CFNM When My Sister Makes Dinner

“Maybe it will be good,” Sandy teases. She grabs my erection. “We won’t know unless we try. ” She begins stroking me seriously.

“Okay… okay,” I tell her as I grasp myself and begin pumping. My s****r looks down and giggles as she turns to the table and grabs her plate. She positions it in front of me, looks at my pumping hand then up at me with a very dirty grin.

We've been into this special sort of arrangement for the past two weekends – our parents go off to work on the new vacation house and Sandy and I remain at home because 'we have school work and a lot of things to do'. As it turns out my s****r and I have ventured into a nude b*****r / clothed s****r routine that is a lot of fun. It started with me coming downstairs nude one morning, then progressed into show-and-tell sexplay with Sandy fondling me until I came. Since then whenever we're alone, I am nude and I've been letting my s****r play with my cock and either jerking me off or watching me jerk off. This particular evening, without our parents, Sandy has made cheeseburgers for dinner, Of course, as usual, I am naked and, as usual, provoking her into coming up with scenarios where I end up ejaculating.

As always I picture the setting – I am standing nude preparing to jerk myself off onto a hamburger at the insistence of my clothed s****r who is sitting at our dining room table. I look at the plate holding her open cheeseburger situated just in front of me and find it all strangely arousing. I'd never associated food with masturbation.

In a mock French accent I say “Mademoiselle, would like special sauce for your meat? Each serving is freshly prepared just for you, I am preparing it as we speak.”

Sandy smile broadens. “Just jerk off on my hamburger already!” I feel the spasms begin and move closer to the plate – Sandy begins giggling as I point my erection at her open sandwich and ejaculate onto the burger. An unusual but very pleasing orgasm travels through me – I grab the top of the bun and wipe my glans across it as I squeeze out the last few drops. I shudder with the sensation.

She stops giggling and looks up at me with a grand smile. “Ohh, that is fresh. Having fun with the bun?” Sandy asks, then adds “Maybe you'd like a hot dog roll?” I never associated food with anything sexual but right now I'm still turned on – my penis is still hard.

Sandy says, “Imagine one of those windows in a restaurant where you watch the chef prepare food, but you look in and see a row of guys jerking off on sandwiches and stuff. You could get a job there.” She looks up at me, still grinning, then down at my still stiff cock. While it doesn’t do much for me, my sibling’s entitled to her own fantasies.

Sandy slides the dish back in front of her and examines the cum-adorned hamburger. “I’ll bet just a little relish will really bring the flavor out,” she exclaims and shakes a green spoonful on top of my sperm puddle and presses the top of the bun into place. She turns toward me with a very evil look and asks “You want the first bite?”.

“Cut it in half,” I reply, “and we can share.”

Sandy grabs her knife and cuts into the 'burger. “We'll see if you've invented a new taste sensation,” she says, her dirty little grin broadening. I had tasted my sperm more than once while masturbating – I even managed to suck my own penis. Ejaculating onto the food and Sandy's perverse excitement has kept me aroused. I'm standing with my full hard-on watching my s****r prepare to bite into a cheeseburger flavored with my sperm.

She lifts her half of the sandwich, giggles, and bites. She pauses with it in her mouth before beginning to chew. “Not bad!” she says as she continues chewing. My erection is at her eye-level as she eats.

She says “Maybe just a little mustard,” and grabs the squeeze bottle, opens the bun and squeezes it on. Then, without missing a beat, she brings the bottle around squeezes mustard on my cock and busts out laughing.

“I had to do it! I mean, it's sticking out right in front of me.”

I look down at my mustard embellished organ standing a full attention and begging for attention. “Now I'll have to wash it off,” I say.

Without so much as a warning Sandy puts her burger down, leans forward and begins licking the mustard off my erection. I am astonished – seeing my s****r licking me is something I've only imagined and hadn't attempted to encourage her to do yet. She licks all of the mustard off with care, as if her actions aren't going to result in anything other than a clean penis. I remain quiet and watch as she laps her tongue around my cock.

Sandy continues to slowly lick me – the mustard is gone and she obviously has further adventures in mind. I remain silent as she starts methodically twirling her tongue around my glans. It doesn't take more than second to feel the oncoming response to her oral attention.

“Oh, Sandy.....” I utter and pull back from her, grasping myself as the orgasm takes me over. She watches as I ejaculate on her tee shirt and I begin pumping myself to continue the wonderful feeling. I didn't expect things to go that fast....

“Surprised you, didn't I?” she asks, peering up at me through her owl-eyed glasses.
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7 months ago
Love this series!! So arousing
7 months ago
Many happy memories!
7 months ago
Nice little short story