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I attend night school a couple times a week, whether for class or a workshop (tutoring) if I tend to need a bit of help, there is one thing I have noticed and it drives me crazy ALL THE GOOD LOOKING WOMEN attending school and these are the average everyday women you see or like the college co-eds just hanging out on your local university campus, at night school there is a plethora of women!

The young party girls(age 18-25), the mature women(age 45-60), the MILFS(age 19-45), the co-eds (age 24-29). The majority of these women are single, in broken relationships, married with c***dren but they all like to flirt and have a little fun when we attend class. Plus the woman to man ratio is 4:1, so there is always the good chance that any man worth his swagger could hook up with at least three women in the above age range.

One thing that got me to even try this experiment was the way these women were so loose about there sex lives. Many weren't even involved with anyone sexually this included husbands, significant others and boyfriends; and that they had no problem hooking up with some outside of their customary relationship SO LONG AS IT WAS DISCREET.

Personally I like the women in the age 24-29 age range: they're not so nubile, most of them are not in a relationship, are pretty much self sufficient in every manner and are very choosy in their sex partners. I was told one night over coffee in the student break room by one such woman/girl (who has had my attention for quite sometime now) that all she wanted to have was a boyfriend sex experience, no relationship issues, no calling and harassing her when he wants to fuck, she didn't want someone to 'pound away' at her (her words i swear!) just an emotional connection during sex.

This was great news to my ears! From the day I met her, I had wanted her and she had just given me the key..yeah I was going to give it to her good and she was going to love it.

She burst into the classroom, her bosom rising up and up down with her labored breathing. 'Sorry I'm late", she tells us, " I had to park all the way over by the Phoenix building and I'm not much of a runner." The class laughed as she scanned the room for a seat and decides to take the one closer to the door, instead of the empty one by me. Our eyes met. I smiled at her and she smiled back, eyes gleaming then went and sat next to her new soon to be teammate.

"hmm.." I thought to myself as I looked her over. 'she's about 5'9", 170-180 lbs....' She was definitely my type of girl. Her hair was long and brown almost the same color of her skin, she had high cheekbones on a round face that dimpled when she smiled 'she could be hispanic or mixed', i said to myself.
Her legs were long, her calves firm and solid; her thighs were thick and appeared very powerful they flowed into a wide firm ass that I was sure could take a nice slap. Her torso was chubby and lead up to a very large bosom 'possibly an F cup'. Her neck was slender with some nice areas to nibble on near her collarbone. Her eyes were hypnotizing...a golden brown and that's when I noticed her looking at me, so I immediately focused on the teacher and continued to sneak glances at her from my peripheral vision.

Lunch break came an hour and a half later, I fled the room to run to the store for a snack, when I came back and was heading to the building there she was outside having a smoke. I approached her and re-introduced myself and she told me I could call her 'Star', just a nickname she had said. I wanted her and at some point I was going to have her.

Over the next year we would get to know each other, hang out together, flirt hard during team sessions, get a drink sometimes after classes. I had to have time take her in, every fiber of my being wanted to devour her with such a feral carnal desire, that I had to play it very she was a very hard read.

We shared numerous conversations over many subjects, how we both had been hurt, our aspirations, etc., etc.... All the good normal conversation you want to have with an individual that enables you to learn what it is that makes them tick. Yet, when it came to sex she was open, yet guarded.

She didn't like how her body, she had all these self image issues, and yet she was a stunning voluptuous bbw. She even once to me she did not like the term BBW. In her mind the BBW was associated as sex terminology and she didn't like that her body type was associated as a sex symbol and also due to the fact that many men had taken advantage of her at a young age and used her for sex, thus screwing her up emotionally (yeah thanks assholes). I tried to convince her that being a larger woman is a good thing, told her it was my preference, that i liked her how she was but she was over it, she hadn't had sex for almost 3 years and she just turned 26 this past fall. 'Sex is an act' , she once told me.'You do not have to be there emotionally to have sex. You can fuck all day, so long as your emotions do not get involved'. 'No casual sex happening here.' I told myself.

Our final class together was this winter.

Star was breaking off to her modality and I would be continuing on to Criminal Justice. The past 6 months were tough, we had grown together as friends and even though I still craved her I had put aside the lust of want in order to keep our school focus. But I noticed during September there was a lots of tension between us, sexual tension. I could read this by the subtle things she would say or do. For instance our hugs had begun to linger, when we said goodbye, I could literally feel her pushing her chest into mine. Then was the time when we met for lunch break and when walking back to her class, outside the door she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard, moaning a little bit as she devoured my tongue. i was tasting the cigarette she smoked for the next three hours and all I wanted to do was tease her.

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3 years ago
interesting start.....
3 years ago
this is a two part story