The Wicked Night

Through work, I was sent to a trade convention which tend to be either very tedious, lots of network meeting and drinks, or great fun. This one in particular proved to be amazing !!

I was sent at a last minute thing, the guy who had set up the stand had a sudden f****y tragedy - so I had to go as his replacement. I had his room in his Hotel and a Driver was arranged to pick me up from the Train station on arrival. The journey was unneventful. About an hour in total on the Fast line meaning I had reached the Hotel the Night before the Trade Convention leaving me a Night off to wander aimlessly through the streets or vegetate in my Room. After a short wander and a Kebab on the way back, I found myself inthe Hotel Bar where I watched some TV, had a few Beers and retired to my Room.

As arranged, I was picked up in the Morning promptly by Alan, a small West Indian Taxi Driver who took me to the conference centre. The journey lasted 30 minutes and feeling aimiable, I took his Mobile number and if he was working, I would call him up for the return trip.

Well arriving at the Stand I met a few other Staff members from the local offices and introduced myself. Amongst them were the normal Publicity Girls, fiercely made up fabulous bodies and hair pulled straight back into a bunch at the back, giving the Air Stewardess look. Two in particular, smart, small, large breasts that stood alert. A great deal of attention was paid to these two through the day, who, as it turned out weren't friends OR s****rs, but Mother and Daughter.

"Carol", the Mother was in her Mid 40's, an ex Model who had married young to a wealthy Guy only to find three c***dren later he was indeed fucking his secretaries too. A messy divorce and a good payout later and "Carol" was looking after herself independantly. She was about 5'3, Black hair and Dark Brown eyes that twinkled when she smiled. In heels, her calves looked to be busting out of her legs, they were waxed, tanned and very shapely made. She had a knee length business skirt on and a corporate open necked blouse. What with her calves, open necked shirt that exposed a deep tanned cleavage, or the full hard round ass - I made excuses to watch her strut around the stand as I dealt with enquiries.

"Lisa", the Daughter was in her early twenties and almost an identical copy of her Mother. She made me think about how good her Mother would have looked at that age. She stood around the same height, but carrying less weight on her, her legs were just a sight. They were also tanned, slim and toned and waxed. This was a great few days.

Business was good and after a lot of networking and business leads made, we closed the day triumphant in a job well done. I was feeling very good for myself and the team. I suggested if anyone fancied it - a drink or ten at the local to celebrate. With the exception of two older male staff members, we all grabbed our briefcases and hastily made it to the local Pub.

After around 3 hours in the Pub we had become a mixture of slightly merry and Hungry, so someone decided that we should grab a meal. Our drinks were finished and we moved to a Steakhouse. I was last in and had to sit on the corner of the table, with Carol to one side of me and Lisa on the end of the Table beside me also. By now, there had been a lot of joviality and fun. The customary flirting had ensued and both Mother and Daughter had relaxed and were slightly tipsy. I couldnt help myself occasionally catching a peek at Carols' lovely Large Tits. They looked like a fairly large set of nipples were hidden away too. I could by now feel myself getting hard under the table. She would look round and smile at me occasionally - I swear she caught me peeking a few times. It was then I felt a hand press on my knee..

"So, what is it with Mums' Boobs do you find irresistable?" Lisa quietly asked me, as she leaned forward on the edge of the table, her palm propping her head up. Denying any knowledge, she continued.

"You know, that COULD be construde as sexual discrimination ?" then smiled
"Eh?" I replied "What? I have no idea what you are talking about" Matching her pose trying to act innocent.

The hand moved up squeezing my thighs...

"..I mean" she continued " What are wrong with mine? Don't you like them?" looking down she made me follow her gaze and her chest lifted pushing them out.

"Erm, well yes. You are both lovely Girls" I deflated the situation.

Thinking I had got away with it, I started a chat with a Guy over the table about a new Range launch due later that year. It was hastily stopped by a conversation that has started in front and across me. I couldn't avoid or dismiss.

