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The roles of the TOP and the BOTTOM in achieving a

I know you are a woman who like cocks and is intrigued by pussies, you know Im not interested in cocks myself but do indeed love pussies: moist pussies, clean pussies, shaven pussies, dirty pussies (not so much but you can always lick them clean, right, in fact I like licking messy pussies clean as I think my own sperm must be good for me. Good for my skin, right?), stretched pussies, pinched pussies, tugged pussies, throbbing and dripping pussies, slapped pussies, twisted pussies, bl**dy pussies (again, they can also be licked clean, right?), nibbled and bitten pussies. Beautiful pussies in need of something, a hand, a tongue, a cock, a clamp or even a hard object,

The handle of a hair brush perhaps, or the meaty slap of my hand or a simple finger. My cock, my finger, my tongue, a vibrator, a dildo, something long and hard which I would like to jam up the cunt of a woman like the one above.

What I can offer . That's easy to guess: The SQUIRT SUPREME. Lets talk about who is who so we can set the scene. We could use some S&M vocabulary, TOP (the dominant one, the one in control, the girl wearing the black stiletto heels, the big black beautiful woman who demands satisfaction, the man who spanks, who f***es orgasms, who takes you for his pleasure, who finds your limits between pleasure and pain and makes you cross them for his pleasure and the BOTTOM, a man, or the woman, the one on the bottom that is f***ed to squirt, is f***ed to come on the tops say-so, who swallows the squirt, the piss and has to lick up the spent come wherever it has fallen.

And the SWITCH, the name speaks for itself, he or she can switch roles. I think you and I are both SWITCHES. But Im more dominant and you are more submissive. You should not only be thinking of exploring your submissive side Bambi but also your dominant side

By the way, the best cum is the cum that cums out of the ass of the girl the TOP has just fucked and the BOTTOM is ordered to go down on her hands and knees and pull the cheeks a part and get the tongue in really deep to get every drop, lick it up, the TOP grabbing the back of the head by the hair and forcing her face between those cheeks to get at every drop. But as you know m happy to lick my cum out of the orifice Ive just shot it into. I once had to do something similar and at the same time the lady in question finger fucked herself with 3 fingers very very rapidly, brutally. Clamps squashed her nipples but in any case she played/pinched/stroked her nipples till they were hard and swollen I think but her cunt was even dry at this point and even after I had taken her directly in the ass she was panting like a dog in heat by the time she finished because of the real work out she had given her own cunt as I fucked her, really out of breathe (but no squirt, mind you,) my face was next to the ground but I looked upwards taking in her now clean ass and distended cunt and was astonished to see she had lit a cigarette and with one hand was pulling her labia right out, stretching it tight and putting the cigarette oh so very close to the distended skin without burning it. I could see the reflective glow in her smooth white lip skin, she would then take a deep drags and blow smoke across her cunt. Afterwards, I asked her why she fucked herself so vigorously almost torturing her pussy and what was that with the cigarette as I could see the skin of her pussy was red and swollen and she replied that no matter how much her and her girl friend tried to fit her fist in, although the girlfriend was quite petit and her hands quite small, it simply would not fucking fit it no matter how she twisted and turned it, oiled it and buttered it, so, when she masturbated she wanted to punish her pussy for being a bad pussy, an inflexible pussy, a useless pussy which is why she denied her pussy my cock and I punished her by fucking her in the ass. The other thing she would do to her girlfriend who was the bottom was not wash her pussy for a week. She would go jogging, masturbate on her own but never clean the old, stale juices out, then the BOTTOM would have to lie on the FLOOR and she would stand above her (or him), one leg on each side, the heels of her feet almost vertical due to the height of the stiletto wearing a short skirt and gently lower herself while holding her cunt lips wide open so when her cunt landed on his or her face both his nose and mouth were covered by the spread pussy lips.
She wouldnt move but slowly take the weight off her bent knees so there eventually would be a closed seal over the mouth area and he wouldnt be able to breathe ( I really like this but the pussy cant be that filthy but I do love the smell and taste of old pussy juice) but if he did breathe all he could breathe in was this foul obnoxious stink with its rancid taste. Obviously, its difficult to be turned on in this situation so if his dick wasnt hard enough she would take off her left shoe with her right hand whack his balls and cock and stomach and chest and cock again and again leaving perfect red circles with the outline of the tip of the heel, until he was hard. If she had just been fucked in the ass then she would move forwards slightly, reach behind and begin to wriggle over his mouth until the tongue could get the rests.

