Tribute to my Ex-Wife

This story is VERY different from any I have written. I saw the profiles with photos for people to tribute and decided to take the tribute idea to an extreme level. I imagine some will hate this. I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

My wife Judy was just the best. I loved her so much. When her little b*****r Bobby needed a place to stay for a while, I said sure. Judy was a great fuck and I thought she was a great wife until I found out she had been fucking her b*****r whenever I was on the road. A friend told me that he had heard about it from a friend of Bobby's. Seems that little b*****r likes to brag.

Let me just say I seen them fucking when I came home two nights early and got a dozen pics of the two of them as she was sucking his cock and then as he fucked her. They hadn't heard me come in and I was well hidden from my vantage point. I left then and they never knew what I had seen until the lawyer contacted her.

The lawyer did all my talking for me and because she didn't want anyone to find out about what they had been doing, all she got was the house that had been hers when we married.

I was in a rage...I freely admit it. I enlarged the photos of her and her b*****r and thought about putting them around town in places where she often goes. Finally I just decided to put her pictures in the stalls of the mens' rooms at the bars around town. Some of the bars are ones she and I went to and closed down a few nights.

I put circles of tape on the backs of the photos and said that I would appreciate tributes in honor of my slut wife. I wrote a printed note above the pics saying, "Here is my slut wife sucking her b*****r Bobby's cock" or "Here is my slut wife taking her little b*****r's cock into her whore cunt." There were 24 photos, the best view of the blow job and the best one of his cock impaled in her cunt. I made multiple copies. I put them in a dozen bars, one in each stall. I would go in from time to time to check on them. At first there were no tributes, so I started leaving my own so they would get the idea. That did the trick.

When the photos were covered, but still showed faces and easily showed what they were doing, I took them down, put them in several large shopping bags in hopes of keeping them from sticking together. More than a few bartenders smiled and told me they had done tributes and told others about the pics.

I left them in my apartment on my kitchen counter, cum side up so they could dry out as well as possible. When they were dry I went to her house. I left the first one in her bathroom and another on her bed where they had fucked. I knew the locks would be changed after that, so wrote her a note saying that I was going to send some to her favorite relatives.

She called me the next day in tears and begged me not to send them to any of her relatives. She said she would do anything. I told her I would think about it and would call her back after I thought about how 'anything' might be interpreted.

I called back twenty minutes later and said, "Okay, I won't send them to anyone if you do this now and do what I ask for later." She thanked me profusely, crying and saying how sorry she was for messing up our marriage.

I told her to put on a robe and flip flops, nothing else and to expect me in twenty minutes. I parked out on the street, went up to door which opened as I came there. She was nervous. "What...what is it you want me to do Peter?"

I beckoned for her to follow me to the car. I drove us to the part of town with the adult theaters. When we got there, I parked at the back parking lot. She got out of the car, so nervous that I had to laugh. "Leave your robe in the car whore." Her eyes blinking she stuttered out, "Wha...what?" I told her again. She was crying now. "Wipe off your face and put a smile on it. How do you expect horny men to cum on the face of a woman who is crying?"

She was stunning as she walked into the adult store. Her face was red, with a nice bright smile plastered on it. Her nipples were harder than I had ever seen them. Her shaved cunt was streaming juices down her thighs. I told her to walk in by herself. I would come in five minutes later.

I waited the five minutes, then walked inside the store. Judy was nowhere to be found. I walked around and found a group of about six people standing in a corner. The word was out and others were walking to the corner with me. I figured this was where she stopped. When I got there I asked an old man at the edge of the group what was going on.

"Some slut just walked in totally naked. She's sucking off this guy right now. A couple of guys have jacked off on her face and she looks like she's having a lot of fun. I know I plan to shoot into her hair. Bet you can get some too if you want."

I moved around to see her better. I saw Judy with her lips wrapped around what appeared to be a huge cock. As she slid her lips back I could see that I was right. He had been fucking her mouth deep. She was panting when she saw my face. She stared at me for a moment then had to concentrate on breathing again as the guy shoved his cock down her throat. He fucked her face and she made the 'gog gog gog' sound that I had loved when I fucked her throat. I called out, "Hey, how come no one is fucking the slut's cunt. It looks pretty wet to me."

I guess the men had been kind of shy to that point. When the guy she was sucking was done fucking her face, shooting so far down her throat that some of the semen emerged through her nose. Now Judy was part of a dog and pony show. She was on her hands and knees sucking the oddly shaped cock of a man who seemed to be wearing only a raincoat. Behind her was the old man who told me about her. His cock was not that big, but very hard as he started fucking my wife. An hour later Judy was coated in semen from her hair down to her knees. By my count at twenty six men had gotten a real bonus by showing up at the adult store that day.

She followed me out to the parking lot, wearing her flip flops and the semen of all those men. I had her stand naked and dripping in the cold while I got the thick plastic sheet I had placed in the back seat just for this circumstance. She was excited and embarrassed. Her nipples, covered in cum as they were hard and long. I enjoyed watching the cum drops fall from the ends of them. Her body was like a moving art work. Semen was moving slowly downward all over her body. Fortunately my car was protected.