"Mum, How do you think I would stand in a Court case, for sexual discrimination - due to the fact that I wasn't getting enough attention from the Boss as he was staring at my Mothers' Tits instead?" She looked at me and smiled. In shock, my head spun to Carol who replied.

"Case dismissed, no charges, although I DO see he is enjoying this, arent you?" our eyes met. Lust was clearly in her eyes. Her hand brushed gently over my Hard Cock in my trousers, making her moan in that certain way that a woman does...

Then "Lisa", following suit, moved her hand over to my groin. Here I was, sat at a Steakhouse Table, under the influence of drink, with two promotion girls, who happened to be Mother and Daughter hastily rubbing away at my Cock through my trousers. Clearly, this was not suitable.

Then both pulled away and laughed. I was stumped ! I could not do anything. So I returned to my Lager, quietly drinking not speaking, people watching for what seemed like an age. I felt my face explode in Red embarrasment. Where was that 'Hole' for me to dig myself into?

Both girls a short while later after eating had gone to the ladies room, I had moved to the Public Bar where we had all adjourned to a Quiz Machine and jovially started barking answers across to each other as one of the Guys from Accounts had been nominated to act as Data input and press the correct corresponding button, mostly incorrect. The night became enjoyable. Very soon it became clear that I needed to go, I was getting wasted on strong Lager and I had to put the management distance in, so quickly made my excuses and arranged to meet everyone in conference tomorrow.

Walking outside, I remembered promising to Alan I was use his services, so I grabbed his number off the Paper and rang his number. He was nearby and informed me that he was refueling and would be there in 10 minutes. That was good.

It was then I felt a presence near. It was the two Girls. They strolled over worse for wear as the cool fresh night air had hit them - both appeared to be quite d***k. Asking me where I was going, I informed them of my retirement to my hotel, to which they ran inside grabbed their coats and ran back. For a lift also. Stubbing their cigarette, the questioning started as to if I really fancied the Mother more. I remained neutral, to which the young one replied, thats a pity, cos if you had said me - you could have had me tonight. MY head span round to her in shock. She smiled.

The mother giggled and linked my Arm and hugged it, nope cos he's with me tonight, I'm having him. Then laughed, stating she didnt mean it. General chit chat continued and i founf myself relaxing and flirting back to them both, to the point when Alan arrived in the Taxi, and we all jumped in. Intorducing Alan to the Girls, we sat off, the music was on so the three of us started chatting, Carol then gently took my face in her hands and gnetly kissed me. Her soft moist lips, smoky and boozy tasted sweet. I was horny again.

Being told by Carol to the Daughter she thought I was sweet we started our chats again, Lisa asking whether the Hotel had a late Bar, which it did, that was all she nneded to know, so planned us three to have a late night drinking session.

Arriving at the hotel, I paid for Alan's services and gestured that I would see him again, and we walked inside. The Maitre D' recognised me right away and hastily welcomed me. Pointing us to the Bar Lounge, he returned smiling to his work.

Announcing to the girls that I was gonna go and take my briefcase back, I retired to the lift hastily to return to the continued drinking. Teh lift arrived to take me one floor, the doors slowly closed and very slowly started lifting me upwards. Arriving at the first floor, I found Room 17 allocated to me and walked over to it down the corridor, next to the fire escape/ staircase. Within ten feet, the said staircase door opened and the two girls appeared. They stated they need to make sure i got to my room ok then laughed.

I took out my swipe card and opened the door, Lisa announcing she need the Bathroom walked in behind me as I had already let Carol inside in front. Lisa entered the ladies room and the door closed. Carol turned round in a spin, her blouse unbuttoned, large firm breasts on show under a tight bra.
"There, NOW do you like what you see, unfastening her bra from the rear, her Tits bounced alive. They were delightful. She walked over and grabbing my hands, pulled them to her Breasts, her eyes closed and she slighed. The huge nipples were like bullets, nearly an inch long and rock hard. They were delightfully hard and pert. We kissed, again feeling those lovely lips on mine, this time her tongue pushing through and we kissed, tongues darting across each others mouths. The door opened.

