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This weekend we had an 8 man circle jerk at my friends house , we all showed up and were told to undress and to meet in the game room downstairs .we all got naked and went downstairs to find my friend standing there with his cock in his hand . in the room there was a small table almost like a little bed , we drew straws to find out who was the first to get jizzed on .. I lost and was the first so I got on the padded little bed/ table thing and they all stood around me . my hands were tied behind my back and had my mouth filled by all . one would stick his cock in my mouth and fuck my mouth then the next would shove his in and so on. once I had every cock hard they then each guy would either shove his cock in my mouth until he came or he would jerk off on to my face or into my open mouth . I looked like a glazed doughnut , I had hot jizz dripping from my mouth and chin and even some was dripping off my nose . I licked and swallowed as much as possibly before being untied , after everyone had a turn we took turns creaming each others asses .. My ass still hurts from being fucked so hard and so deep , but it was worth it and I'm ready for round 2
Posted by peterpuffer 2 years ago
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7 months ago
That would be great to do!
2 years ago
I'd go first in a heartbeat.
2 years ago
I wanna cum!
2 years ago
I like the way you guys have get togethers so jealous wish I was there