black forest adventure

Marlene gazed at herself naked in her bedroom mirror and decided she needed a shave. Mainly under her armpits. Apart from the occasional light trim, she never shaved elsewhere. She looked down under in the mirror and admired the growth between her legs. She had never found it a disadvantage to be unshaven down there. No more a disadvantage than having a petite body with small breasts. The combination went well together. Many men found tiny tits and a hairy bush a turn on. She had once nicknamed this region the black forest, and she jokingly suggested young men enjoyed getting lostin it.

Despite being only twenty Marlene was already cynical about men. Quite a few nineteen or twenty year olds had taken a tour of the forest, one or two on a regular basis. Yet Marlene never found them satisfying as they were merely toy boys with bum fluff on their faces, with hairless balls and , with tiny erections that lasted barely two minutes after they entered the forest. She was in the market for a sexy older man and she had one in her sights right now.

It was her mother’s latest lover, her uncle Frank, and right at this moment he was just down the hall in his pyjamas warming himself in front of the fire. Her mother was detained at work, and she had promised her mother she would entertain him for the evening. With that in mind, Marlene slipped her see through silk nightdress over her shoulders. It might not be quite what her mother had meant by entertaining him , but without her panties the black forest would be clearly visible in the bright light and that should help keep Frank was a cold winter’s night but Marlene did not expect to be cold.

She made her way down to the hall towards the sound of the television in the lounge. Marlene had fantasised about sexy Frank for a while, hoping that Frank would live up to some of the stories that her girlfriends had told about men of his age. Men over fifty had large cocks, with big balls and blew more cum than twenty year olds.She hoped in Franks case the myths might turn out to be true. Not only was Frank old enough to be her father, he could well turn out to become her father if her mother felt that way inclined, then again maybe he wouldn’t.

She entered the lounge and saw Frank stretched out in a chair toasting his feet in front of the fire. He looked up as she entered and she caught her breath when she saw real hair on his chest through his half unbuttoned pyjama top, little rosettes of curls around his left nipple, and a longer mat of hair down the centre of his chest, his body glowing with warmth of the fire. He winked at her and smiled, and Marlene smiled back. They had got on well together as friends so far, and Marlene hoped there would no trouble taking the relationship to the next level.

He offered a glass of wine after some small talk, and they clinked glasses as she squatted on the floor next to his chair, and feigning interest in the romantic movie on the television. Despite the cold night the fire kept things warm and her skin glowed like Frank’s, the glow she hoped was visible to Frank through the sheer white night dress she wore. They finished a second glass of wine, and after clinking glasses again Frank gave her hand a fatherly squeeze and it came to rest innocently on his right knee as they settled back to watch the movie. Marlene was aware that her black forest was clearly visible to Frank at that distance, but he gave no sign that he noticed.
What she did notice however that when Frank stretched his legs, the fly hole of his pyjamas came slightly open, just enough to reveal a wisp of pubic hair ,a patch of wrinkled foreskin with the pink tip of the cock peering shyly out of it. It lay there like a rested bird, and Marlene decided to ignore it, despite it being only two inches away from her hand on his knee.

There it stayed until a love scene in the movie reached a climax. The lovers were just removing their clothes, and a big breasted woman had just exposed her nipples. It was then that a muscle in Frank’s leg stirred, and Marlene became aware of eight inches of erect cock protruding from the gap in his pants. As Frank moved to cover it her hand brushed against it. With no further hesitation Marlene gave his cock a playful squeeze. Frank froze and then lowered his eyes in her direction, and seemed to notice her body for the first time down the front of her night dress. When she caught his eye, it was apparent that her boyish breasts did not bother him at all.

He rose to his feet as she knelt in front of him. She pulled his pyjama cord, and his pants came down in front of her face. There she discovered that in Frank’s case two of the things she had hoped for in an older man were true. An eight inch penis stood at attention in front of her nose, and a large pair of balls trailing long strands of hair dangled in front of her. She pouted her lips and moved her head forward to take the tip of his cock in her mouth, her mouth then sliding up and down its shaft,gripping his bum cheeks with both hands. She paused and withdrew as Frank stiffened further with a thin stream of spit and precum stretching from her mouth to his cock and then pouting her lips again to suck sensually on the hole at the tip, licking it clean.

Then it was Frank’s turn to take the initiative. He practically tore off her night dress, and pushed his fingers into the black forest making her gasp, while he sucked on one of her tiny breasts whose nipples now hardened from all the attention. Then Marlene gasped again as he stretched his large hairy body over her petite frame, plunging his cock deeply into her hairy crack and rode her hard for the next six minutes, until they both climaxed, and with his balls pressed up against her, she felt him spurt inside her, again and again and again.

I don’t think Frank was much interested in Marlene’s mother after that

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