Parent teacher conference at the adult theater Bu

Suzie couldn't believe she had asked the slut to let her take pictures. She was kind of a mousy girl who didn't have any real friends at the hamburger joint. Ralph who was doing the hamburgers and fries that day and Bobby who was working on shakes and taking the money both said, "We want copies of those pics Suzie. Come on you HAVE to share."

Suzie thought about it for a while then said during a short lull in customers said, "I'll let you have copies of the pictures, but I won't send them out online. That would be stupid. If you come over to my apartment I will print them up and give each of you your own copies." She waited with bated breath for an answer. Bobby, the really cute one, spoke up first, "Sure Suzie, I will come over but I'll need a ride." Ralph said he would give him a ride.

Suzie got off work half an hour before Bobby and Ralph did. When she got home she knew exactly what she wanted to do. First off she had a dress that hung like the slut's dress. The only problem was Suzie's tits were 32 A and the slut must have been 36 DD at least. What was nice about this dress is that it had been given to her by her s****r who was somewhat bigger upstairs than she was. Suzie really had meant to take it in some so she could wear the dress.

What was perfect about the dress was how if she leaned forward it would hang down so her tits could be seen. She decided to go commando on the pantie thing for this one time. She had time to shave her cunt so it was just like the slut's cunt. The skirt wasn't quite short enough so she folded the bottom hem under about four inches and used two safety pins to hold it in place. When she was standing, her cunt lips were just an inch or so away from being exposed. When she sat down in an unlady-like manner her cunt was the only thing any guy would be able to see.

Suzie was not a virgin in one sense. She had shredded her hymen when she was six years younger on a perfume bottle she found on her mother's dresser. It had taken a toothbrush and some soap for her to get the dried bl**d off of the bottle because her orgasm that soon followed had left her unable to think of anything else but the fact she was only technically a virgin and how good she felt.

She wondered if this plot would work with those guys. They were good friends with each other and always seemed to be making jokes about things and teasing others at work. They never teased her though because she figured she just wasn't that noticeable. The photos of the slut had changed all that. For the last two hours she was at work, right after the slut left, they were calling Suzie's name each time they walked by saying, "Please Suzie let me have copies of those pics." Bobby had even stood right there in front of her looking into her eyes and at her reddened face saying "You were so fucking smart to ask to take a picture. I don't know if I would have done that."

She was interrupted in her reverie by the sound footsteps in the hall and voices she recognized saying, "Here it is 226". She walked to the door determined to keep her composure and to do her best to finally have a cock inside her pussy, unfucked for so so long. She had pussy juice trickling down her right thigh as she opened the door. The boys looked at her, then at the door number then back at her and said together, "Suzie?"

She did the little laugh she had practiced several times and said, "Come on in boys. Have a seat and I'll go bring my cell phone so we can figure out how to print them up. She was pretty sure they were trying to see how that dress could possibly be hiding her ass since it was so short.

Suzie brought the cell over. There were six pictures of the slut and four more pictures she had taken after she had gotten home. One picture, taken in the mirror of her tits and then several of her cunt. She took two photos of her fingers inside her cunt and one of her spreading her cunt lips. Suzie stood right in front of and between the two boys. She took a short deep breath and leaned forward to show them the pictures. From the way their faces turned red she knew they were looking at her tits and though they were small her nipples were showing the effect of the ice cubes she had run over them just before coming back to them.

"What do you think Bobby...Ralph? Can we print these up? There are ten in all. The burger girl was looking into their faces with a bright smile on hers. The boys were only sort of looking at her face. When they didn't answer she said they could look through the pics. She went to the chair she had earlier placed directly across from the two for the boys and sat down. Her mother had taught her how to sit properly, but her Mother was probably wanting her to do that so her daughter's cunt would stay in its virginal state. She sat on her chair with her knees apart just less than twelve inches.

She knew they would have to appear to look at the photos and she hoped the sight of her cunt under the hem of the dress would keep bringing their eyes back to her. She knew when they had flipped to the seventh picture. Two pair of eyes looked at the phone then back at her. When they had flipped to the next pic Suzie lifted the hem of her skirt to four inches up her thighs. She may as well have been naked from the waist down. She opened her legs as wide apart as they would go.

Playing like nothing was up she asked if they liked the pics enough to want to make copies of all of them. Now these boys talked a big game about the girls they went out with, but each knew the other had never even been on a date. They both sat there with their eyes locked on that bare flesh and slit between her legs. She saw the bulges in their pants that had to be uncomfortable. Finally she asked, "What's the matter? Has the pussy cat got your tongues?"

When she finished saying that she put her fingers down to her slit and opened it wide so they could see just how horny she was. "That woman is really a big time slut. I, on the other hand, have never had a cock inside of me. I was kind of hoping that might change tonight."

Ralph and Bobby grinned and looked at each other and then back at Suzie. She knew she had them now. "Why don't you boys stand up and do something to keep from having your pants hurt whatever it is that's pushing so hard on them from inside." She stood when they did and looking at them both intently Suzie unzipped her dress and lowered it to the floor. She stood in front of them now totally naked. Her prominent mound emphasized her deep slit. She put her fingers on her nipples and pulled on them.

"My tits aren't as big as the slut's tits, but I think you might like sucking on these nice hard nipples." The boys just stared at her unable to speak. She walked over to them. They were standing like statues. She started on Bobby's belt. When it was unbuckled, she undid the snap at the top and pulled down the zipper. Her heart was pounding more than it ever had before. She knelt down to peel Bobby's jeans down his thighs. His cock popped out hard and hit her on the forehead. She laughed and moved to Ralph's pants.