Lisa stood there, naked except for her thong, and her high heels. Declaring that her Mother was a greedy bitch, she walked over and twisted my upper torso round and kissed me. Lisas' lips werent as full, but tasted just as sweet, her hard tits pushing against my arm. I then felt my zipper go. I turned, to find Carol on her knees eagerly pulling my Cock out and started to expertly suck it. Gently squeezing balls, she gulped away on my veiny Cock. Turning to Lisa to get her attention, she was already kneeling to share on my Cock with her Mother.

Was this real? Was this right? I am about to fuck both Mother AND Daughter? Too right it was!!
In no time at all, I was naked, suit on the floor and two naked girls sharing my thick cock, both tweaking each others nipples, making the other groan and playfully giggle. Standing, I was lead to my Bed where the Mother laid and opened legs exposing her shaven swollen fanny. It glistened wet and inviting.
"Want to taste?" I was asked. I need no more questions. Kneeling I buried my face deeply into this bald pussy, immediately she arched her back a vehemously hissed FUCK as i probed both clit and pussy and drank down her heady seet musk.i looked to her and the sight!! I nearly came.

Lisa was kneeling beside Carol and was watching me, her right hand was fondling and teasing Carols left Tit, her left was now starting to rub Carols' swollen red clit. Carol had her left hand between Lisa's legs and had lost three visciously painted nails deep inside the youngers fanny. Both were in exstacy. Moving down I opened the crevice below and slid my tongue into Carols' tight hot arse, to which she exploded in a loud Orgasm, making her buckle her legs around me. In a short while, she stopped. Time to stop perhaps.

Moving to Lisa I rolled her ont her back - her too shaven Pussy shone for me, I buried my face into it. Although a bit more sharp in taste than Carols' her Fanny lips were smaller and the walls were a great deal tighter. She too was about to come, I needed to fuck them, so I pulled away and grabbing my thick bouncing veiny Cock, receiving a quick lick from Carol, I plunged it in one into Lisa's tight hot Pussy, she Gasped and shuddered and came as I started to mate with this hot young thing. Carol looked at me..
"Watch this lover"
As I continued to fuck Lisa - Carol hiked a leg over lisa and buried her wet Pussy into LIsa's Face, something that I thought they knew what they were doing. Needless to say all were enjoying themselves. I couldnt believe we were all fucking each other. Amazing. I needed to be inside Carol though.

Pulling out, Carol grabbed my Cock and cleaned the juices off it before getting into a doggy position, I went behind her and entered, the explosion i felt was amazing, her whole body exploded as I began fucking her. Looking over now, Carol had fingers inside lisa once more, then leaning forward, sucked away on Lisa's Pussy, making Lisa squeel as she came.

We fucked in this position for a good while, the sweat from each other building up, I needed to fuck Carols tight Arse, after all, it WAS her arse that started tonights' proceedings. Pulling out, Carol sensed where I was going and pulled her felshy arse cheeks wide as I f***ed my Cock into her tight hot arsehole. She again exploded and came very heavily. shuddering under the f***e. I couldnt keep this position up for more than was necessary so I pulled out and was met by Lisa cleaning my cock off of Carold Arse scent, they pulled me to my feet and knelt below as I hastily delivered the "Money Shot" landing on their tits and faces, being good girls, they licked it up and we all collapsed in a sated heap on the bed. It turned out they were more friends and had shared guys and boyfriends before.

We fell asl**p together, I woke to find them leaving at about 5am. Rushing to work in the morning, I found that they weren't at the stand and they didnt turn up again for the week I was there.

As this was neary 20 years ago, I often wondered what happened to these two from Birmingham ???
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GENUINE !!!! Anyone else got a story like that? email me