Parent teacher conference at the adult theater 2

All day Thursday I was thinking about the last bell. My cock was hard several times during the day and I had to spend more time at my desk than usual because I didn't want anyone to see my erection. So I just showed social studies videos all day.

Finally it was 3:05. I had told Bonnie to knock three times and I would let her in. It was five minutes after the last bell when I heard the knock. I opened the door. I smiled at Bonnie and told her to come on in. I looked around and no one was out there to see her enter my room. I put my 'Parent Conference= DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door.

Bonnie was sitting on the chair at my desk. "I told my husband and my dad that I would be here with you today. They are under strict promises to tell no one about this." I unzipped my pants at the door and pulled out my stiff cock and walked over to this slut mom. She wrapped her legs around the back of my chair and pulled my ass to her so she could suck my cock. I was so horny I put my hands on her head and wasn't surprised I could fuck her mouth deep down her throat with no problem. She made that 'guk, guk, guk, guk' sound I love to hear from women taking it down the throat.

I finally let her have some air. She said, "I had to fuck both of them to get them to promise not to tell anyone. My cunt is still full of their cum. I hope you don't mind." I laughed and said, "I love that. Why don't we get out of these clothes and let me add to that cache of cum inside you."

Bonnie stood up, walked to a nearby student desk and took off her skirt, blouse and shoes. She was wearing no bra. Her panties were very wet. "Do me on the floor Peter. Woof woof." I smiled as the slut moved to the doggie position. Her knees were pretty far apart and her cunt gaped. Almost immediately cum started oozing from deep inside and moved down to hang on her shaved lips. Some dripped onto the carpet.

"Stuff that hot teacher cock up into this hot slut cunt Peter!" I obliged her immediately. The first hard drive was the beginning of a splat fest. Her cunt was so full of cum my cock was painted white immediately. I had cum all over my balls and all of this was new to me. I loved it. Bonnie had her face on the rug, probably getting rug burned. She was saying "Fuck," each time I bottomed out in her. I felt her fingers from one hand slide into her cunt next to my cock. She massaged the underside of my cock and tried to grab the head each time I pulled back. It was too slippery in there for her to hang onto anything.

I came the first time then, my cock deep up into her as I added my cum to what was already there. After I pulled out she rolled onto her back panting. Her mouth open like that I just had to fuck it again. I put my hands on either side of her hips as my cock went deep down her throat. I watched the semen on my shaft slide off onto her lips as I fucked her mouth.

When I came inside her mouth she gagged for a bit. When I pulled out she sat up, cum leaking from her cunt onto the floor. I was going to have a hell of a time cleaning that up. Right about that time there was a knock on the door. Four sharp raps. I put a finger to my lips to signal her to be quiet. She laughed and said, "I forgot to tell you. The only way Daddy and Bobby would agree to keep this quiet was to come in and join us." This really pissed me off, but I had no choice. "You'll know it's them because there should be two knocks" There were two more. Bonnie got up naked and dripping and opened the door.

I had never met either man, but now I was naked and my cock was semi-hard and covered with cunt juice and semen. The men came in grinning. I wasn't sure about this, but each offered his hand and I shook them. Roger, her father, said, "Looks like we got here too late for the main event. Pretty sure you will join in again pretty soon," he said looking at my arced cock starting to straighten out.

Both men stripped, tossing their clothes on desks. Bobby was hard and Roger had to work on his a little so Bobby fucked Bonnie right in front of the class room near the chalk boards. Soon Roger was kneeling in front of her fucking his daughter's face.

"Man musta shot a huge load in this little slut I married. My cock is covered with white jizz. He pulled his cock out then to show me, then slid it into her ass. Bonnie seemed to love that. She made a scream that fortunately was muffled by the hard cock in her mouth that her daddy was pumping into her.

