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sex with a co worker

My ex wife Vanessa and her girlfriend sue , called me to tell that they were heading out of town for the weekend .she said I have a friend coming by the house to pick up some of my old sexy outfits .I said who is it ? she said let's just say you need to be home alone and she knows all about us and she seems to be very interested in our lifestyle and you know her well. so I got the box containing Nessa's old outfits and then the door bell rang , I answered the door wearing just gym shorts and a t-shirt . I opened the door to find one of my co workers , she said Nessa said I could use a few of her older outfits . we'll call her Becky just for shits and giggles , anyway she is wearing spandex shorts and a sports bra and a smile . I said sure come on in I have the box right here grab a seat and pick out what you like . I said would you like a drink or anything ? she said maybe a beer , I said beer it is . I came back to see her modeling a pair of spandex chaps and a little vest that exposes the breasts . she had the outfit on over her clothes and said do you have a full length mirror I can see myself in . so I took her to the guest room aka our sex room , I closed the door and said let me know if you need anything . she walked out wearing that outfit complete with a cowgirl hat , she looked at me and said what do you think ??? I said OMG you are gorgeous , she blushed and said thanks but would you fuck me while wearing this outfit ?? I said hell yes and she said good and she knelt down and pulled my shorts down and started playing with my cock . she looked up and said well cowboy how about you brand me with your cock ??? she took me by the hand and took me to the guest/sex room and she started sucking my cock and fingering my ass and said baby I'm going to fuck you silly .. my jaw dropped .... she said I know about the strap on and that you are Bi but prefer women so take me fuck me and cum on my face ..... so we went at it I fucked her pussy and her tight ass and even titty fucked her , I came so fucking hard and all over her face and big 38 DD tits . she said ok my turn she grabbed a 12 inch dildo strapped it on and said bend over baby and she took me and wore my ass out while reaching around and jerking my cock.. we fucked and sucked and came all day , I saw on Monday and she was like Great time yesterday ready to go again ?? I said oh yesssss , she said my hubby is out of town this weekend so I'll be by and we can dirty each other up ...
Posted by peterpuffer 2 years ago
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2 years ago
nice story, love a woman who does a reach around while fucking your ass.