Bernadette Part Two

We had talked on the phone several times more after the decision to meet was set up. I parked in the Starbucks lot we had decided on and waited for a big black Ford pick-up to arrive. The wait was only five minutes. I had been five minutes early. There were there right on the button. I walked over to their truck. Mario rolled down the window and said, "Peter?" I smiled at him and then at her...she looked like she was going to pass out from fright. I shook Mario's hand and leaned on the window looking over at Bernadette and said, "Hello Baby. Your body is fucking gorgeous." She gasped and was gulping for air.

Mario suggested we go inside the Starbucks to have some coffee and talk a while. I liked that idea, went into the place and found a table. It was kind of crowded there but the table I found was a little way from the other tables. I sat down on one chair. When they came in Mario instructed Bernadette to sit to my right. He sat to my left. I asked what they wanted to drink. They told me and I ordered and paid for the coffees. When my name was called Mario said, "Bernadette Baby why don't you bring the coffee over here for us." Her face was bright red. She stumbled a little bit moving past me.

Mario leaned toward me and said, "I think Bernadette will need some convincing. She said you are really hot and she is really afraid. Her cunt is wet though. I asked her how she was doing and she said she was soaked." Bernadette came back with two of the coffees. She turned to get the last one and Mario started laughing quietly. "Watch her when she walks back toward us. Her shorts are too tight and you can see she is wet, right at the bottom of the front of her shorts."

He and I watched her come back. There was definitely a wet spot right there on that thin material. She noticed us watching so I casually turned to Mario and said,"She is ready Mario. She might say no, but her body wants it." He was nodding his head saying,"You're very right Peter."

She sat down again, took a sip from her coffee and asked what we were talking about. Mario told her we were talking about how hot she looked. She blushed and giggled, pulled on her hair a little as she raised the cup to her lips. She looked down at the table, then her eyes flashed to Mario, then to me.

We both smiled at her. I noticed she had her elbows on the table hiding the area where her cleavage was obvious. She or Mario had selected a shirt with a very low cut in the front. I am guessing it was Mario. I sipped a bit of my mocha looking Bernadette in the eye. "You dressed so nicely for our first meeting Bernadette. It's too bad you are hiding your great tits and cleavage from me with your arms. She turned bright red, giggled nervously, then lowered her arms.

I feasted on her awesome cleavage. I leaned toward her and said, "Now I can really see your awesome tits. Looks like you were hiding how hard your nipples are too. She practiced breathing for a minute or so and said, "You know I have never done anything like this...right?" I patted the hand on the table closest to me, then left my hand on top of hers and said, "Yes I know Bernadette. You are a slut in bed with your husband as you imagine it's me fucking you and when the moment comes when you might actually act like a slut it's a nervous proposition." I moved my hand gently up her wrist and forearm caressing it lightly.

Mario spoke up then, "Why don't we go back to our truck and go for a ride. Peter is it all right if you leave your car here?" I told him that was fine. We got up Mario leading the way, me walking behind his wife. Her ass was the kind your could grab onto and enjoy very much while slamming into her. Mario suggest Bernadette and I both get in the back seat of the expanded cab pick-up. Nervously she asked, "Really?" He went around, opened the back door for her and said, "Just get in Baby. You and Peter can maybe see what we came here for."

He drove from the Starbucks, turned on some music and said, "Baby, lift your top and take it off."
I thought her face was red already. She turned crimson, then slowly pulled the shirt above her head. Her massive tits were held in by a very strong bra. "I love your tits Bernadette. Why don't you take off your bra. Nobody can see inside this cab through those tinted windows. Isn't that right Mario?" Mario affirmed that nobody could see inside. He was now driving on a highway. "Baby, we're going to the place." She gasped then nodded her head. "What does he mean Bernadette? What is the place?"

She was twisting her hands together then finally a little smile came on her face. "It's a little cabin, not much really, but it's out in the desert. Mario's f****y has had it for a long time." I told her that sounded perfect. I leaned toward her and whispered loudly, "Come on Baby. I want to see your tits. How about your take that bra off for me." She leaned back looking frightened again, looked at me, then at Mario who was still driving. I smiled sweetly at her. She smiled back, reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She held the cups over her tits, looking down at the floor. This went on for about thirty seconds when Mario said, "Let the man see your tits baby."