I handed her cell phone and said, "Call Bobby." She looked horrified and said, "What?" "Call Bobby and tell him you are on your way to his place. Tell him that I am with you. Tell him about the pictures. Tell him no one will get hurt, but there will be some payback tonight."

I drove in the right lane just at the low end of the speed limit. She was nervous and her fingers were slippery with cum so I handed her a paper towel to wipe off, "Just your fingers."

I heard her press the numbers and then her nervous words, "Hello Bobby! uh...uh...I...I am okay. Well sort of. Peter is with me. He says he isn't angry anymore, but there will need to be...some consequences for what you and me did. Well, we're on our way to your place. Please open the back gate. We will need to drive in there. No...just do it PLEASE!" I told her to tell him to be naked when we got there. She told him and had to plead with him to do it. She told him about the pictures then. There was a long silence on both ends of the phone. Finally I heard his voice and he seemed to be resigned to doing what ever was needed to keep THAT from happening.

When we got there, the gate was open. I drove through and had Judy get out naked but for her flip flops to close it. She stumbled a little because she was so nervous. I parked the car and waited by the back door. I could see Bobby inside, naked and nervous. "Go in there whore and tell him that all I want is for you two to fuck while I watch. There might be some cleaning up after...I'll decide when I see how the fucking goes."

She opened the door, though her hand was a bit slippery. I didn't want to touch the handle, so told her to leave the door open. When I walked in Bobby was naked, nervous and obviously excited. When I walked in I went right up to him and said, "Hello there whore." I shook his clammy hand. He looked at me then back at Judy.

"What do you want? You want to see me and s*s fuck? She's kind of know...slimy like. Where did all this happen." I laughed and said, "Have a look at this pic Bobby." I handed him one of the pics from the bars. He looked at it aghast. At the top was a note that said, "For dear Mom and Dad."

"I have another one for your parents. You can keep this one. He dropped the picture on the kitchen counter like he had picked up a handful of spiders.

Judy was dripping on his linoleum floor. The two siblings looked at me awaiting instructions. "On the floor slut. Hands and knees! Little b*****r looks like he is ready to fuck you again." She had a hard time getting onto her hands and knees. Her hands were slippery and her knees were worse. Bobby held her under her armpits which were less slimy.

He crouched to the floor behind her, unsure where to touch his s****r. "Just put your hands on her Bobby. The slime is for you and for her. Do not be shy of it...that's what I want. I want you to fuck your whore s****r with your whore cock and I want you to hold her, lean on her kiss her back, neck, wherever there is the most cum. You're hard. Fuck your slut s****r now."

Bobby put his hands on Judy's hips. He really couldn't hold her well from there, but eventually Judy used her slippery fingers to guide Bobby's cock into her swollen slit.

When I saw that he was all the way up into her, I said, "lean over onto your s****r's back you will be covered with some too when this is all done." He looked reluctant. I picked up the photo and he did as I said.

Bobby's chest was right on top of his s****r's slimy back. He was fucking her hard and she was grunting with each thrust. I wondered how he liked fucking her hole that had been filled with so much jizz.

I took pictures of the fuck for my own pleasure. They each saw me doing it and knew there was no way to stop me. I knelt in front of Judy and bent low to take pictures of her body, obviously getting fucked. The semen oozing from her tits and belly to the floor was what I most wanted to catch. I took close up pics of her face all jizzed as it was. I told her to smile for the camera. She did. That remains one of my favorite pictures these days. When Bobby came the first time I clapped my hands.

I told Judy to lie on her back on the floor. She slipped on it a bit as she moved to her back. Her cunt was gushing. Bobby was instructed to clean up what was oozing from her cunt. He was hesitant only until I gave him the look. He lapped up cream for some twenty minutes because I told him to get every last drop.

When she was empty inside I told him to "Get over her body on the floor and fuck her with that cock that apparently got hard when you ate the cum of all those really winner type men who fucked her at the adult store. They were trying to get connected, while the semen was causing him to slip all over her body like hogs wallowing in wet wet mud.

I told them they could take a shower then. They were unable to stand up because of how the floor was slimed, so I went along with their request to crawl to the bathroom. I walked ahead of them, on dry floor while they slimed it behind them.

In the bathroom I allowed them only cold water. They had to crawl into the tub because their feet were too slippery to stand safely. I turned on the shower and the cold water made them both scream. Bobby's cock shrunk down to the size of a Vienna sausage. I took pictures of them in the tub.

Their bodies became acclimated to the cold. That's when I turned on the hot...just hot enough after the cold from before to make it seem HOT. It was just a normal shower temp. I didn't want them to be injured...I'm nice that way.

When they were clean, they told me how sorry they were for betraying me. I accepted their apologies and we live as a threesome now. I tell them what to do and they do it.
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2 years ago
Actually, reading it again I kind of like the story now.
2 years ago
love this ending
2 years ago
This never happened of course. It's just the alternate take on tribute photos...and then some more.