My Cousin's Visit on a Quiet Afternoon

(This is a recollection of a teen-aged escapade)

I have an unfathomable desire to somehow create a hilarious situation where I will be naked with an erection in front of my cousin. I'm not sure exactly why the scene plays out in my mind, a surprise of some kind based on an improbable joke and the unbridled laughter that will accompany my standing nude with my excited cock pointing up in front of me.

Maybe it's the Playboy magazines my friend Joey found in his grandfather's garage last week that have made their way into three or four different teen bedrooms in the last several days. For guys our age these are amazing treasures, obsessive elements that compliment our over-energized libidos perfectly, keeping our hormones flowing and our fingers very busy, especially before bedtime. My cousin hadn't actually seen a real Playboy before since my aunt and uncle are very strict Christians, so he is really excited – I can see his hard-on sticking out in his pants along his right leg. Even though we've been really close since we were babies we never talk about things like girl's bodies or blow jobs or jerking off – I think that's changing today while he's looking at the magazines. I feel a shiver travel up my spine that's hot and cold at the same time, something I can barely describe since I've never felt it before. It's like the shaky feeling I get when I take my clothes off in the woods, excited and scared at the same time that feels really great once I stand there and I'm completely nude. It's like there are two parts inside me: one that's scared and would rather just sit an wait till I feel different, and another that wants to go ahead and jump and not worry.

I need to formulate a plan of some kind – I can't just jump up and take my clothes off and say 'Surprise!' He could tell people I'm queer and maybe tell his parents and then my parents. . . . There's Candie next door, the older teenaged girl who wears bikinis in the backyard and has big tits that look like they're going to fall out of her top. Since my window looks out over her yard I can see her sunbathing and I find a nude girl in Playboy that looks like her and look out the window and imagine Candie is nude. My penis gets hard automatically and I can jerk off without Candie knowing what I'm doing. This may be the ice-breaker for my cousin.....

“Tommy,” I begin, “Is that that actress from the space movie?” I lean toward him and look at the glossy naked woman spanning the two pages in front of him.

“Ah. . . yeah, Lisa. . . . Lisa... the one who's trapped in the station,” he tells me. He seems to be observing her photo in deliberate detail. I consider my next step.

“There's a section in this one where the girls are walking around nude in the woods – that's got to be cool, a bunch of gorgeous girls nude together, outside. I think I'd take my clothes off if I was there.” I figure I should create a vivid image to set things up – the chills are streaming through my whole body now and making me think of these ideas.

“Really?,” he asks. “Can't you get arrested?”

“No. . . I'm sure they take the girls far into the woods where no one is going to just walk up and discover a bunch of them running around nude. They don't get arrested.” I pause and f***e myself to wait a very-long moment before I add “I know I'd get hard-on in front of them. ”

He finally looks up at me, a smile across his face, and says “Well, who wouldn't? They're really gorgeous!”

I continue. “Yeah. . . you know, I bet I'd get a hard-on if I was nude with any girl who was nude – it would just happen. I'd end up walking around with it sticking up and bouncing and stuff. ”

“Get out! That's crazy! Walking around like that?”

“Well. . . . ” I decide to try something special. “You know. . . I've done it already! I mean, not with a girl or anyone. . . but I've gone back in the woods and. . . took all my clothes off. . . . and I was nude for maybe an hour. ”

His smile twists with astonishment. “No! Really? You didn't?”

“I did. . . . I had my shorts and a tee shirt. . . no underwear. . . . and I went all the way back behind the old quarry and waited for a while to make sure no one was around. Then I took off the shirt and shorts and rolled them up and started walking around and doing stuff nude. ”

“Really?” He sat open-mouthed with the scene playing out in his mind. “There wasn't anyone around? And you were. . . . ” he trailed off so I finished the thought “Completely nude. It was great! It's impossible to explain what it feels like. . . . it's really different. After a while you don't think about it much and you're just walking and it's great.” I pause for emphasis. “After a while. . . . well, the wind was blowing, I guess. . . and I did get a hard-on, right there in the woods. I'm standing there and my dick just gets hard suddenly. ”

The look in his eyes is almost cinematic – I decide to go one step further before I activate my ultimate plan. My arms are nearly shivering and my hands feel like ice and I am very excited with this whole scene.

