Dee and Frank "Just This Once"

Back in the day my wife and I moved out to the country during the hippy back to the land movement. We built a house and raised our k**s. We had a large pond on our land and several of our neighbors were also hippies. We would have skinny dipping parties several times a year at our place. It was all good clean fun. Nice to look at other cunts and tits, but my wife and I were very committed and we never fucked around. The other couples weren't into fucking around either.

One of the neighbors though was a bachelor potter named Frank. When it was the weekend we were always naked in the house. There was a knock on the door and there was Frank. He had seen us naked before so I thought nothing of it. We welcomed him into the house and he was instantly grinning, especially when looking at my wife. We did small talk for about five minutes then Frank turned to me and said, "Oh man Peter. I would sure love to fuck Dee." I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. She didn't say anything and just looked over at me.

I knew she had a fantasy about Frank because she had told me about it several times while we were fucking. I was semi pissed off, but when I saw the slight grin on her face I said, " heard what Frank asked me. If you want to fuck him it's up to you." She walked over to me. Her nipples were very hard and she looked nervous. She whispered, "I would never do this Peter. It's just a fantasy." Her eyes darted to over where Frank was watching the negotiation.

I asked her one question. "Is your cunt wet?" She turned red and nodded her head. That led to the next question. "Are you thinking about what it would be like to have his cock in your cunt?" She nodded her head again and whispered,"But I would never do it if you didn't want me to."

I beckoned Frank over to us. When he was there I said, "Well Frank, it seems there is a dilemma here." Frank grinned while staring at Dee's nipples. "What's the problem Peter?"

I looked at Dee and she was staring at me, her face red and her breathing rapid. "Dee's cunt is dripping wet." I put my hand to her cunt and slid two fingers inside. I brought my fingers up into the light so we could all see the evidence. Frank chuckled and said, "Looks like Dee needs to get fucked." He looked at Dee and said,"I have had fantasies about fucking you so many times. I would be so grateful if you would let me fuck you." He moved his hand to her left tit, cupped it then squeezed it. "What is the dilemma Peter?" I laughed and said," The dilemma is Dee has fantasized about you many times while we were fucking. She's afraid of hurting my feelings. The way I feel right now though is dilemma over. Delight gets her fantasy fuck."

Dee's eyes were closed. She moved her hand over to where she knew my erection was standing and said, "I...I...if we do this then we are all three of us doing this." Frank looked at her hand on my cock and he said, "I think I have what you need too Peter." That threw me for a loop and I said, "Oh yeah...and what do I need Frank?"

Dee's eyes were wide open now looking at both of us. Frank went on, "Ever have your cock sucked my another man? I would love to suck your cock and have you cum down my throat Peter." I laughed and said, "Well that doesn't interest me at all but I think we can double up on Dee and have some real fun.

Dee's mouth was wide open now as she realized this was about to happen. I smiled at her and said, "Better take off those clothes Frank. Mama needs some strange cock. This is a one time thing is that understood?"

Frank stuck out his hand and I shook it. Dee said, "Yes. Just this once."

We walked back to the bedroom. I had Dee get up onto the waterbed. She watched as Frank took off his clothes. We had both seen him naked many times while we were skinny dipping in the pond. We had never seen his cock ready for action. I am about six inches hard. His cock was a good eight inches and a bit thicker than mine.

I got out my Polaroid camera and loaded it with film. Dee was on the bed staring at Frank. He walked over to the bed and asked "Hey Peter. Is it okay if I kiss your wife?" I just waved my hands and nodded my head. The first pic was of Frank standing on the floor and Dee on her hands and knees kissing him as he had a hand on one of her tits.

The next pic was as Frank was on the bed on his back. Dee had her hand on his cock and her eyes on me as her lips polished his knob. I took picks as her mouth moved down his shaft, each time her eyes were on me. I walked to the other side of the bed. Frank had her hairy cunt lips spread wide apart. The next pic was from the side as his tongue moved over her red insides. "Oh fuck Peter. Dee's cunt is gushing wet!"

I went to Dee's face and kissed her while she held his cock away from her mouth. She was more passionate than she had been in a long time. When she pulled away she whispered, "Thank you for this baby."

"Okay Frank, you're in charge. Dee will do what you tell her to do." He nodded his head and said, "Reach behind your ass slut and spread your cunt lips." Dee's head was on the bed. She reached behind her and did as he demanded. I got a pic as the large bulbous head of Frank's cock pierced Dee's juicy hole. As he eased into her, he stuck his thumb next to his shaft getting it wet. He pulled his thumb out and slipped it into Dee's asshole. I knew she didn't like anal, but she didn't complain as his full thick eight inches eased forward into her cunt.