She looked up at the ceiling of the cab, moved her hands away and let her hands fall to her thighs. The bra fell between her legs. Her tits was just magnificent. I leaned toward her and whispered, "Your tits are fucking beautiful Bernadette. Would it be all right if I touched them?" She said nothing but gave an almost imperceptible nod. I moved to her, my knees between her feet. I moved the palms of my hands to those hard dark brown nipples. Her breathing was fast and ragged. Her eyes were closed. I lightly rubbed my palms over her nips and she gasped.

Mario had been watching in the rear view mirror which he had moved to see us after we got onto the dirt road leading to their cabin. "Suck her nipples Peter. She loves it when you bite them lightly." I had a hand under each tit. I moved my mouth to her left nipple. She moaned in a high pitch when my lips closed over the hard protruding nipple. I moved a hand behind her back and sucked the nipple my tongue moving quickly over the tip. I bit lightly, backed off then bit less lightly. Bernadette gasped and whispered, "Do it again Peter." I bit her nipple again, pulled back on her nipple my teeth still clamped lightly around the nips. She put an arm around me and clasped me to her breast like she was nursing me. I sucked her nip hard while she made a slight humming sound. Then she whispered, "The other one Peter. The other one is jealous Baby. Suck it Baby."

I started sucking and lightly biting the other nipple and wasn't at all surprised when Bernadette pressed her other breast against the side of my cheek. She was kind of rocking and humming. Looking down I saw that her pants were way beyond a little bit wet. They were soaked. I could smell the sweet scent of her cunt. I didn't notice we had stopped until Mario got out of the truck. He opened the door behind me and watched as I continued sucking his wife's nipple.

"Hey you two! Break it up. I want to watch all of this. Come on let's go into the cabin." I pulled away from his wife and handed her the bra on the floor. "Thank you Bernadette, I enjoyed that very much." She smiled nervously and said, "That was very nice Peter. Don't get your hopes up though. I am going to tell Mario we can't fuck." I smiled and said, "It's all up to you baby. If you don't want to feel my cock slam into your juicy hole, then I guess I will have to be disappointed."

She walked topless past me into the open door of the cabin. Mario had lit a joint. "Do you partake Peter?" My answer was to take it from his fingers and inhale a nice long drag. It was really mellow stuff. I held it out to Bernadette. She tried to take it from my fingers, but it dropped to the floor. She leaned forward, her massive tits swaying as she struggled to pick up the joint. "It's out Honey," She held it up so he could see. Mario handed me his lighter and said, "Why don't you light the lady's joint Peter." I held the flame for her and watched as she sucked hard on the joint, the tip was glowing. She handed it to Mario, then back to me, then back to her. Neither Mario or I wanted any more. Bernadette kept smoking it until it was finished. She smiled now, blowing the smoke in my face. She looked down at my pants and giggled. "Well I can see that you are ready for me Peter. Look at his pants Honey, see how much his cock is pushing out his pants?" She stepped toward me and said, "May I touch it Peter."

I held my hands up, then moved them to her shoulders, pulled her to me and asked Mario if I could kiss his wife. He laughed and said she was a great kisser. I took off my shirt, then pulled Bernadette to my chest. Her hand went to the bulge in my pants. She felt my cock intensely, feeling where the crown was then sliding down the shaft to my balls. We kissed hard then, her tongue and mine working on each other. I reached down, still kissing her, undid my belt. "Unzip my pants Bernadette." She tried to do it while still kissing. She was enjoying the kissing. She had to stop though because the zipper on that pair of shorts was a bit tough sometimes. She leaned forward when Mario said, "It would probably be easier if you were on your knees baby. She looked at him, nodded and moved to her knees.

I looked down at this beautiful woman. Her breasts swayed a bit while she undid the zipper. The orange shorts fell to the floor. I slipped off my loafers, kicked them and the shorts away. The frightened woman was now the slut she had imagined during our phone sex. She peeled my shorts down and gasped when my cock sprang out in front of her face.

Bernadette suddenly became a bit shy again. She looked up at my face. I moved forward a bit and when she lowered her head her chin hit the tip of my cock. She pulled back quickly and it bounded up just in front of her face. Mario spoke up then. "Peter, she has never seen a real live cock that wasn't mine. Let her explore a bit and we'll see if she wants to take that cock inside of her one-man cunt."

