When I was a busboy

This happened many years ago. I got a job working as a busboy.

This was a very classy restaurant and I was almost getting used to talking to customers. Some customers were kind of snippy, but some were also very nice. This story is about what happened on a week night. The place was kind of busy but not slammed like it would be on a Friday or Saturday.

I had just watered the tables (poured water into empty or mostly empty glasses). I had had left, after watering a table with an older couple seated there. They were probably in their early to mid thirties. I started walking away when the woman said, "Busboy." I turned back to them. She was sitting next to a man that turned out to be her husband.

"Yes ma'am? Do you need me to get something for you?" She smirked at the man then smiled sweetly up at me. She held up her fork. One of the tines was bent. I knew it hadn't been bent when I set the table. "Well honey...what I need is a really good fork." Both of them were smirking at that. I took the bent fork from her fingers. Her fingertips slid sensuously over mine as I took it from her. I went into the kitchen and got a new unbent fork from the silverware drawer. It took me several minutes because the dish washer hadn't gotten them out of the machine yet. When I got back to the table the couple was gone.

I was kind of disappointed because she was pretty for someone that old and I wanted to see her smile again. When I got to the table there was an envelope under her plate. The word 'busboy' was written on the envelope. I picked it up and slid it into my pants pocket. The restaurant was only open another half hour. I did all my closing work then went outside to walk to the bus stop. I didn't have a driver's license yet and I lived clear across town. Sometimes my Dad would pick me up, but after he found that a bus would bring me a couple of blocks from home he said I could afford a bus ride with the tips I was making.

I sat down and took the envelope from my pocket. Inside was a twenty dollar bill which was a lot of money in those days. There was also a note written by the woman.

Her name was Marcia. The note said,
"Dear dear busboy. I told my husband how much you looked like the boy I had a crush on when I was a freshman in high school. I have shared that story with him many times. That boy wasn't one to go out with much younger girls, so I never got to do what I really wanted to do with him.

If you would like to find out what I wanted to do with that cute boy then use this twenty to get a cab. Tell the driver to drive to 2403 Snob Hollow Drive. There is a guard gate you have to go through to get into the community where we live. Just tell the man at the gate that you are going to the Hollister residence and then give him the address. We will call another cab when you are ready to go home. If you DON'T want to find out, then the twenty is a tip for you.
Thank you sweetie,"

I sat there smiling and wondering what she wanted to do with the boy. I thought about what she said she really needed and finally put two and two together. I got up and went back to the restaurant and asked to use the phone. I called for a cab and waited outside the restaurant. It was my first time to take a cab so I was kind of excited.

The cab drove up driven by a guy almost my Dad's age. When I told him where I needed to go he whistled and said, "That's a posh part of town. You live there?" I told him I had been invited.

We arrived. I paid the taxi charge and gave him a couple of bucks for a tip.

I got out of the cab which quickly drove away. The house was mostly dark, but the front porch light was on. Now I was really nervous and wondering why I did this. I had no choice now because I didn't have enough tip money to pay for the return trip home.

I rang the doorbell. Moments later a sweet voice from inside asked, "Who's there?" I knew then she didn't know my name so I said, "It's me. The busboy?!"

I heard several locks being undone from inside. When the door opened there stood the beautiful woman. She was smoking a cigarette which smelled a little funny. She held it out to me and asked if I wanted some. I told her I didn't smoke. She laughed and said, "Of COURSE you don't. Well I hope you don't mind if Arnold and I have a few tokes." Years later marijuana was something that was well known by people my age, but I knew nothing of this in 1961 when I was working my first job.

I followed her into the house. I saw her husband, Arnold, seated on a plush couch. He laughed out loud and said, "It's the busboy! This is your lucky day Marcia!" She sat next to him on the couch, her legs curled up a bit and pressed against his. She handed him the cigarette and he puffed on it a bit. There was lots of smoke in the air. After just a little while I started feeling kind of funny, kind of good.

Marcia patted my knee and asked where I went to school. I told her the name. It turns out Arnold had gone to that school too. They smoked the cigarette until it was almost about to burn their fingers. She crushed it out in a crystal ashtray on the table in front of the couch. She turned to me and released the smoke from her body right onto my face. It was really kind of sexy.

She stretched languidly and asked, "So what is your name Busboy?" I was lost in watching her body move, and my head was a bit fuzzy. After a period of time impossible to estimate I said, "Peter. My name is Peter. Do you need my last name too?"