“I kept waking around and doing things and it felt really good to have it there, you know, sticking up in front of me. After a while. . . . ” I pause and see his rapt attention before I finish with “I decided.... to... to jerk off.... right there. ”

“In the woods? Just standing there?” he interjects.

“That's the whole thing. . . . it's the woods. It's wild. . . you don't have to hide or anything. a****ls don't hide when they fuck. . . . . ” I inhale to slow myself down. “I just felt like doing it. . and I laid my clothes down and stood there. . . and I did it. . and it was awesome! I mean, it never feels like that when I jerk off here. ” I motion around the bedroom.

“You mean. . . you just stood there. . . . and. . . . ” he pauses (and I wonder if he'll say the words), “and. . . jerked off? Wow! Did you just. . . you know, shoot. . . . in the grass?

I am tingling all over. “Yeah. . . . I mean, I didn't have to worry about that. . . . I'm outside. . . it won't mess anything up.” I feel my own erection pressing desperately against its containment in my underwear.

I need to make the move now before I shake into pieces. I getup from the bed and walk to the closet. “Hey, give me a minute,” I say and open the closet door and walk inside. As I close the door I hear him say “Wow. . . that's amazing! Really!” My hands are shaking and my body is freezing as I stand behind the door preparing to do something that could be considered weird or maybe even queer. But since everything has headed in this direction I need to press ahead.

The need to get out of my clothes is overwhelming – I make short work of my shirt, shorts and underwear. My supercharged erection springs free of its confines, bobbing several times before finding its horizontal position in front of me. I take a deep shaky breath, feel the icy bl**d course through every inch of me, fell the incredible excitement rolling through my insides. Time for the next step. . .

“Hey. . is the chick next door out in the backyard?” I call out from behind the door.

“Wait. . . . ah. . . oh yeah. . . . oh yeah! Geez. . . . she is hot. ” My cousin is up at the window now, next to the closet door. Not sure how to do this. . . he should open it. . . . . “Come see this! Wow! She's in a bikini! You gotta. . . . ” I hear his voice change enough to know he's moving to the closet door. I turn my nude body to face the door, press my pelvis and stiff organ forward and feel more chilling cold pulse through me as the pit of stomach explodes. “. . . you. . . gotta check her out” he says as he pulls the door open and looks inside. I do not / cannot move as he looks in my face, mouth opened in mid-sentence then looks down and his eyes widen as his mouth falls open.

Ahh. . . . wow. . . ah. . . . ” he manages as his eyes freeze on my erection. “Ah. . . I mean. .” he says indicating my cock.

I can't just stand here so I begin to talk. “I was getting really horny, Tommy. . . . and I don't know. . . all the talk about the woods. . . . and jerking off. . . . and. . . well. . . . I got hard. . and had to take my clothes off!” I can't believe what I just said, but he hasn't flipped out or screamed or threatened me, so I need to keep going. A strong feeling of satisfaction creeps through the chills and hot flashes and shakes – I really like this.

Tommy backs out of the closet, shifting a bit though not nervously. “Ah. . . . you. . . surprised me. . . Really surprised me!” He looks down at my very hard penis, the centerpiece of this whole scene, it seems.

“Well. . . . ,” I start, “I hope this is okay. . . . I mean. . . . I can't get my clothes back on right now. . . and. . . ” I take a cautious peek through the blinds “with this view. . . . I think my dick'll be hard for a while. . .” If this was any other scene that would be a stupid comment – however, being nude and aroused changes everything.

“Well. . . . ” Tommy inhales and swallows “You might as well be nude. . . I mean. . . it's your room and all. . . . ” he stops.

“I'm usually nude when I'm in here anyway. . . so it's kind of normal. . . .”

Tommy sits quietly on the bed, organizing the whole situation. He turns toward me, looking at my erection first, then up at me. “Sorry. . . I keep looking at your dick. . . ”

“It's right there. . . . . don't worry. . . you're a guy so it's no big deal!” Well, it actually is.

Tommy laughs lightly and, of course, his gaze returns to my hard cock. He laughs and shakes his head. I laugh in response – I actually feel that satisfaction welling up as he observes me. “Tommy. . . it's okay. . . go ahead and look at it. . . I mean, it's right there, sticking up. . . . we can't pretend it's invisible.”