When she was done she said, "I'm naked here and you guys still have shirts and socks on. If you want to play with me you are going to have to be just as naked as I am. I know you guys have had lots of girls. This girl wants to get fucked tonight. If you want to fuck me, then get naked.

They ripped their shirts up over their heads and the three naked co-workers just looked at what they were interested in seeing. Finally, to get the ball rolling, so to speak, Suzie said, "I'm thinking of a number between one and sixty-nine. The one closest to that number gets to fuck me. Your cock will be the first one ever to be inside this sweet little cunt you see in front of you. Both boys yelled out "sixty-nine" at the same time. Suzie smiled and said, "Why however did you both figure that out so quickly?"

Since it's a tie, I will choose from the answers you give to my questions. Starting with Ralph, tell me long it's been since you have fucked a girl." Ralph hemmed and hawed and finally said, "It must be about three weeks or so." Suzie looked at Bobby and asked, "And for you Bobby?" He looked at Ralph, shook his head and said, "My answer is the same that Ralph's should have been. I have never fucked a girl and neither has Ralph. Come on Ralph, you know I know. We shouldn't lie to Suzie after all she has done for us." He looked hard at Suzie then and said, "I don't have any condoms. I mean...I have never even used one except once when I jacked off with one on to see what it was like."

Suzie smiled and asked, "So what was it like?" After a moment of embarrassed silence Bobby said, "Well, I didn't like it." She asked why not and he said he liked to use olive oil to lubricate his cock when he jacked off and the condom didn't let that work as well as it usually did.

Ralph stayed silent for a while then said he had never even seen a condom in real life.

Suzie walked over to Bobby and said, "I am on the pill because I am ever hopeful of finding a cock to fill me up. If you slide a finger into my cunt you will find I am so slippery inside that your cock will go fast and quick all the way up into my fuckhole." Bobby slid a finger into her and gasped at how wet she was. When he pulled out Ralph did the same.

"Here's how it's going to work boys. You decide which one of you fucks me first. I will be sucking the cock of the other one while I get fucked. Tonight I am going to be your slut. There will be no bragging about this if you ever want to get to fuck me again. She handed Bobby a half dollar coin and said "a flip of the coin. The one who flips the coin, if it turns up heads I will suck his cock. If it turns up tails he will fuck me. Remember, you both can fuck me if you want. I know I want both of you."

Thus it was that Bobby watched his buddy fuck Suzie's cunt while he got the first blow job she had ever given. She wasn't sure about him cumming in her mouth, but it seemed so dirty that it had to be right tonight. It took Ralph about four strokes before he shot a huge load inside of her cunt. Bobby took a bit longer, but not much. Soon she was choking on the semen blasted down her throat. Both boys pulled out after cumming. Suzie stood up and worked to keep her gag reflexes down because she really really wanted to swallow the cum. It was so slimy though and she almost spit it out.

She calmed down, her tongue moving over the load and feeling the pool almost filling her mouth. The boys watched her fascinated. She looked at both of them, trying to smile, but finally she just winked, pointed to her mouth and swallowed.

After catching her breath she asked, "So, now who wants to give me my first real kiss?" The boys looked at each other. Bobby decided first and went to the naked girl, put his arms around her, pressing her small tits against his chest and kissed her full on romantic, mouth open, tongue probing. He moved his hands over her nice little ass. His cock was rigid again and he said, "I think you need my cock inside of you Suzie. May I fuck you now?"

Suzie wanted doggy again. She asked if Ralph wanted her to suck him off. Ralph appeared to have been thinking some..."What if you suck me, but when I cum I shoot it on your face like that slut had." Suzie thought about it and winked her eye saying "PERFECT!"

Bobby spread her lips apart and watched Ralph's semen slide down one thigh. He slipped the head inside her then moved it around for a bit savoring the feel just on the head. Suzie looked back and said, "Fuck me with that cock Bobby! I want it all the way up into my cunt." Bobby slammed into her and kept slamming into her until he had to grab her hips so he could get the tip of his cock deeper into her cunt than Ralph least that was in the lizard part of his brain as he tried to get his semen way up into her. Just as he was shooting off so deep in her, Ralph pulled out and said, "Take my cum Suzie! You are going to look like that slut." She laughed as he shot ropes of semen on her face.

When it was over Suzie had Bobby take pictures of her face with the jizz all over it and her cunt where the semen was flowing down her thighs and hanging from her cunt lips.

She didn't clean up as they looked at the pics. "Did you see the man in the front seat who was trying to hide his face?" Neither had noticed him. "He was my teacher three years ago and I always had a crush on him. I am going to make copies of all the pictures. The ones of the slut and the ones of me. I know where he lives and I am going to go to his house and slip an envelope with the pictures under his door. I will write my phone number and my first name on the outside of the envelope and see how long it takes him to call me."

Ralph said, "Wow, you are really devious!" She laughed and replied, "I couldn't get either of you to even give me a second look and now you have made me the mess I am right now. Mr. O'Malley was always very nice to me, but never inappropriate. He was the first man I ever used in my mind when I masturbated. I think I know now how to get what I want."
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2 years ago
I can see how this would be confusing not knowing that.
2 years ago
This should have been Parent Teacher Conference at the Porn Store part 3. My list of stories is so long that you would need to go to the spot below my stores where it says something like "See all Blog Posts."
2 years ago do realize this is the third part of a series of stories labeled Parent Teacher Conference at the Porn Store...right?
2 years ago
very good & yes more, but it needs a prolouge
2 years ago
She did not fuck them again. For her this was a conquest. Her next conquest is Mr. O'Malley.
2 years ago
yes please continue! did she fuck them again that night?
2 years ago
Shall I continue? I hope you read the first two parts of this series.
2 years ago