They both laughed then and Marcia asked, "Why on earth would you think I need to know your last name Peter?" I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing. She put her hand back on my thigh and it had an effect on me. I should have been embarrassed about the things my cock was doing. It was stretching out and seemed to be reaching for the fingers she still had on my thigh. Finally I had a clear moment and asked, "Why did you want me to come here...Marcia...I mean Mrs. uh...." She leaned her head toward mine and said, "Just call me Marcia. Is it all right if I call you Peter?" I was getting ready to say yes when she added, "and maybe you might want to show me your Peter?"

I was thinking she didn't know what she was saying when her hand on my thigh patted the erection that I hadn't been too worried about for some strange reason. My mouth fell open for a few seconds. I looked at her hand on the place where my cock lay hard on my thigh. I realized then that she was making a pass at me. I wasn't sure how to deal with that since I had never even been on a date. Finally I closed my mouth.

" Aren't you just the cutest boy? Isn't he cute Arnold?" He grinned slightly and said, "If you say so honey. He does nothing for me, but I WILL enjoy watching THIS one do you"

She started whispering loudly to me. "Peter, have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do just about anything to get it?" I thought for a bit then said, "Well, I want a car and a driver's license. I am not old enough for my license and it's going to be a while before I can buy a car. That's why I'm working at the restaurant. To save up money for a car when I am old enough to get my driver's license. It's just over a a year now till I can get the license."

Marcia was giggling when I finished. "Well, perhaps I didn't word my question well. May I be frank with you?" I thought I knew what that meant so nodded my head 'Yes.' "What I meant to say, handsome boy, was have you ever seen a girl that you wanted so much that you would do anything for her if she would just let you touch her. Kiss her. Fuck her."

As foggy as my head was I realized then that her hand on my cock wasn't a mistake...something she didn't realize she was doing because her brain might be fuzzy too. I didn't say a word. Marcia leaned forward, put a hand on my neck and moved her face to mine. Her lips, bright red with lipstick, I felt her breath on my lips. My mouth was partially open when her lips pressed against mine. My cock couldn't have been any harder. My heart was being attacked by the butterflies that were trying to explode out of my belly.

Arnold was watching us. He had taken his cock out of his pants and was stroking it. Marcia's tongue entered my mouth. She took my right hand and slid it under her blouse. She was naked there and my hand met her warm breast and the hard nipple at the tip. She pushed my head back against their plush couch. She moaned into my mouth, sucking on my lower lip. Then as abruptly as she started kissing me she stopped.

I was kind of disappointed, but relieved too because I really had no idea what she expected me to do, though I was kind of hoping she would show me what she wanted.

Marcia stood up then. She unbuttoned her blouse. I gasped when I saw her breasts and the reddish-brown nipples that were hard and sticking out. She threw the blouse over her shoulder to where Arnold was seated, still stroking his cock slowly. Marcia undid the buttons on her skirt and removed it. She had on a slip, white and very lacy. I watched her pull it down from her waist past her thighs and to the floor. She stood in front of me now kind of swaying like she was dancing, her naked tits swaying as she moved. Her panties fit her body so tightly I could see where her slit was under them.

"So Busboy Peter. We have invited you here because you remind me of someone I knew long ago." She pulled off her panties. I saw then the first cunt I had ever seen. I thought my head was going to explode. She was standing now directly in front of me. I was still on the couch. She started fingering her cunt, sliding along the slit up and down several times then pushing that finger deep inside of herself. She pulled the finger out and sniffed it. She held it out to Arnold and asked, "I think my cunt needs to be fucked. What do you think darling?" He sniffed her finger and said, "You smell like you're really horny. I think you need to fuck that boy. He's a virgin. Take that away from him. He won't mind."

I certainly wasn't a boy...except in comparison to them. Marcia stuck her finger inside her pussy again then brought it out and knelt on the couch, her knee next to my thigh. She stuck the finger in front of her nose and said, "Smell this Peter." Not wanting to seem ungrateful I sniffed her finger. The scent was unusual and intoxicating. "Like it?" she asked. When I nodded my head she said, "Open your mouth." When I did pushed the finger into it and said, "Suck on my finger. I want you to find out what cunt tastes like. I did that and was excited at the taste and the nastiness of all this.

"If you take off your clothes for me Peter, I will let you push that hard cock you have into this wet cunt. You can fuck me all you want. Bet you jack off three or four times a night don't you honey?"

I knew it wasn't a trick question, but she had hit the nail on the head...so I nodded yes.

"Ever had your cock inside a cunt Peter?" I shook my head 'no'. "Is there a girl at school you think about when you jack off?" I nodded my head 'yes'.