He looks up at me with a smile of relief, then returns his gaze to the subject at hand. “You know. . . I'm not going queer or anything. . . . ”

I look down at it. “No. . . I know that.” There's an intense drive pushing itself harder inside me. I'm not sure what I should do. . . . I'm sitting here nude with my cousin as we both look at my erection. Without a thought I reach down and grasp it – nothing earth-shattering occurs. I pull it upward against my stomach to reveal my balls sitting tightly underneath. With a shaky voice I say “They always get tight like that when I'm horny” as if it's a presentation of some warped sort.

“Yeah. . . same with me,” Tommy tells me.

“When I'm outside they tighten up too,” I say as we both sit quietly observing the twin objects of discussion. After a moment I release my erection and let it bounce to its rightful place. Tommy laughs. I decide to go for humor and begin bouncing my cock, pulling it down and releasing it so it springs up.

“You're crazy. . . . ” he says laughing.

“Gee. . . I could sit and bounce my cock all day,” I comment as I continue. Amidst the tumult inside me I feel the vague stirrings that could eventually make me cum.

“You didn't check out your neighbor,” Tommy tells me still watching me play with myself. I step away from the desk I've been leaning against and walk to the window. Candie is on her back in her bikini, her face overwhelmed with large sunglasses. By habit I gently stroke myself while peeking out the window. Tommy stays on the bed watching me, it seems. I turn and say “She always looks good!” and look at Tommy who I notice is watching my stroking hand. He almost giggles.

He exclaims without hesitating, “You're going to do it, aren't you?

I realize the whole situation has gone beyond anything my teen brain can handle and my hormones are starting to demand an end to the tease. “I. . . ah. . . ” I stop moving my cock and say “It's a habit. . . I guess. . . I'm used to doing it when I see her. . . . ” I decide it's time to be straightforward “. . . and I really. . . I can't help it! I want to pump myself. . . it feels good. I'm sorry. . . . ”

Tommy draws himself up a bit, bringing his knees together. “It's okay. . . . I mean. . . . are you going to. . . .? I mean. . . do you want to?” His words send more shakes and shivers through me – should I jerk off in front of my cousin? I wasn't exactly planning on this. . . . I quake inside and realize if I wasn't holding my cock my hand would be shaking. “It's okay. . . ” he adds.

“I. . . never. . . did it with anyone watching. . . . ” the chills and heat twist and turn and seem to egg me on. “It's okay. . . . .? You're okay if I jerk off. . . . . ?” I can barely believe what I've just uttered.

Tommy shifts a bit more and responds calmly “Yeah. . . . go ahead.”

I return to my spot against the desk, lean my buttocks back and press my pelvis out. My erection seems overly massive and it almost feels like I'm going to shoot right now. Tommy sits quietly, his gaze fixed on the center of our afternoon event. I begin pumping my penis, feeling sensations twirl through it, feeling the surge begin deep inside me. I know this won't take very long.

I am really turned on and scared and dizzy as I observe Tommy watching intently. The surges pick up quickly, moving faster than ever before. My buttocks squeeze against the desk top and my cock stiffens even more in my grasp – I watch my sperm squirt out and feel the massive heat and shivers as each surge delivers a pulse of white milky fluid. I slow my pumping and feel my muscles send another spurt.

“Wow!” Tommy exclaims. “That was. . . pretty neat. . . I mean, I'm not being weird. . . ”

I feel the release, the strange new sensations now a memory (one that will stay and demand attention in the future), almost over-vulnerable now that the whole thing has finished. . . and in a way I never imagined. Tommy has gotten up and grabbed the tissue box.

“Here. . . ” he offers it to me and says “You've got some cleaning up to do. ”

My little creamy puddles cover the hardwood floor and, though I'm still nude, the clean-up isn't the best part. “Tommy. . . . was that weird? I mean. . . jerking off like this. . . . am I weird?” Tommy is silent for whatever reason and I add “I. . . . kinda liked doing it even with you here! Am I weird?

Tommy assures me “I'm going to do it when I get home. Can I borrow this magazine?”
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Great story. Very hot!