But the cunt or balls or cock must be cleaned up. Imagine licking up the mess these guys will pump in.

Or having to lick the cum out of her cunt. I could help you, both of us kneeling behind her, our tongues cleaning her up, my hand in your pussy, your hand on my cock.

So back to my offer and explanation What is a SQUIRT SUPREME? First, you need to know your pussy: where is the clit, where is the ass, where is the cervix, how is the roof of the pussy constructed.
You have to know your way around a cunt Now a SQUIRTSUPREME is where the first wave of pressure sends the fluid directly into the man and/or womans face who are both kneeling before you with their mouths wide open waiting for the first mighty squirt and, into their mouths where they have to swallow, they duck and dive, competing for every pulse that comes their way although it is getting weaker until it is finally a dribble or maybe you have lent over and your hand is on the back of their heads holding it in place, your knee up by your shoulders, so they cannot escape the stream.

Hopefully, that isn't Dutch squirt as that can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. English squirt can be clearer but really foreign squirt is the best. It flies across the room drenching the bed and carpet along the way, wetting the hair, letting it drip down the chest of the startled victim. But he or shes been a very bad boy or girl. . .

The squirter is now in the “zone”, the zone is the place where only physical sensation exists, the mouth is wide open crying a name perhaps, but more often in a stretched “O” a silent, elongated orgasmic scream. If the nipples are being twisted too hard or a drop of sperm is ejaculated by the into, for example, an eye.

It can not only be distracting, it can really sting. It can happen quite easily, you know, like when the man is at the bottom of a 69 a woman, the TOP is on top lying in the opposite direction with her pussy over his mouth which muffles the screams and inhibits the thought process as his life passes in front of you, with admittedly a shower of lights and fireworks (in his head) moans and grunts and groans from his mouth and twitching limbs and groans of ecstasy from his mouth for company.

But no danger of sperm splash in this situation;

The key to the SQUIRTSUPREME is tension, preparation and warm up activities. For example, the TOP tells the BOTTOM to masturbate semi-naked while the TOP circles her fully-clothed.

A lot of fucking before working on the G spot is a good idea. If you want to spray your squirt you have to be fucked in the ass to build up the tension, sucking on cock has the same effect. Or all three at the same time.

If it is the BOTTOM you want to squirt, you can f***e her to give deep throat. I suggest binding her like this . You can then lift her head and have your SWITCH fuck her in the mouth. You can push her head down to get the cock as deep as possible down the throat and when she starts gagging, count to 10 slowly then, let her head up. If you are lucky she will come and you will see a slight trickle run down her legs. At this point she needs to be tied to the bed legs apart and you must sit between. Your job is to concentrate on the pussy and star area. Your SWITCH can do what he like above the waste: pinch and twist her nipples, sit on her face, make her lick is ass, he can fuck her in the face. You probe deeply with you longest finger and push gently against the roof of the pussy. Your switch can use a vibrator on her clit or a dildo in her ass. Always pushing upwards with your finger or fingers. You can do a bit of licking but it is the pressure which is important. Pushing up from inside combined with whipping the pussy lips and clit can also be effective.
As you can see in this photo, shoes can help raise the hips to a convenient level.

Then you untie her and sit her in a chair. You kneel between her legs, tie her arms to the chair, insert two or three fingers in her cunt and another finger up her ass. Eventually she will squirt across the room at least 3 times, then reach the zone: moaning and tossing her head. You can stretch the orgasm out to 20 or 30 seconds. This is the Squirt Supreme.

If she doesnt squirt and/or cum, then spank her. She has been a very bad girl!

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