"If you will tell me about her, not only will I let you fuck me, I might have something to add to your car fund. You need to be very very complete when you tell me what you think about when you are jacking off and imagining you are fucking her. Remember, you get to fuck me...which obviously is going to happen anyway...AND you get some money for your car fund. Will that make you drop this shy thing you do that I actually find charming and tell me all about her and what you think she is like under her clothes." I nodded my head. She asked, "Have you ever seen her naked?" I said 'no'. "Have you ever touched her tits?" I shook my head 'no'. "Does she even know you are thinking nasty thoughts about her?" I shook my head no. "Does she know you like her?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Does she have a boyfriend?" I nodded my head yeah.

She sat next to me, her arm around my neck. "Now, tell me your girlfriend's name, what she looks like...not just her face, and what you want to do to her." I tried to look at her face, but her tits and pussy were right there begging for me to look at them. She kissed my cheek and said, "You don't need to look at my face. I know you are distracted by this woman's body you are looking at Peter. Perfectly understandable.

The time for you to earn some money to help buy your car starts now. Loosen up that tongue and tell us about your heartthrob who doesn't even know you exist.

I hesitated a bit. I knew I was going to get to fuck this woman. Getting some money to help me get my car was something I really wanted.

I started. "When I was in the fifth grade she moved to town and to my school. She was so pretty and right away she was very popular. She talked to me a few times, but I was kind of shy. Anyway, as we got older and went into Middle School she just got prettier and prettier." I hesitated a bit, but remembered what Marcia wanted to know. "Her name is Alicia. Alica's tits started growing when she was in the sixth grade. She had the biggest tits in school." I waited to see if Marcia had any questions...she did. "Did you talk to her in Middle School?" I shook my head no and said, "I guess I was still too shy."

"Okay, so now you are in high school. What does she look like now?" I thought about Alica and after almost a minute said, "She has long brown hair, kind of like yours. Her eyes are green. She is a few inches shorter than I am and almost a foot shorter than her boyfriend. He is a tackle on the football team and he might become All-State, he's that good. Her tits are not the largest in the class, but they are very very nice.

When I jack off I imagine her just appearing at my bedroom window and climbing inside my room. She is naked and she says she has wanted me from the day she met me back in the fifth grade. Her tits have reddish nipples and they feel really really nice and soft. She has brown hair around her...well...around her cunt. I lie on my bed with a towel under me and behind my head, because when I jack off my cum shoots such a long way. It's hard to clean it off the wall." Arnold and Marcia chuckled at that.

"Alicia kisses me and lets me suck on her nipples. She likes to play with my cock and my hand becomes hers when I am jacking on it. She asks me if I wanted to fuck her because she really wants to fuck me. She always fucks me by lowering herself onto my cock. That's because I almost always lie on my back when I jack off. Her pussy is really wet and feels really good when my cock goes up into her."

"That is really sweet Peter. You are a virgin...correct?" I nodded my head and said, "yeah." "You have made me even more excited than I thought I could ever be. Peter, would you like to fuck me?" I looked at her sharply and asked, "You mean here? Now?" She smiled and said, "No, not here on this expensive couch. We might get it a little bit messy, I expect to get a bit wild tonight. Arnold and I are inviting you back into our bedroom. Arnold is already in there." I hadn't noticed him moving out of the living room.

"Let's go into the bedroom Peter." She stood up and offered her hand to me. I took it and walked next to her down the hall. When I got into the bedroom I saw that Arnold was naked and hard. I squeezed her hand and asked quietly, "It's just YOU...right?" She kissed my cheek and said, "Just me. Sometimes I like to suck Arnold's cock while I'm being fucked by a protege." I squinted at the word protege. "That just means the person who is fucking me, special ones get to be a protege. That means a person who will satisfy me and let me help him with his other wishes, the ones that don't include fucking me."

She got onto the bed. Arnold sat next to her. She her head back on his thigh and stroked his cock. "Take off your clothes now Peter." I sat on a stuffed chair some distance from the bed. I pulled off my shoes and socks. I unbuttoned my white shirt, the one I wore to work under the busboy vest. I lay it neatly on the back of the chair. When I started undoing my pants I realized I was going to fuck this beautiful woman. I looked at her while I stood up to pull my pants to the floor. I pulled off my shorts and stood there naked and hard for them to see.

Arnold said he would take my place on the chair. I walked past the naked man and moved to the bed where the naked woman was sitting back, her arms holding her up.

"Lie on your back Peter. I want to suck your beautiful virgin cock." I did as she asked and was shaking when she moved her hand to my groin right above where my cock was standing up and throbbing. She circled the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger. I saw her lick her lips and wink at Arnold. The two of them stared at each other while her lips slid down from tip to balls. As she pulled up her lips made this sucking sound and her tongue bathed my shaft.