I just stood there, my feet about a foot and a half apart. "You, you shave your cock and balls Peter. I didn't know men did that too." I told her I liked how it felt. She looked over at Mario. He nodded. She put a hand under my big balls, touching them lightly. Then she wrapped her fingers around the strange cock. She said something too low to hear. Mario said,"Speak up Baby." She reddened again then said, "I can't believe I am holding this cock. It feels so hard and it's throbbing baby, and there is all that pre-cum oozing out."

She leaned back from my cock as much as she could, then staring at it as if mesmerized and moved her face slowly toward it. I thought she would stop before her lips might touch it. I was wrong. She continued moving slowly, but opened her mouth and moved it over the head. She clasped her teeth lightly behind the knob and her tongue started working on the head. She looped her tongue around the spongy tip, then finally pressed the tip of her tongue against the slit of my cock.

She dropped her hand from my balls and cock and started fucking my cock with her mouth. She seemed to like feeling the head against the back of her throat. She grasped my cock again around the base and moved the head over the back of her throat. She hummed like she had when she 'nursed' me.

It didn't take long for me to know if this kept up I was going to shoot in her mouth. I pulled away from her and said, "If you keep that up Bernadette I will shoot off in your mouth. I think that would be great, but what I really want to do is shoot off inside your cunt." There was silence for a minute or so as the incipient slut stared at my cock. She whispered, "You would have to wear a condom Peter." I told her I would do that if she was worried. Mario spoke up and said, "Bernadette doesn't take birth control Peter. I had a vasectomy after our last c***d was born and I always fuck her raw." I smiled, then I laughed. "I had my vasectomy fifteen years ago. I didn't want or need to be a daddy. If that's all you're worried about baby, I won't need a rubber."

She seemed to be thinking it over. She asked, "Well I am worried about getting something too. Do you fuck strange women all the time Peter?" I shook my head 'no' and said I had been in a long time relationship with a woman, but she wanted marriage and I had the vasectomy. We had split up a couple of months ago.

Bernadette looked at me with a flirting kind of look. She turned to Mario and said, "Baby, I think I want his cock inside of me just like it is right now. Mario kissed his wife and pushed two fingers into her cunt. He pulled the glistening fingers out of her and up and said, "Baby, it's time to have Peter's cock inside you...right honey?" She said, "yes...YES...YES!"

He led her to the bed and asked how she wanted it. His wife told us both she wanted to do missionary first because she wanted to see my face as I fucked her. She lay back and spread her legs wide. I knelt between them, my hard cock swaying back and forth. She grasped the tip and fed it into her slippery hole, then gasped when the head pushed inside her. Mario had a small movie camera. As I slid my cock slowly all the way up into her, the camera was on her face. "Pull out Peter. Honey, spread your lips for him. I want to get a video of his cock sliding into you." I fucked her slowly at first, but as her moans and words got louder I fucked her hard and fast. She was crying and laughing, looking down where my cock was slamming into her. She screamed, "Shoot your cum inside of me Peter. I want to feel your semen inside my fertile cunt."

I hadn't fucked in over a month. When I shot into her it was a massive load. I collapsed on top of her, kissing her mouth as my cock kept moving inside her, shooting more semen. She was moaning, but hadn't cum. I pulled out of her. My cock wasn't as hard as it had been, but was still fairly stiff. Mario filmed the moment my cock popped out of her cunt. Then he moved to a position to get the cum as it oozed from her. It didn't take long. Thick white semen flowed copiously from her reddened cunt. Bernadette surprised us when she reached between her legs to catch some of the semen on her fingers. She moved it in front of her face, smiled then licked her fingers clean. "Can we do it again Peter?" I looked at her, then at Mario. He sat next to her caressing a hard nipple and said, "Let's do the real slut thing baby. I'll fuck your ass while Peter fucks your cunt. I had never been part of a DP, but said, "That would be really cool Bernadette."

Mario stripped off his clothes. He told me to lie on the bed and his wife sit down on my cock. She did that. He pushed her forward over me and moved in behind her. I could feel his cock move into her ass. What an incredible feeling. The sluts tits were swaying over my face as I pushed up into her cunt. She was crying and laughing...even more so when her husband called her a slut.

I felt his cock moving faster inside her ass. I started keeping time with him slamming up into her soaked puss. I could tell when he was coming inside her and that set me off shooting up into her. Bernadette screamed. I could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing my cock as she came hard on our cocks.

The three of us showered together laughing and talking about this or that moment in the fucking.

After dressing and driving back to the Starbucks Bernadette was talking a mile a minute about this moment or that moment. We agreed we would meet again sometime. We haven't yet.
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