my first

when i was 14 i had my 1st woman.
I used to hitch to my gf who lived about 10 miles away and one nite i had my thumb out when a woman in her mid 40`s gave me a lift. We chatted and i told her i was returning from my gf`s and she asked if she could ask a personal question, i told her to go ahead and she said i looked fairly young, i told her i was 14 and she told me that she thought i was at least 16.
She then told me she was a teacher of k**s of my age and basically she wanted to know if i had had sex with my gf yet, she then added that i didn`t have to answer if i felt embaressed. I answered that i didn`t mind and told her that i had. She then began asking when was the 1st time etc, so i told her and she then began asking if i masturbated, again i said i did and told her that i had since i was 12.
I some how sensed she was getting off asking me about sex so when she asked how often i did it i told her that i did it whenever i had the chance because i was always horny. She then asked if i would have one later and i replied yes, she then asked what i thought about when i wanked and feeling brave i told her that i would be thinking about her. I could see her excitement when i told her this and she then asked why i would think about her, i said that i thought she was attractive and how good big tits looked.
She thanked me and joked how much of a horny lad i was. I agreed and she said `so are you horny now` i answered `very` to which she replied ` well i cant tell if you`re turned on can i`
Grabbing my hard on i then said`i can show you if you like`. She looked across and trying to make a joke she laughingly said `go on then you wont shock me` With that i unzipped myself and pulled out my bone hard 6 inch cock. `see, i told you so`.
As i held my cock by it`s base she looked down and flustered she said` You really are hard arent you` and then said `it`s too dark to see it properly` I reached up and turned on the curtisy light. Looking at it again she remarked that it looked big and how she hadn`t seen a nice cock for a while. I invited her to have a feel if she wanted and she replied how tempted she was but that i was only 14 and it would be wrong. I told her i wouldn`t tell if she didn`t, she laughed and again said she couldn`t, with this i reached for her hand and pulled it towards my cock until her hand pushed against it. She sighed as she opened her fingers and wrapped them around it.
Holding my cock i could hear her breathing quicken so i asked if she liked it. She sighed yes so i asked if she was turned on also. She nodded and quietly whispered `very`.
I then asked if she wanted to go for a drive, answering she replied `knnowing my luck we`ll get caught by the the police and i`ll be in serious trouble` `you`ve made me so horny that i want you so much` i replied `and you`ve done the same to me`. I reached for her tits and began to feel her nipples `you bastard` she growled `you`re making my pussy ache` I slipped my hand inside her blouse and under her bra finding a hard nipple and began to squeeze it between my finger and thumb.
Bt now she was so excited she was panting and gasped``i want you to fuck me` `ok, but where`. `my place but you promise never to breathe a word` `never` i replied.
As we drove to her place she held onto my cock only letting it go to change gear. I managed to find my way to her dress which i had found had buttons on the front allowing me to open it allowing me to find her knickers which were soaked with her juices. She moaned as i ran my hands over her knickers and as i found my way under the material my fingers found her swollen clit, she groaned as i began to circle my finger around her clit, gasping she moaned loudly and cried out `Your gonna make me cum if you dont stop` `do you want to cum` i asked, `yes` she screamed, leaning across i grabbed her tit with my spare hand and whispered in her ear `cum for me`, as i finished saying this her body began to spasm and screaming loudly she began to grind into my hand as she exploded violently in extascy. Her car swayed across both lanes and hit the curb before she managed to stop, making an old guy panic as he walked towards us about a hundred yards away. She didn`t even she him as her eyes were closed and with her still grinding hard on my hand with her pussy, as the guy walked past he looked in seeing her tits on full show with my hand up her skirt and her hand on my cock, he paused looking in just as she opened hers which made her jump up in panic and pull away at high speed.
When we reached her place we went at it like rabbits all nite, she must have orgasmed 20 plus times and i cum at least 5.
I met her on my travels 3 or 4 times over the next 6 months and had some great sessions.

95% (36/2)
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1 year ago
great story
3 years ago
wow that is great your so lucky dude but give us the details on the rest of this night
3 years ago
Liked it
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks.
3 years ago
great story,,luved it
3 years ago
That was incredible! Would've loved to get with an older women at that age.
3 years ago
great story...thanks