the dentist threesome

My name is James, i'm just an average guy but i was given a gift, i'm a well endowed man, around 11 inches and very thick.
A couple of years ago i'd started dating a very pretty Pakistani girl called "Nasha". She was a real find, not only was she one of the hottest girls i've ever met but she was also, very clever had a great job ( she was a dentist ) but she was also a real slut. Nasha was 25 years old, 5ft 2 and very slim, she played a lot of tennis so her lovely firm body was a perfect size 8 firm 32 C cup breasts and a great tight ass, tennis, yoga and lots of hard sex kept her in great shape. She loved my big cock and to my suprise she loved it up her ass.
We'd been dating a few weeks and i was due for a dental check up, Nasha had said that if i came by last thing on the friday she'd give me a check up and maybe more. She confessed that she'd always wanted to fuck at work, so she made all the arrangements and i was to go to the practise at 4.30 that friday.
I turned up as arranged and Nasha and the dentle nurse Amy gave me my check up. All done and cleaned up, Nasha told Amy that we were all done and she was okay to leave and have a good weekend.
We sat and talked about how hot it was that we were going to fuck in the dentist chair. we waited a few minutes for Amy to leave, then Nasha told me to sit back in the chair and relax.
She pretended to still be giving me an examination then looked at me and said "theres just 1 more thing i need to check". She ran her hand over my groin making my cock bulge. "mmm that looks like it may need to come out" she said. It was very corny and silly but it was fun. She unzipped my jeans and reached in her hands were still in surgical glove and the latex felt wierd on my cock. Nasha slowly started wanking my cock getting me harder and harder. "O my god its huge, i love this big fat cock" she said. gripping the base of my cock she slowly started licking my cock from balls to tip like a giant lolly-pop.
"What the fuck?!" she screamed. She stormed to the door. Pulling the door open! I was suprised to see Amy stood there, but not as suprised as Amy was to be caught.Amy was in her early 20's, she was about 5'6 short blonde hair and very curvey.
Nasha dragged Amy in by her wrist. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Nasha demanded. Amy stuttered a little saying " Well i came to the door to say good bye, but when i looked through the gap in the door i could see, well that" pointing at my still hard cock. Nasha smiled. Still holding Amys wrist she pulled her over to the chair. Nasha slowly started wanking my cock again. "What are you doing?" Amy asked. Nasha said nothing she just pulled Amys hand up towards my cock. she looked Amy in the eyes "do you like your job Amy?" "Yes" Amy replied. "And i know you like his cock, so all you have to do is play along and you get some great sex and you get to keep your job! Now suck his fucking cock!"
Nasha grabbed a handfull of Amys hair shoving her head towards my cock. Amy didn't need any forcing she grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth, hungry for cock she sucked on it like a pro with Nasha pushing her head up and down. Then Nasha stood back and watched Amy work on my ercetion. Nasha undressed down to matching white bra and panties they looked fantastic against her dark skin. She walked up behind Amy and slapped her hard on the ass. "strip" she ordered Amy. Amy stood back and did as she was told, taking off her nurses gown and stripping down to her underwear. I stood to take a closer look at Amy. She had some real curves. Not fat but not slim her ass wobbled when i slapped it, she squealed so i slapped again and again, Nasha removed Amys bra releasing Amys massive tits. With just her panties still on Amy bent over her hands on the chair. I stood at one side Nasha at the other we both started spanking Amys ass cheeks, squeeling in pleasure and pain Amys ass was soon bright red. Nasha got down on her knees behind Amy and pulled her panties to one side then buried her face in Amys sopping wet pussy licking it greedly. I quickly removed my clothes and got behind Nasha her pussy was soaking wet. I eased my cock inside her she moaned but never stooped licking soon we were all in time moaning as i set the pace fucking Nasha's pussy hard. I could tell Nasha was close so thrusted harder and harder and soon Nasha's cunt gripped on my cock as she came hard pulling her head back "YEEEEEEEES". she turned and looked at me, still panting out of breath she said " her turn now baby, fuck her hard".
Amy removered her panties and lay back on the chair. " Have ever had a cock this big?" Nasha asked Amy as she grippied my cock easing it toward her soaking cunt. "No never, i, i don't know if it wil fit." she gasped as i eased my bulging head into her. "it WILL fit." Nasha commanded. I slowly started fucking Amys pussy pushing a little more inside her each time she moaned loadly with every thrust. Nasha sat beside her reaching down and rubbed Amys clit in time with my thrusts which got faster and harder, making her massive tits bounce on her chest. Before long Amy was taking all 11 inches with every push and with Nasha quickly rubbing her clit Amy reached a massive orgasm screaming loadly!
"My ass, fuck my ass hole" Nasha demmanded. She'd already been fingering her own ass and with the amount of cum and and dripping pussys there was no need to lube up. Nasha bent over and presented her perfect arse to me. i quickly started fuckeing her hard her screams were so load! Amy watched as she rubbed her pussy. Being watched was a huge turn on and my pace got faster i was so close.
i pulled out of Nasha and aimed my cock toward Amys tits, a few quick strokes and i exploded cum all over Amys tits and Nasha had put her face there. Nasha looked up cum on her face and kissed me deeply then turn and licked up some more cum of Amys tits before kissing her.
This was the only time we had fun together and it was never spoken off again but i ofetn think of it.

As always this is a piece of fiction and not based on real people or events.
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Loved it. Very hot