Another Saturday Morning with My Sister

In typical fashion Sandy has teased me into a frenzy, this time with my porn magazines by demonstrating her knowledge of their contents. While it's a bit weird having my s****r show me her favorite photos from an oral sex party pictorial, it's also a major turn-on – b*****rs and s****rs aren't supposed to be doing this. But, as is frequently the case, I am standing nude with my erection boldly pointing in my clothed s****r's direction, while she fondles me and discusses the details in the magazine.

“This looks interesting,” she tells me as she encircles her fingers around my glans. “This woman is sucking on this guy's penis while she's going to jerk off two other guys.” She gets quiet while studying the shots and takes a firm hold on my cock. I am standing almost aside from the whole event, as if my penis is on loan for my s****r's enjoyment. Of course, after a certain amount of playing and pulling I do enjoy the conclusion to our decadent playtime. While I know I can speed the final result along, I decide to take another step – Sandy's spent plenty of time examining my penis, testicles and other areas of my body using her fingers and hands. Seeing her fascination with the oral acts the shapely Oriental woman is accomplishing in the photographs I suggest “Why don't you try copying her? See what it's like.”

Sandy looks up through her perfectly round eyeglasses then looks down at the cock in her grasp as if considering my advice. . . . she begins her well-rehearsed pumping action as she returns to the magazine. I decide to let things go, especially as she seems determined to get me to ejaculate in short order.

Suddenly, she stops and drops the magazine on the bed. “Hmm. . . . I think I know what needs to be done,” she says, releasing my organ and getting up and leaving the room.

Of course, I have no idea what she's about to do. Did I cross some sort of boundary when I suggested she take me in her mouth? We'd been doing quite a range of things during these past weekends, all of them with Sandy in clothes and me naked – while I had jokingly teased her about it, Sandy had yet to undress. She did fondle herself through her clothes and admitted to me last night that she was going to masturbate before bed (though she didn't invite me to assist). I figured she's got a new something or other to add to our sex-play so I carefully stroked myself and awaited her return.

Sandy is shuffling around in her bedroom – I am tempted to make my way down the hall to investigate when I hear her say out loud “Okay. . . . I've been considering this for a while. . . . ,” her voice carrying down the hall to me and my penis.

“I think. . . . it's about time. . . . ,” she says as I hear her bare feet padding down the hall in my direction, “. . . that I finally did this.” Her timing is perfect – as she finishes her statement I see my bare-skinned s****r step into the doorway of my bedroom.

Even after the cavalcade of suspense, fear, excitement and exhilaration that has both instigated and accompanied our sex-play activities, I am not ready for this.

The chills and shivers that enveloped me during that first show-and-tell morning wrack my insides again as Sandy leans her naked self against the door frame. Amid the cacophony raging inside me I feel my arousal intensify and take a firm hold on my erection as if it will prevent me from falling over.

Sandy stands motionless for a long moment, then looks a me and asks “Is this okay? You think I should be nude?” with a grin that is more woman than little s****r.

I realize my mouth has fallen open – given all that has transpired in the past weekends I thought nothing could startle me. Even imagining this moment didn't prepare me for the real thing; I'm standing naked, porn strewn around my bed, holding my erection in my hand and I'm still shocked to see my s****r nude. Despite her supposed nonchalance Sandy is more than a bit nervous – she's just abandoned her clothes and strutted in here without any sort of backup in case things go wrong. I guess she learned a great deal from my morning exhibition last Saturday. She straightens herself, moving out of the doorway and into the room.

“I guess. . . we're. . . even?” she offers looking up at me. As I struggle to get my brain back on track I realize I should be careful just in case she suddenly gets cold feet. . . . or cold ass, or cold anything else. . .. and runs away.

“Yeah. . . I think we are,” I reply calmly. I let go of my erection and relax my stance a bit. “It's great that you're nude,” I tell her.

Sandy carefully places her hands on her thighs as if she misses her pockets and inhales slowly. “Well. . . . last night. . . after I jerked you off. . . . I told you I was turned on. . . . and I ended up being naked in my room and. . . . . playing with myself until I. . . I came.” She's slowly adapting to the sensation of being nude in front of me or anyone for that matter.

“You know. . . . I was lying in bed thinking how. . . . how stupid it was for me to be doing things with you nude and then going into my room to strip and play with myself. I figured it was time for me to stop hiding. . . . it makes sense doesn't it?”

I carefully consider what I should say. “Well. . . yeah! I mean. . . . it's great to be nude and do what we do. You'll have more fun now that you're nude, you know.” I'm having a hard time not staring at her, trying to be nonchalant myself when I'm shaking inside. Maybe a slight change of subject. “I'm still pretty hard and turned on,” I say, looking down at the obvious indication. “Do you want to help or would you prefer to observe?”

Sandy looks at my stiff organ, moving to the bed and sitting directly in front of it. “How about I practice, okay?” she inquires. I cannot believe this scene – I am standing nude in front of my nude s****r who sits on my bed and reaches to grab my penis. Without a moment's hesitation she opens her mouth and slides it over my glans and begins to suck. While I've imagined this scenario during many late nights, this is almost incomprehensible – I look down and see my penis in Sandy's mouth and feel the wonderful sensations of her tongue pulling gently and stirring extraordinary urges from some unfathomable depth.

After several amazing moments she pulls me out of her mouth and asks “How's that feel?” I nod and utter “Oh. . . it's good. . . . real good.

She rolls her tongue in her mouth then licks my glans making it wet and very sensitive. Small moans and short breaths escapes my throat without challenge as Sandy takes my cock back into her mouth and begins sliding up and down while sucking gently. Since we had already played around this morning I now her actions are going to produce a rather immediate result. I feel the sperm begin its wonderful journey up into my penis and decide not to cum in Sandy's mouth.

Sandy . . . I'm gonna cum,” I manage to intone. She pulls my penis out of her mouth and begins pumping it right in front of her face. I hold my breath as I feel my muscles respond to her motions and watch as my sperm spurts on her. She keeps my cock close to her even after I cum on her chin and her neck and keeps pumping me until I ask her to stop.

She lets go of me and says “You really came – it does look like the magazine.” Sandy's demeanor is alarmingly adult at this moment, almost like she's become someone else, an older worldly woman. She wipes the sperm from her chin and looks at it – she has examined my cum before during other escapades. “Have you ever tasted it?” she asks, then licks her fingers and rolls her tongue in her mouth. I say nothing as I have yet to resume breathing.

“It doesn't have much taste – next time you should cum in my mouth. I think you'd really like that.” She's so smooth with herself now, sitting nude tasting my cum.

“Was it better this time with me nude?” she asks, her eyes looking up pat me through her round glasses.

I inhale and nod and notice my hard on is still a hard on.

“Well. . . . guess what?” she asks. I am beginning to recover from my stupor as I look at Sandy and watch her lean back and spread her knees. She looks down at herself and reaches into her pubic area. I watch her pull her pussy lips open to show her soft wet vagina. “Being nude was better for me – you should play with me now” she says.
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Nice follow on story!
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OH WOW This story has reached a really higher level now keep it going man great work
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keep em coming
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oh yeah eat that coochie...
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good story