When he was fully inside her she gasped, "Oh...Oh...Oh holy fuck!" I stood on her side of the bed and kissed her while Frank fucked her. "Do you like that hard strange cock in your cunt baby?" She moaned out, "mmm hmmm". Her hands were on the wooden frame of the water bed so she could push back as he slammed into her. The sound and smell of fucking filled the air. Dee's mouth was open so I pushed my prick into her mouth. She rarely let me deep throat her, but this was one time when she was really really into it. She was in full slut mode.

"Dee honey, you are a great fuck. Your cunt is so fucking wet. My cock is so slippery I bet I could put it into your ass and you would love it." Dee's mouth was occupied with my cock. She could have but didn't pull away to say 'no'. Frank pulled his prick from her cunt and started tonguing her asshole. When he pushed the head of his cock inside Dee's eyes got very wide and her teeth clamped down on my prick.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth just as Frank bottomed out in her ass. "Hey Frank, stop moving in her ass. I am going to try to slide underneath Dee and put my cock into her cunt. Frank laughed and said, "You just took the words out of my mouth. I lay on the bed next to Dee.Her face was giving me an "I can't believe this is happening" look. Frank lifted her right leg while keeping his cock planted in her ass. I slid in and under her. Frank spread Dee's cunt lips for me, his fingers touching my shaft as I slid into her. Once I was fully in Frank let's Dee's leg go. She was on her elbows now staring down at me in a haze. I held her hips, my hands right next to Frank's hands where they also held her hips. We thrust into her in alternate strokes. I could feel his cock through the thin barrier between ass and cunt.

We went on for quite a while. It was hot feeling Frank's cock with mine. I looked at him and asked, "Think you can put your cock into her cunt along with mine Frank?" He smiled and said, "Never know if we don't try." He pulled out of her ass. Dee and I had stopped fucking. She whispered,"Are you sure honey? I don't know if I could take two in my cunt?" I grinned and said, "I have watched you squeeze babies out of that cunt. Surely you can take two cocks."

She laughed nervously. Frank pressed the head of his prick right on top of my shaft. He lifted her cunt lips at the top while he pushed into her. I felt his submarine move into port right next to mine then extending past it. We started see-sawing inside of her cunt while Dee was going absolutely crazy. She had come at least three times when Frank and I had doubled ass and cunt. Two cocks in her cunt drove her fucking crazy. She alternated between screaming and laughing as we doubled her cunt. It truly was amazing feeling her cunt as I moved into her and feeling his cock as he moved over me. Frank started moving faster as I kept up a steady pace. His cock was pistoning into her now and his face was bright red and his eyes were closed. I felt the jets of his semen at the same time Dee did. That caused me to start fucking her fast too. Soon he and I were in a race. Frank kept shooting into her and I felt the hole more slippery than ever and started shooting my cum into her too.

When it was all over we collapsed onto the bed and started laughing our asses off.

Some time later I felt Dee's mouth on my cock. Then I woke up and realized Dee's head was next to mine. I was kind of freaked about this, but my cock wasn't. Dee saw the look on my face and asked, "What's going on baby?" I pointedly looked down behind her. She looked and gasped. She whispered, "Does he suck cock as well as I do?" I closed my eyes and nodded my head.

Frank was really good at sucking cock. Dee turned around so she could watch. She fingered her cunt as she watched him. She moved her head next to his and asked if she could trade off with him. Frank held my prick while Dee went all the way down on my cock. She had to move and I found her ass moved close to my face. I pulled her leg over my face and looked up into her creamy gaping hole. The white cream was all over her lips. I cleaned them off and Dee had an orgasm from that which caused a small flood of semen to gush from deep inside of her. I had my mouth over her open hole and licked and sucked the semen into my mouth. I had my nose pressed against her asshole. I swallowed the first load then sucked hard on her lips. I didn't know now whose mouth was on my cock, but it didn't matter because I was the first person in the whole world to discover cream pie. I realized that wasn't true, but it WAS a discovery. About that time one of the two doing tag team on my cock was sucking it hard and I shot of a load down someone's throat. When that was over some other activity started down there.

I sat up, my mouth with cum still inside it and saw Dee sucking Frank's cock. She was fucking his cock with her mouth actually while stroking it. When she knew I was watching she pulled away from his cock and I saw his shaft was covered with semen. She found more inside her mouth and spit a glob of it onto his shaft. I moved over above his prick and let the semen in my mouth out onto his shaft. Dee gobbled up the semen and kept sucking his cock.

I was hard again so went behind Dee and fucked her cunt until my cock was juicy. Then I fucked her in the ass. I love the tight sphincter squeeze on my shaft. By now Frank had taken over with Dee and holding her head while he fucked her face.

When we were all done there was still light outside. We all ran out to the pond and splashed around to get the funk off of our bodies.
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very good
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Really really hot story!!