Amy Revised Version

(This is essentially the same story as Amy, just with what I left out the first time.)

The wife and I went to Amy and Ken's wedding reception last night. Amy had been a secretary at the school where I worked. When Amy was married before she often had to find extra work because her husband was unable to get good jobs since he didn't have a high school diploma. She was raising two boys and I knew the f****y was struggling.

From time to time at work I would slip a twenty dollar bill into her purse that always hung on the back of the chair at her desk. The first time we fucked she told me she had finally figured out who was putting the twenties in her purse.

That first time happened in the teacher's lounge. Amy was sitting to my right. The lively discussions in the room ended as the last two people across from us left to go to their rooms.

I was peeling a banana when Amy swiveled in her chair, pulled up her skirt hem and opened her legs. I stopped what I was doing, looking at the black panties that were exposed to me. Amy said nothing, just smiling at me. I moved my hand down to the black silk that called to me, extending my middle finger and sliding it over the panties tracing the warm wet slit underneath. Meanwhile Amy was unbuttoning her blouse. She reached back under it and unfastened her bra, then lowered it under her tits. Her gorgeous brown Italian nipples were staring at me.

I looked at my watch and said, "We have fifteen minutes Amy. I have wanted to fuck you since the day we met. She grinned and ran the tip of her tongue over her succulent lips. I leaned to her and kissed those lips. I stood up, then lifted her petite body onto the dining table.

I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants to my thighs. I put my hand under the elastic of her black panties and pulled them down her thighs. My cock was hard red and ready for the juicy cunt inches away.

"Ya know," she gasped as I plunged into her, "I have known it was you for a long time." She was silent for a moment as I slammed into her again. Amy pulled my hand to her left tit. I was quite happy to squeeze and twist the hard nipple she directed me to. "I finally figured out the twenties showed up when you had just left the office." She squeaked then when I stuck my thumb into her asshole.

"Always...uh...uh...always knew you were hot Peter. I've been wet so many times when you were sitting next to me in the lunch room. I just couldn't take it anymore." She groaned and I felt her cunt clench on my cock. She looked at her watch. "Ten minutes...just oh OH Ten...oh nine until the bell rings...finish...oh fuck...oh...fuck finish! NOW!"

I shot deep up into this petite woman who was sprawled across the teacher's lounge dining table. It was risky as hell, but the second time we both admitted to being fans of quickies and danger. I lifted her black panties that were inches below where my cock had been slamming into her. I wrapped the thin filmy material around my shaft and wiped the cunt juice and jizz from it.

I walked to the sink, cock semi-hard and rainbowing down as I pulled three papers towels, wetting them in the stream. I scrubbed the rest of the scent and jizz from my shaft, tucked my cock into my shorts, pulled my pants up from just below my ass, zipped up, buckled up, straightened my tie and walked back to Amy.

I handed her three fresh wet paper towels. She grinned as she lay on her back and wiped her cunt. She pulled some sort of spray from her purse and spritzed her swollen cunt lips. I helped her up from the table. Her skirt fell down over her thighs. She reached under, pulled the heavily stained black panties from her body, placed them into the large plastic zip bag that her lunch sandwich had been kept fresh for lunch in. She zipped the plastic and handed them to me.

So back to last night at the wedding reception. Ken was dancing with women who pinned dollars to his jacket. Amy and I were standing in front of everyone while I tried to pin a twenty to her bodice. Laughing I said it was a crappy safety pin. Amy gave me a lascivious look and said, "Just shove it in hard Peter. That ought to work." Laughing I shoved the pin hard through the material, clasped the twenty firmly to the bodice. Amy and I had fucked only a few dozen times in those last two years she worked at the school. I twirled her around several times, brought her back to me, pressing her tits against my chest and said, "Ken is a very lucky guy."

She smiled, said thanks, then added, "You can be a lucky guy whenever you and I are free at the same time Peter. Ken was the one I took because you weren't available on a long-term basis." With that we hugged once and I smiled as I walked away.

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