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over the weekend I met up with few of my gym buddies for some poker , the attire of the night was G-string or Thong and nothing else . I lost the first 3 hands and won the last 5 ( it's penny poker so no huge money changed hands )Jim said hey guy's wanna check out my new sex swing and fuck room . Bill and I said well we didn't think we were here for poker . we went into his basement and behind a locked door was a serious sex room complete with a52 inch flat screen for viewing porn or whatever you want to watch , there was a round bed in the middle of the room and a shelf full of jerk off porn material like shemales , men jerking off , all male anal , circle jerks , etc... then there is a wall with 6 shelf's full of nothing but dildos and lubes and rubbers . we got on the bed and started watching some shemale solo jerk off porn , Jim turned a switch and the bed began to rotate slowly . we just started grabbing cocks and began stroking each other , once all of us were hot and hard we took turns in the swing . Bill went first he climbed in and Jim and I took turns pumping his cock , I went and lowered the swing and stuffed cock in Jim's mouth while Bill suck Jim's cock . we all took turns in the swing and then went and laid on the rotating bed and jerked off on each other . once we were ready it was my turn to hand job Bill and Jim , both shot off at the same time and just coated me with hot yummy Jizz... we stayed in that basement for almost a full day and just sucked , stroked and swallowed and some Hot anal too
Posted by peterpuffer 2 years ago
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2 years ago
great little story... very exciting!!
2 years ago
Hot stuff