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[Story] mature neighbor

It had been 2+ years that I had moved next door to this elderly couple, we were out in the country and over the months turning into years we had chatted in our back yard and driveway. she was in her late 60's and her hubby was 12yrs older than her. From my wife and I moved in and the first time that we met and exchange casual conversation in our driveways Rosemary was a flirt and we flirted with each other back and forth over the years.
My wife and her mom had to go out of town to help a sick aunt with her 3 girls and around the same time Frank to ill and had be admitted to the hospital. I... Continue»
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[Story] new resident

New Resident

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This took place 2 years ago now but every time I think about it I still get a chubby thinking about it. So, I hope that you will like it. She (Amy) early 40's was moving her mom closer to her so that they would be able to visit more often. Mom (Fran) 62 with a body of a 50yr old; was not feeling well lately and did not fight the move. Amy came and toured our retirement community and picked out a 2 bedroom apartment for her mom on the independent sid... Continue»
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