I wasn't adopted. My parents just tell peopl

I was named after my natural father Jonathan. My parents have been married for 19 years. I turned 18 just last week, the same day my mother turned 37.
My parents have often told me I look almost exactly like my father except for the blue eyes my Mom gave me.

I am taller than the man I call Dad (Charles) who is 6 feet tall while I am 6 feet four. He has very red wavy hair. Mine is curly enough to wear in a modified Afro I have had all my life. His pale skin is a sharp contrast to very pale skin I see on both my parents. Mom always called me her Mocha Baby. Now she calls me her Mocha Man.

My Mom (Luann) is a stunner even at her age. Her fine featured face turns many a head. She wears her natural blonde hair long but up usually. Her body is a wonderland. Slim neck, firm tits 37C. She works out often which gives her the slim body I love to see. Her butt is the kind that makes men and women imagine what it would be like to put their hands on. I know I used to imagine that.

Our birthdays last week were celebrated privately at home. My Mom and Dad and Me. We had a nice steak dinner with a wonderful Malbec wine. We settled in the living room after. Mom asked Dad to get the video of my conception. I had been told about this video for several years and had often looked for it to no avail.

My parents, after "the Talk" four years ago. There was a discussion of everything I already knew from friends. They didn't surprise me when they told me masturbation is a natural thing. My present that day was my own computer and said that if I wanted privacy I should keep my bedroom door closed. They always knocked and many times I had to say "Later".

This night though we had talked about for several weeks. They told me 18 was a special age. I was given the option of watching the conception DVD in my room or watching it in the living room with my parents there to give information as it went on. I chose to have them with me. I knew that Charles had been the cameraman.

I was in a stuffed chair to the left of the couch my parents sat on. Charles put the DVD in the player and handed me the remote. "Jonathan, this is how you came to be." The scene started right away with a time stamp July 18, 1994 which was three days and nine months before I was born.

It was obviously a motel or hotel room. Generic everything from the 90's. The camera showed the room and the king sized bed. Moments later there was the sound of the door opening. There was my Mom. Holy fuck she looked hot!! She was glowing with lust. Next to come through the door was my natural father. He was probably 6' 5" or more. He was very handsome with my face almost exactly! I was so excited seeing him breathing and interacting. I had only seen a few pictures of him that Mom showed me when I was little. He was dressed in a suit in those pics. I was told he was a businessman who was a bank executive.

Mom was wearing a short skirt and skin tight top that showed she was obviously wearing no bra. She had met him at the bar in the hotel. It was pre-arranged, according to Charles and Luann. Both had been drinking enough to be loose, but not too much so. I watched as Charles right hand moved forward into the picture. He and Jonathan, my FATHER (!), shook hands.

I already had a boner before the movie started, but as soon as my Dad moved back with the camera to focus on the two on the bed. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed fully dressed. Jonathan put his hands on her shoulders and asked, "What do you want first honey?" Her face was looking up at his as she said, "Show me your cock! I just want to see it close up." He laughed and said, "You know how the zipper works doll. Just get in there and pull it out."

There was chuckling as Mom did just that. She pulled this long black snake, darker and maybe an inch or longer, but no thicker than mine. I was breathing hard now. My cock had become painful to keep leashed, so I unzipped my pants too. I heard a gasp on the screen from mom as she wrapped her hand around the hard meat. "Undo his pants Luann," I heard Charles say. She did that and we saw them fall to the floor.

While she did that Jonathan removed his shirt and tie then pulled his undershirt over his head. He was tall, dark and muscular. I watched Mom look to the camera again as she opened her mouth and took the tip of his prick inside. Jonathan had his hands in her hair while she started trying to get as much as she could down her throat.

I glanced over at her then and saw she was licking her lips. She had a hand under her short skirt. Charles had taken his cock out of his pants and was casually stroking it. I had seen them both masturbate before when "The Talk" had last been done. Mom looked at me then and said, "We haven't watched this in years Honey. I see you are already into it, she added with a twinkle in her eye. She watched my hand going up on that paler version of the one on the screen.

I looked back to the screen and saw my Mom removing the clothes from her 18 year old body. I had seen her coming out of the shower several times, but while her nipples had always been amazing, on the video they were sticking out hard and very long. Jonathan was pulling on them as she removed her skirt. There was no bra and no panties. My big father whistled when he looked at her pale body. "Luann, that is the most beautiful body I think I have ever seen," he exclaimed as her killer thighs and smoothly shaved pussy came into view.

They fucked in all different positions. Charles was very good with the camera, getting in just the right spot for closeups. I heard the juicy sounds as Jonathan's cock slammed into Mom. She told me then, "I have never had my cunt as full as it was that night honey. Charles and I had tried to have a baby from the the day we were married and it just didn't happen." At that moment Charles piped in, "Maybe she just needed a cock that could get all the way up into her. Whatever, we were so excited when she took the pregnancy test a week later."

I watched the screen again, my hand working my cock slowly. "When...uh when did my Dad come inside of you Mom? Is that coming soon?" She thought about it for several seconds and said, "He shot his seed into me when we were doing doggy which ...on the screen...we were just moving to that...watch honey...this is when you were conceived...there honey...NOW." She turned her eyes to the screen, stroking her pussy with her right hand while her left hand pulled on the long dark brown nipple closest to where I sat.

Charles had moved the camera to my Dad's face while Mom was getting fucked. Obviously there was to be a signal when he started to shoot inside of her. He had his hands on Mom's hips and started pulling her back onto his cock. All nine inches was ramming up into her. Her lips were bulging around the thick black shaft. There was a sound that let Charles know the moment was there.

Now the camera was shooting between Jonathan's dark thighs. Mom's cunt was so juicy, the sound of fucking very loud through the camera's microphone so close. Then Jonathan's butt clenched and he held his cock deep inside of my mother. When, finally, he slowly withdrew from her gaping cunt, you could see the semen coating his shaft and pooled in her swollen hole. Immediately semen started dripping onto the sheets. Mom immediately turned over on her back, holding her butt up with her hands. Charles zoomed in on her open cunt. Jonathan had left massive amounts thick white semen there. Mom's swollen lips were red and spattered with white.

Jonathan moved to Mom's face. She took the cream covered cock in her hand and started to clean it up with her mouth. Her face was now a mess with semen smeared everywhere.

The DVD finished now, we all sat quietly in the room. I had shot my load onto my chest when my natural father was shooting his into my Mom. I looked over at Charles and Luann. They had been watching me. "Honey, I think you need more than a tissue." She held out a roll of paper towels to me.

"What did you think Honey?" Mom asked me, her right hand still stroking her pussy slowly. "To tell you the truth it was awesome. I...I am glad I got to see this." I looked at my Mom and said, "I, well He looks so much like me...I well I imagined it was me on the screen."

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7 months ago
hot. "I imagined it was me on the screen" part 2???
2 years ago
It would be nice if there was a way to edit your stories after they are posted. This story has some major problems at the beginning.