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The joys of breast torture

I once had a girl friend, when I was much younger and more inexperienced, who told me "I'm dead from the waist down. Forget about what's between my legs and just play with my nipples", I thought "Oh no, this isn’t going to be much fun" but little did I know. I soon realised how much fun you can have with just breasts and nipples. We eventually got some nipple clamps which were linked together with a chain. Her idea of masturbation was she'd take the chain in her mouth, jerk her head back and forth, which would tug on her nipples until she came. To add a little spice to the proceedings I would lie on the bed next to her, grab her wrists and pull her arms up and over her head and then back behind her. She used to have this hair brush with a long handle and as she would pull on the chains her nipples would be stretched out, I'd hit her breasts around the nipples with the back of the hair brush. Every time I made contact she'd let out a squeal of pain/pleasure but she couldn't express herself so freely because then she'd lose the chain from between her teeth and the pain/pleasure would stop. The game was for me and her to work together on her body but she must never let the chain fall from her mouth or there would be “reprisals”. To add a little tension to her body I used to grab a fistful of hair in one hand and pull her head back at an uncomfortable angle which would pull on her nipples via the chains and naturally her torso would lift upwards too off the bed. That was when I would hit her across the breasts with the hairbrush forcing her arched body back down on the bed (she liked hair pulling too, and you?) If the chain dropped out of her mouth, I would make sure the clamps were still on her nipples firmly. In fact, I would take more time than necessary and pinch her nipples pull them taut and set the clamps on them again, but I'd pretend to be dissatisfied and rearrange them again and again until I was happy. Then I would take her hands in my hand holding both her wrists tightly in my grip and then tug, pull, twist the chains so her nipples would be painfully stretched. Sometimes I'd release her hand, pull her breasts out by the nipples with one hand and beat her breasts severely with the hair brush in the other. I'd also reverse the hairbrush and fuck her in the cunt with the handle (for my own pleasure) Although she said she didn't feel anything from below the waist, the nipple torture would get her wet, so I'd beat her the length of her body but especially around the clamps and direct on her cunt, while pulling on the chains. But the problem was if I pulled too hard the clamps would slip off her nipples so it was easier to remove them, take the nipples between my fingers and pinch them hard, stretch her breasts out wards and then beat the stretched out distorted breasts. She'd be squealing in pleasure and pain, and I'd be as hard as a rock. Eventually, I’d let her take her nipples between her own fingers and make her pull her breasts outwards. If they were stretched out till their fullest extent, I would only beat her lightly around the nipples, but if her arms got tired and her breasts fell back onto her chest I would beat her breasts hard with the back of the brush (which didn’t leave any bruises) until she pulled her breasts out again and I would start hitting her nipples more gently. This cycle would repeat itself until she came, the sensations in her tits just too beautiful to bare. At that point, I would also be ready to explode and as she had no use for her own cunt I would fuck it like it was a piece of meat. She always claimed the fucking did nothing for her and she indeed wouldn’t react much, which would enrage me further till I was truly pounding her, doing anything to get her to react. But it didn’t work and after a why I stopped worrying about her pleasure and simply fucked away until I got mine.

Posted by phil66666 2 years ago
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2 years ago