I was in heaven! She did that to my cock two more times and then pulled away and kissed me on the lips. I saw traces of her lipstick on my cock and figured I had some on my face. Marcia kept kissing me, but behind her head I saw her move her ass so it was poised just above my cock. It was like her cunt able to find the heat-seeking missile that I had between my legs. I felt her wet warm inner flesh slide over the tip of my cock. I gasped into her mouth as her cunt slid down my prick. She stopped kissing me and whispered, "Once I have your cock all the way up into my cunt Peter, I want you to roll me over onto my back and fuck me hard and fast until you cum inside of me." I whispered, "Okay," not really knowing how that would work.

I felt her ass right above my balls. I reached around her and grasped her ass, then did something like a sit-up and just as easy as that I had her on her back. Her legs were spread wide apart and I was able to fuck this woman, moving how I wanted to move. I fucked her so hard she later told me she was afraid her cunt would be bruised. It took only a dozen or so hard slams before I came inside her the first time. "That was the greatest fuck by any virgin I have ever had Peter." At my questioning look she whispered, "You're not the first and won't be the last." She looked over at Arnold and asked, "Arnold, how many virgins have we done since we got together?" He walked over to the bed and said, "Counting him, you have done twenty-three. He was still stroking his cock. He put his hand down to where we were still joined together and asked, "So, going to suck this one so he gets hard again? I won't need much time to get my cock off inside of you."

Marcia lifted her cunt from my cock and moved her face to my cock and started sucking the semi-erect soaked shaft into her mouth. While she did that Arnold started fucking her from behind. He was watching her suck me and pounding hard and fast into her. I knew when he came in her by the look on his face and the different look on hers as she sucked me to hard again.

She pulled away from me as Arnold pulled away from her. She put her head on her pillow with her ass raised. "Time for more fucking stud. Your first one after not being a virgin anymore. Doggy style...my favorite...I think you'll love it."

Her cunt had cum sliding out of it. I didn't think about that and shoved my cock into her splooge-filled cunt. I thought she was sloppy wet before. Now the fucking was really wet and sloppy...and exciting. I was holding onto her hips and working hard to get my cum up inside her cunt that no other cock could possibly send its seed deeper. When I came into her she rolled over onto her back and lifted her ass so Arnold could put a pillow under it.

"It's time for your dessert Arnold," Marcia said in a lilting way. Arnold bellied forward on the bed. She caressed his hair as he started lapping at her cunt. He had jizm all over his mouth, lips and chin. He held his mouth open for a bit and I realized Marcia was squeezing her inner muscles because come oozed from her cunt and into his mouth in large globs. When he had a mouthful, he moved forward to her face. She opened her mouth. He opened his. I watched a large tear-drop shaped glob of cum ooze from his mouth down into hers.

He looked at me then and said, "Do you want to be Marcia's protege Peter?" I nodded my head warily. "If you do, then lie on your back. Marcia is going to kiss you. This is where the rubber hits the road. A protege is someone who is willing and ready and eager to do what it is that Marcia wishes.

I thought about that cum in her mouth. Some of it was mine and some was his. I thought about what being a protege would really mean to me. "If I do that...does that mean that I will get help...lots of help when I want to buy my car?"

Arnold said, "Yes Peter. You will never be asked to do anything with me, but it might involve something from me. Of the twenty-three virgins Marcia has had since she and I have been married, only three of them became proteges. They were very happy to have done so. It's all up to you."

I crawled slowly over to where Marcia lay on her back, her lips covered with semen and her mouth full of it. I kissed her on the lips. Marcia slid her tongue into my mouth. She put her arms scooted so our bodies were parallel, put her arms around me and easily rolled me over onto my back. I was nervous now but aware that this was an important moment. She put her fingers to my jaw and made grunting sounds like she was trying to say something. I knew what she was saying. I became a protege that day when I opened my mouth wide and let her empty the semen in hers into mine. "Open your mouth Peter. I want to see how much cum you have in your mouth."

I opened it and she and Arnold looked and smiled. "Want to earn your car? Arnold knows a car dealer who gives him great bargains." I nodded my head. She grinned almost wickedly, that evil grin covered with the semen that didn't get into my mouth.

She sat back then and said, "Swallow!"

I did and it was not the only time. When I finally got my driver's license, the brand new Mustang was out. I had big help from Marcia to help me get a red one. Having that car finally helped me get that date with Alicia. I fucked her in that car, didn't use a condom and we had to get married. Arnold and Marcia helped us get a new car every year and a nice home in a pretty good part of town...once Alicia also became Marcia's protege.

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2 years ago
very good
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2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
Another GREAT story from you, Peter!
Five xxxxx!
2 years ago
As always a very hot story!
2 years ago
The first part of this story was true. The woman saying she needed a "really good fork" was true and hot. I was just too young and shy to respond. I"ll bet they fucked that night thinking about me.