Panty trail for you to find!

I'm going on a road trip tomorrow, diagonally across the UK. My wife always slips a pair or two of her panties into my bags for me to find when I reach my accommodation, but this time I'm going to drop off some of my panty 'stash' that I've accumulated over the years at various way-points en-route.

My thoughts on the best way of doing this are to visit the loo in as many motorway services/filling stations as possible and leave pairs of panties hanging on the coat hook behind the door. The thought of a score or more of men wanking into the underwear that has been in close contact with the most intimate part of my wife's anatomy is a real erotic fantasy for me.

I often fantasise about parking up in a remote lay-by somewhere, and 'accidentally' allowing another male motorist to catch a glimpse of a bag full of my undies stash, perhaps in the boot of my car, striking up a casual conversation with them, the undies coming under discussion, comparing thoughts what men like to do with them, - would they like to try some, should we sit in the car together for more privacy, mmmmmm lovely cock - looks so good stretching my wife's panties like that - big purple bell-end with the transparent material pulled so taut over it, glistening pre-cum just oozing through... - do they need a hand with that? etc, etc....

Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to drop panties, where furtive panty searchers might cast a glance if the hope of finding a frilly fantasy come true?
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6 months ago
Exeter services would be nice let me know when ;)
7 months ago
When I used to drive around the country on nights I would always be in the ladies toilets on lonely roads I have found lots of panties as well as heels skirts bras you will be amazed at what the girls leave in the ladies toilets I have even had phone numbers saying for a dirty time call I did and I have had some good dirty times.
9 months ago
you ever up durham way would love to try your wifes panties and let you watch me cum while wearing them mmmm
10 months ago
I have done this with my wifes old panties that she put out to be disposed of. Not to waste such nice items I placed a red and black nylon pair in a toilet in Goudhurst, kent. Iput them in a plastic bag with a note saying that they were my wifes and I would return later for them and left a pen asking for comments and their thoughts and me for their filthy answers!
10 months ago
leave them with a note stating you will be back in a day to take them back home to show your wife what her panties look like after some men have used them
1 year ago
what a great idea , do you think it will catch on
1 year ago
anywhere in somerset would so good.
1 year ago
I found two lay-bys on the A40 at Wheatley on my return journey. In the eastbound toilets I left a pair of scarlet and black lacy perfumed panties in the first WC cubicle - there was no flat surface to place them on so I left them dangling off the door stop knob on the inside of the door. There was quite a lot of human traffic in and out, with some guys repeatedly entering the toilets. I'm sure I saw a smartly dressed individual return to his car with something red sticking our of his pocket!

Then I crossed over the A40 at Wheatley and travelled back on the opposite carriageway to the other layby which was even busier. I'm think I saw a guy who had been at the other lay-by going into these toilets too! I left a tiny lacy grey and pink perfumed thong hanging on the flush handle in the WC there.

I do hope they were found by someone who will really appreciate them and who will flood them will a huge wad of steaming ejaculate as they imagine whose wet pussy they have been snuggled against!

Did any one of our members find them, perhaps? If you did, do please tell us what you did with my wife's pretty panties.............
1 year ago
sounds great - i'm always on the lookout for lost or discarded undies
1 year ago
just let me know were and il go and have a play with them
2 years ago
as close to my house as possible... lol, :)
2 years ago
Anywhere near Glasgow would be good
2 years ago
you can post me some?