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my second taste of BBC

I was at the gym Sunday and had just got done jogging when I decided to hit the steam room before I shower . I'm in the steam room all alone , when in walks Ralph wearing a towel and nothing else of course . I can see him because the room wasn't fully steamed up yet , anyway we say hello to each other and he asks if he can crank up the steam a little bit more . I replied sure but it may take awhile for it to get the way you want it . he replies okay no problem , so I lay down on the tiled bench and Ralph say's that's not a bad Idea . he takes off his towel and I can see his perfect cock and clean shaved patch of pubes . he see's me looking and just say's , The ex girlfriend like my pubes shaved and when we broke up I just kept up the gardening so to speak LOL. I said I know the feeling and took off my towel and showed him my and my ex's Gardening skills . I said my ex wife used to shave me up or trim me up so she wouldn't get hairs in her mouth when she sucked me off..

we chatted awhile longer and we exchanged stories about our ex's , his ex liked to make him suck dildos while they fucked doggy style . I said really well I fuck my ex at least 3 times a week and her Girlfriend joins in and then they use their strap-ons on my .. he said are you Bi too?? I said Oh Yes very Bi , he said um well after the steam you wanna go get a beer and talk ? I said how about we go to my place and sit in the hot tub , Ralph said why don't we just go to a nice Hotel . I said WOW ready to get straight to it huh? he said well to be honest I haven't had sex in awhile except for jerking off and right now I'm ready for some fun . I said okay tell ya what give me your number and I'll call and get a really nice room and are you up for spending the night as well .. he said um well , I replied let's see how it goes and I'll get the room for one night either way . he said Cool gave me his number and said shall I bring some fun things to play with as well , with that I walked over Grabbed his soft cock and said Just bring me this and said I'll call you shortly .....
I get there before him and let my ex know where I'm at and what room and said if you don't hear from me by noon tomorrow then come check on me . she said no problem and enjoy it baby ... Ralph shows up with beer in hand and wearing some baggy shorts and t-shirt and flip-flops . he hands me a beer and as we drink he say's how do you want to do this , I moved over to the bed and say here sit beside me . he joins me and looks at me with this I want to fuck you look , I run my hand over his cock and it moves and begins to get harder and harder until it's rock fucking hard . I stand up and pull him up and he goes to kiss me and I say oh no not yet and I pull off his shirt and lick his nipples and work my way down to his shorts . I pull them down to find he is wearing some sexy red panties I lick down to his belly button and slide his panties down and his thick cock springs out like a shot . I grab it and stroke it and he is saying peter would you like to suck it . I said oh i well but first let's put this on , I slide a rubber on his hot 9 inch cock and begin to suck as much as I can in my mouth . he moans and say's yes I'll be staying all night , I stand up and begin to massage his cock and he rubs my cock through my jogging pants and reaches in and strokes it and say's mmmm feels good . at that point I said I'm your bitch now tell me what you want , he said pull off your pants and show me your cock . he see's my average sized cock and say's nice it's perfect for my mouth . he goes down and rubbers me up and sucks me for a few minutes ... he stands up get's behind me reaching around stroking my cock as I try to fit his in my tight hole .he say's you have lube ? in the drawer I say , he lubes my ass and say's I'll go easy until you tell me other wise .. he takes me slowly and I say slam it Ralph he fucks me deep and hard while reaching around and jerking my cock .. after a few minutes he say's I'm sorry but I'm going to cum , I said sorry for what we have all night .. he pounds me more and more and I feel his cock erupt it's hot load into my ass.. after he's cum he said I'm sorry but it's been awhile , it' okay babe don't worry we'll both be cumming all night . he say's can you wait a while before you cum and let's chat first , um k sure so while we chat he strokes my cock with the rubber on and he say's what do you do work wise ?? I say in an about way what i do and that I never go out looking to fuck strangers etc... he tells me he's a Dr and shows his Hospital ID , he say's I hate to ask But HIV tested ?? I say of course I have to be every month in my line of work and he say's same here ... we then look at each other he pulls my rubber off and goes down on me full bore until I blow my load on his face and chest . by then we are both spent for a little while anyway .. after we are both ready we do a hot 69 and then I stop and say babe tie my hands to the bed posts but gently . so he ties my hands to the posts but not tight enough to where I can't pull them out if need be . I say prop the pillows up behind my head ,I have him fuck my mouth and fill it with hot cum
after I suck him try he has me fuck his ass and fill it with my cum ... we go at it all night fucking , sucking and cumming ... we had a great time and are on for this weekend at my house for round 2.. mmm I LOVE BBC

Posted by peterpuffer 2 years ago