The Hay Trailer and Annie.

My wife and I live on ten acres out in the country. We built a house and decided to use the tiny trailer we had lived in to store feed for our a****ls. I sometimes used the trailer as a place to go to on a nice sunny day to look at my porn and jack off onto the bales of hay.

I was in the trailer one day when I heard the next door neighbor from ten acres away calling out my name. She was no more than ten feet from the trailer and had most likely already seen me through the window. I had my pants at my ankles and porn spread out all over the hay bales. I considered just ducking down and pretending not to be there. Then I saw her face looking in the window, unable to tell what I was doing. I smiled and said, "Hi Annie."

She said, "So this is where you keep the feed. That's cool. She opened the front door and stepped into the trailer. There I was with my pants at my ankles and my cock standing in front of me. She quickly apologized and said she would come back at a more convenient time. She didn't move though because she was staring at my cock.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. "That's a nice cock you have there Peter. Would you mind if I watched?" I didn't say anything, just used my feet to remove the shoes and pants from my ankles and feet. I pulled off my shirt and was naked in front of the neighbor lady. She was blonde and her face was sunshine. She and I had always made veiled references to sexual things for years. Now it was staring her in the face, so to speak.

She took off her large straw hat and started unbuttoning her dress. Her breasts were beautiful and her cunt covered in the same blonde hair that was on her head. She lay her clothes on the bales of hay near the door.

She walked slowly to me through the narrow passageway between the bales of hay.
"You know Peter, all the flirting we have done through the years...I was never joking." I told her I was never joking either.

My wife was in our house and her husband was in his house. We were naked in the hay trailer. We had our first passionate kiss that day. Pressing her warm breasts against my hairy chest was the culmination of a fantasy I had often used when I fucked my wife. I asked her to bring her panties to me.

She got an odd look on her face, but brought them over and placed them in my hand. I sniffed them and smiled. She smiled too. "You know Annie, when you guys go on vacation and Dee and I take care of your place, the first thing I do is go through your clothes hamper and find as many pairs of your panties I can find. I take them home and sniff them when I am fucking Dee. I imagine I am fucking you and she gets some really nice hard fucking.

Annie clapped her hands together and asked me for the panties. She sat on a feed sack on top of a bale of hay just low enough for my cock to be at cunt level. "So are you going to fuck the lady that put the scent in those panties Peter?" I kissed her lips, played with her tits, then slipped the head of my cock into her juicy cunt. When I was moving inside of her Annie pressed the hand with her panties onto my face at my nose.

"The sweet pussy you are smelling Peter is wrapped around your cock right now. You feel so good inside of me. We kissed again, our faces on either side of the panties. I could hear her sniffing her scent on them as I did.

The first time I came inside of her she had not yet come. I remained hard though, and the feel of her cunt lips holding onto my stiff cock was sublime. We kissed while I slowly ground my prick into that cunt filled with cunt juice and semen. It was while we were kissing and Annie was contracting her cunt muscles on my shaft that she had her first four orgasms.

I helped her off the bale of hay and fucked her from behind as she leaned over on the bale. The years of fantasy were met and became part of our memory bank. We never fucked again after that.

When they left on vacation, I would find Annie's worn panties inside a ziplok back. She wrote a note the first time and said, "My cunt left this scent and these white streaks of cunt juice just for your pleasure with your wife."

We still go to visit this couple, but neither my wife nor her husband has any idea just how close we are.
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Cool, thank you.
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very good
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Another good one Peter!
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wow great story
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Thanks! For being a friend!