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Okay so I was at the gym last night jogging on the track when Bill , Jim and
Bruce showed up as I was finishing up my last mile of my 5 mile jog. wearing my blue and silver jogging tights black tank top and no under wear (as usual ) so my cock out line was very visible to all who saw me jogging . the guy's had just finished pumping iron and wanted to go to Bruce's house for a beer and a soak in the hot tub . I said sure let me shower first , they said don't bother we'll shower at Bruce's house . so i went to my locker grabbed my gear and followed them to his house , we get there and Bruce say's I'll grab a few beers and you guy's go to the hot tub . Bruce shows up with the beer and we all begin to strip, and ease into the tub after knocking back a few Jim and Bruce begin to fool around . Bruce looks at me and I look at him and I slide over close to him and reach for his cock . as soon as I slid over beside him Bruce stands up and has a huge hard on , his cock is face level so I just Grabbed it and began to stroke it . Bruce looks at me and say's suck it take it in your mouth and suck it , he didn't have to ask me twice .I took it and he grabbed my head and started moaning and saying you are the best at cock sucking . by this time Jim and Bill were on each side of me and were saying here suck mine too . so I went from cock to cock to cock and then stopped and stood up looked and Bill and said suck my cock suck it like you want it ..

he did a great Job sucking me I almost shot off in his mouth twice , Bruce said okay it's train time .he took me to the middle of the tub bent me over and seriously plunged into my waiting ass .while Jim and Bill took turns shoving their cocks in my mouth , I was begging for Bruce to fuck me harder and deeper . he was like a jack hammer plowing me hard and deep , he stopped before cumming and moved to my face and just shoved in my mouth where he shot off a nice hot load in my mouth .Jim was next he filled my ass with is normal sized cock and followed Bruce by pulling out and cumming in my mouth . Bill was next he just filled my ass with 10 inches and he couldn't hold back he filled my ass with cum felt so good having his hot load fill me ass .. then it was my turn , I sat on the edge of the tub and said next , the guy's came over and took turns sucking me and jerking my cock . I finally shot off all over Jim's face and he licked up as much as possible .. we relaxed for a little while , then went inside and pulled a 69 circle then we took turns filling each other asses with cock and cum ... my ass will never be the same
Posted by peterpuffer 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Super hot!