Years ago I loved chat on Yahoo Messenger. I had a group of friends I would chat with from time to was always filthy. One of my favorites was Bernadette. She and her husband Mario had been married for fifteen years.

She lived one state away from me and we would chat about her fantasy. Me fucking her while her husband watched. Eventually we moved onto phone sex. She always got super excited hearing my voice as I told her what I wanted to do with her. She almost never spoke during those phone calls. Her moans and screams were enough though. Eventually I hard a low voice telling her to spread her cunt lips just like Peter told her. I paused for a second and Bernadette yelled out, "Don't stop Peter! I am almost there. Please!"

I said I liked how her cunt looked when she spread her lips like that. I am there fucking you Bernadette while Mario is watching. He is sucking on your left nipple and watching my cock slam into you." I could almost feel Bernadette's excitement as she made a long wailing moan. I said,"My cock is covered with your cunt juices baby. Open your mouth and taste the pleasure you have left on my cock."

The moaning stopped and the phone in her hand fell. She picked it up quickly and said, "this is so fucking hot Peter. Fuck my mouth baby. Fuck it and cum inside my mouth." She whispered she was almost ready to come and couldn't talk anymore.

Then I heard it. Her gasps as a hard cock invaded her slutty mouth. I pictured her husband holding onto her head and fucking her mouth hard. I could hear a glog glog glog sound and knew then that her husband always fucked her when she and I did phone sex.

"I am holding your head Bernadette, shoving my hard prick into your slutty fuckhole mouth." Still the 'glog glog glog' sound. "My balls are slamming against your chin. You feel the head of my cock slamming into the back of your throat." I heard her desperate, crazed "mmmm hmmm! mmmm hmmm!" The glog glog sound increased in its speed. When Mario came he hissed out "take it whore."

The sound died down and Bernadette took a couple of minutes to say something. Breathlessly she said, "Oh my god Peter. That was fantastic! I said nothing but just chuckled. Finally she asked, "Why are you laughing Peter?"

I asked if she could almost feel my cock fucking her throat. She moaned dreamily and said, "Oh yeah. I could almost feel your cock in my mouth baby." I didn't say anything for a minute or so then said,"I love it that Mario fucks you while we do phone sex baby." She gasped and after a long silence said, " that okay Peter? He loves it when we do phone sex." I told her to give the phone to Mario.

I heard the phone drop, then picked up and for the first time I heard Mario's voice. "Hello Peter. I want to thank you for making my wife so fucking hot. She is just a whore in spirit. She has never had another cock inside of her but mine. This is her way of closing her eyes and imagining you are really here...really fucking her."

I laughed and said, "well I have enjoyed today's chat more than all the others knowing you were fucking her." I asked him to describe his wife's body to me. He hesitated then said, "well, she is a very curvy woman. She has great great tits. They are 44 DD." He laughed then and said that Bernadette's face was bright red with embarrassment. I continued. "Tell me about her nipples Mario. I am a nipple man." He told me her aerola were reddish pink and the size of silver dollars. He said her nips were sticking up like little thumbs. He pulled on one and Bernadette yelped then moaned.

I asked if he had cum in her mouth. "Yes I did Peter. My balls were at her lips and my cock all the way down her throat. I shot my load deep down her throat." I asked if there was ever a chance I might fuck his wife the next time I was in Albuquerque. Mario told me that was what he had always watch his wife getting fucked by another guy. "She's told you that my cock is the only one that has ever been in her cunt...right?" I said "yeah and you did too just minutes ago." He told me he was going to finger her cunt while she talked to me some more. She always did phone sex with the phone on the speaker.

"Bernadette baby, do you think there is a chance we could meet and I could fuck you while your husband watches?" She gasped and after a hesitation said, "Well, I would love to meet you Peter, but I am afraid of having another man fuck me...though the idea is exciting. You would have to wear a condom though. I mean it's never going to happen, but if it did you would have to wear a condom."

"I am going to be in Albuquerque next weekend. Is there some place we could meet?" She was breathing hard. Nervously she said, "Well I can't really say Peter." She hesitated again then I heard the sound of the phone being taken from her. "Peter, if you come next weekend, meet us at a Starbucks and we can get to know each other." We talked about that for a while, I got the address for the Starbucks and he and I agreed we would meet on Saturday morning around nine a.m.

This is all a true story. Most of the stories I have written have a thread of truth in them in that they are based on something that happened then built upon from there.

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10 months ago
damn man---what is going to happen next?
11 months ago
Do you want me to write more about this?
11 months ago
Yeah Yahoo was a lot of fun for quite a while. Now it's all people selling themselves.
11 months ago
i miss some of the fun folks i met in just isn't the same anymore.