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The roles of the TOP and the BOTTOM in achieving a

I know you are a woman who like cocks and is intrigued by pussies, you know Im not interested in cocks myself but do indeed love pussies: moist pussies, clean pussies, shaven pussies, dirty pussies (not so much but you can always lick them clean, right, in fact I like licking messy pussies clean as I think my own sperm must be good for me. Good for my skin, right?), stretched pussies, pinched pussies, tugged pussies, throbbing and dripping pussies, slapped pussies, twisted pussies, bl**dy pussies (again, they can also be licked clean, right?), nibbled and bitten pussies. Beautiful pussies in ... Continue»
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The joys of breast torture

I once had a girl friend, when I was much younger and more inexperienced, who told me "I'm dead from the waist down. Forget about what's between my legs and just play with my nipples", I thought "Oh no, this isn’t going to be much fun" but little did I know. I soon realised how much fun you can have with just breasts and nipples. We eventually got some nipple clamps which were linked together with a chain. Her idea of masturbation was she'd take the chain in her mouth, jerk her head back and forth, which would tug on her nipples until she came. To add a little spice to the proceedings I woul... Continue»
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[Story] How to orgasm in a crowded environment (updated)

I was working in a town called Leicester. My girlfriend Christina had just finished a degree in French and Italian so went I decided to go off on an adventure and teach English abroad, I only looked in France and Italy and when I found a job in Sicily she came with me. She was fearless in the bedroom, very sensual, completely at ease with her sexuality and moaned and screamed uncontrollably when she came which was frequently, intensely, repeatedly (we’d even got complaints from our neighbours) and with much gusto.

So once when we were living in Sicily I had to cross the island to Palermo ... Continue»
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[Story] Consquences of losing track of time at a party

(before you start you might like to check out Christina's photo in my "orgasmic women" album. She is the dark-skinned beauty)

We can see the confusion on your pretty blond face. One moment ago it seems you, a gorgeous woman in your 20s, were dancing at an admittedly pretty wild party, gulping down drinks we were feeding you, and now you are here. You don’t understand it. You look around feeling dreamy, warm, slightly aroused. We had picked you out earlier in the evening, introduced ourselves, and charmed you. We flirted and you flirted back. We encouraged you to share your intimacies with u... Continue»
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[Story] Thirst

Once upon a time, Christina and I walked into a bar called Durst, German for thirst, late at night the worst for wear. It was half full but at the bar were many people waiting for drinks including two girls. Christina, a black South African, dressed casually in Jeans and T Shirt, exuded charisma. I, Philip, normal guy in jeans.

The bar was crowded but two attractive you women stood out from the crowd. In their mid-twenties, they were obviously with two different groups of people. Christina walks up to the bar, puts her hand behind the girl on the left’s head, draws her to her and spontaneo... Continue»
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