughters 4 hours before. I staired at Mel and she nodded at me. I picked up my pace fucking her mums mouth making Sharon gag. I groaned loadly firing hot cum in Sharons mouth and as she pulled away all over her face.
The final shock was Mel, who had moved her hand away from her pussy shouted, "Mum! What the fuck are you doing!"
Sharon turned to face her daughter with my cum still on her face.
"Know i see what you mean mum, his cock is massive isn't it" Mel said to her mum.
After a few harsh words from her mum, Melissa left. Sharon said sorry to me but i said nothing.
It wasn't long after this that we stopped seeing each other and Mel went off to University.
I never seen either mother or daughter since but i very often think about that day.

As always this is a piece of fiction and not based on real people or events.
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