Roger pulled out of her mouth and jacked a thick load onto her face. He stood up and held a hand down toward her face as if offering his daughter to me. I must admit that was something I wanted to do. The slut opened her mouth and I started fucking her face. The cum on her cheeks and eyebrows made me want to paint her face myself. Bobby was coming in her ass about this time. He pulled out and sat naked on the floor across from where Roger sat. They watched me fuck the slut's face. "Whore loves this shit," chuckled Roger. Bobby piped in and said, "Her record is five guys shooting on her face, but you should have been there when the Stud Club filled her cunt with jizz. Twenty six guys who hadn't fucked for over a week pumping her full of cum. You'll have to join us sometime."

That was all I needed. I pulled out of her mouth. She had her elbows on the floor now, grinning and supporting her chin so I would have a nice target. "Shoot it all over my face stud. Just keep it out of my hair. I have to go buy some groceries when we are done here." The two men watching just started laughing at that. "Keep it out of of her eyes...she's drivin'." I wasn't sure just who said that. I pumped my cock fast and hard. I shot a rope that went from her nose to the part in her hair. It did miss her eyes. The second shot I did from her right side and it went all over that cheek and onto her nose. The final shot was aimed just under her nose. That left her with a cream mustache. Part of that slid down to her chin and onto the floor.

By this time it was dark outside. Roger said he was hungry. Bobby said he could use a coupla burgers. We all dressed and left the room, going over to their large SUV. I rode with them, hubby and daddy in the back seat, Bonnie driving and me riding shotgun. Bonnie's face was covered with jizz. She hadn't cleaned even a drop from it. What wasn't on her face was dripping onto her neck and the bodice of her dress.

We drove to a hamburger fast food joint. She ordered the food from the speaker where they kept the large menu and we all laughed as she drove to the payment window. The clerk said, "that will be...HOLY..." His mouth wide open staring at Bonnie.

She leaned toward the window so he could get a very good look. "How much did you say it was sweetie?" He closed and opened his mouth several times then said, "uh twenty-two, fifty-six." She handed him a twenty and a five. There was some semen on her left arm. She made sure he saw it. He counted out the change and then said, "Thank you ma'am. Really! Thank you!" She grinned, showing her teeth from between her cum-laden lips. "Thank you sweetie. Hope you...uh...enjoyed the show."

We pulled forward then and the first guy must have told the other workers they had to see the customer that was pulling up now. Some sweet little high school girl had two white bags and was ready to hand them out when her mouth gaped open. She dropped one of the bags onto the pavement outside. "Oh...uh...sorry! sorry!" Bonnie grinned that cummy smile and said, "Not to worry sweetie. I"ll just get out and get it." She was able to open the door enough to get out of the car. When she bent down to pick up the back, she stayed down long enough for the large group of young workers to see her huge tits swaying. She stood up, leaned against the window sill, her face totally illuminated by the interior lights and said, "Fucking makes a lady hungry. Don't you agree honey?"

The girl nodded her head yes, then no when the other workers all went "wooo!"

Bonnie got back in the car and handed each of us our hamburgers and drinks before pulling away. The girl inside asked if it was all right to take a picture with her cell phone. I hid my face while she took about a dozen pictures of Bonnie. Mostly her face, but Bonnie took the cell phone and took shots down the top of her dress, then under the skirt she was wearing. Her cunt had almost as much cum on it as her face.

She handed the cell back to the girl's trembling hand. "Thank you sweetie. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did." The girl gasped out a sweet, "Thank you Ma'am."

We drove then to a supermarket that had carpet shampooers for rent. I went in and rented one and Bonnie drove back to the school so I could clean the carpet. Bonnie smiled sweetly at me and said, "I sure did enjoy our 'conference' today Peter. Maybe we can arrange another one sometime."

The classroom carpet hadn't looked that good since the summer was just over and all the rooms were shiny.

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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
man your stories are soooo horny I cant stop reading them, would be great to be a friend on hamster
1 year ago
Actually, the only true part of this story was seeing the woman on the rotating stage. She was the wife of someone I worked with. I didn't work at a school. Just a story...but pretty hot.
1 year ago
Just keeps getting bettter did bonnie ever see the the girl with the phone again
1 year ago
so being a teacher does have its benefits... :-)

thanks for another great one, Peter!
1 year ago
I can't write the same story every time. Looks like this one was a bit wild for most.