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Jehovah's Witness at the Door Reprise

I just re-read this story and it's one of my best, I think. Decided to share it again in case someone hasn't read it yet.

Years ago my wife and I bought some land in the country with plans to build a house. We lived in a tiny eight by twenty-nine foot trailer with her two offspring. I found a job at a local manufacturing plant and was soon doing shift work. When I worked graveyard shift it was a potential problem in the summer when there was no school for her young ones. Maureen would take them into the nearby small town and sometimes to the big city an hour away.

I would strip and lie down on the pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor. I always slept naked. I was completely out when I heard a sharp rap at the door. I looked at my clock and saw it was eleven a.m. I had been asl**p about two hours. I called out, "Yeah! What! Who is it?" A woman's voice outside said, "Jehovah's Witness." I sat there thinking about this, then said, "I was sl**ping. I do shift work."

There was little hesitancy outside the door as the woman queried, "Have you heard the Word?" Grinning now I decided to open the door and see if she was really ready to give me the word. I stood in the doorway and opened the door.
Standing there was Julie from the nearby small town. Her husband worked part time with my wife Maureen in the local hardware store. Julie was standing there with The Watchtower clutched to her breast. Her mouth was open. Her eyes were wide open. She couldn't speak. I saw her look up at my face, then down at my cock. She kept trying to look at my face but my cock was her major focus. By this time I was very very hard. Finally she just stared at my cock throbbing to the beat of my heart.

Finally I said, "You might as well come on in Julie. I can make you some tea if you wish." She looked at the hand I extended to help her step up into the trailer. Finally she put her hand in mine and stepped up inside. She sat in the chair I offered her. She struggled to look up at my face, but couldn't seem to help looking at my prick. I reached down and took the papers she had clutched to her breast. My fingers grazed her breasts as I took them and she made a tiny squeak. I lay the papers on the counter and turned to face her. My body was just three feet away from her.

"Did you have something you wanted to tell me Julie?" Her eyes were glued to my cock and she didn't seem to hear what I had asked for almost a minute. Finally she broke her gaze down low and looked up directly, almost bravely at my face and said, "Yes. Yes I do!"

Her moment of bravery came and went. She was staring at my cock again. Her lips were moving but no sound came out. I leaned against the counter, looked down at her pretty face and said, "I'm ready. Say what it is you wish to say." She whispered "Yes" I moved closer to her. My cock was now about a foot from her face. She was mesmerized. I let her look for several seconds then moved my hand under her chin and tilted her face so she was looking at mine.

"How long has it been Julie?" She jerked and said, "What? What?" She tried to turn her face down to look at my cock but I held her gaze onto my face. "How long has it been Julie? Have you told yourself you don't need this anymore? Did you think that part of life was over for you? Live for the moment Julie. I am here naked in front of you. You can see that I am hard. Is your cunt wet?"

Her face was red and there were tears in her eyes. I carefully pulled my hand from under her chin and her eyes turned back to my cock. I used my thumb to take the pre-cum from the tip of my cock. I held the thumb up so she could see the fluid glisten in the room light. I lightly traced my thumb over her open swollen lips. She didn't resist. I wasn't surprised to see the tip of her tongue move over her lips quickly.

She spoke then. "I...I haven' know..." I looked at her curiously and said, "No Julie. I don't know. What is it you haven't done Julie. Your cunt is really wet isn't it?" She nodded her head. "You are wondering if I would fuck you. If I would fill you up inside. Isn't that right Julie?" She nodded her head again. "Tell me long has it been since you have had a hard cock inside your cunt?" She appeared to think about that then whispered, "Six years." Then she started to cry. I pulled her to her feet and hugged her as she shed tears on my shoulder. I whispered, "If you want me to fuck you Julie, all you have to do is tell me so. If this is too much for you then you are certainly free to leave. Which is it Julie? Stay and get fucked or leave and spread the word to others? Is it stay or is it go?"

She seemed to be in a dilemma. Her forehead knotted in thought. Finally she said, "Go." I nodded and opened the door for her. She had to brush against my body as she stepped down from the trailer. She turned around to look at me and I said, "This is a one-time chance Julie. I don't see this happening ever again. This is the moment. If you change your mind, don't take too long." She nodded and turned to walk to her car. I watched her walk unsteadily, open the door and sit down behind the wheel." I closed the door and waited.

I rearranged the blankets and the pillows for when she got out of the car. I knew she would. Finally I heard footsteps in the gravel. She was standing in front of the door. I waited for her. It was a full five minutes before there was a sharp rap at the door.

I opened the door and Julie stepped into the trailer with no assistance. She put her arms around me. We hugged while she whispered the litany, "It's been so long. This is so wrong. This is so's been so long."

I put my hands on the sides of her head and tilted it so I could kiss her. She went crazy and it was her tongue that first ventured out into my mouth just as I was ready to do the same to her. We frenched for probably five minutes. Julie put her hand on my hard cock. She broke her mouth away from mine and looked down at what she held in her hand. She smiled and looked at me and said, "It HAS been so long. Peter...I need to be fucked."

She allowed me to undo her dress. I unzipped it and it fell to the floor. She was wearing just her chaste church lady bra and matching white panties that were soaked in the crotch. I undid the clasp on her bra and her tiny and beautiful small breasts appeared. She had very hard brown nipples jutting out from her tits. I stripped her panties down her thighs and knelt on the floor to let her pull her feet from them. Her mound was covered in a nice thick curly fur. Her cunt smelled delicious. I put my hands on her hips and pressed my mouth against her slit. She grasped my head and pulled it against her cunt as my tongue entered her. Julie rocked her hips against my face as my tongue tried to go as deep into her as it could in that position.

I looked up at her face as my tongue lapped at her juicy hole. Her mouth was wide open and a drop of saliva fell onto my cheek. I pulled my mouth from her and asked, "How do you want it Julie? On your back? Hands and knees? Me on my back?"

She nodded her head at each option and finally said shakily, "Do you think we might do ALL of know...on my back and hands and knees and on top of you? Could we?"

I laughed and said, "All that and more Julie." I picked her tiny body up and carried her to the pallet of blankets on the floor. I lay her down and knelt between her open legs. It was as my cock was almost to her cunt when she said, "Oh...No...I can't do this." I stopped and gave her a questioning look. "I thought you were ready for this Julie." She nodded her head and said, "Oh I AM ready...but I don't use any...birth control...haven't needed it. I CAN'T get pregnant from this Peter." My hands on either side of her body, I looked down into her pretty face and said, "I had a vasectomy when we first moved out here Julie. We don't need any more mouths to feed. If I fuck you, there will be no seed in my semen."

She giggled and wiggled around on the blanket and said, "Well then! Fuck me. Fuck me hard." She put her hands under her open thighs and lifted them back and up. Her hairy cunt opened and I saw the red and hungry insides of her waiting for some stirring up. I used no hands as my cock head found her juicy center on its own. She hissed with pleasure as my hard meat slid slowly into her. She was kind of tight considering she had three c***dren. I felt her cooze squeeze my shaft as I bottomed out inside of her. I pressed my chest against her chest. Her nipples were hot and hard against my hairy chest. I started a slow rocking in and out of her cunt. She made musical moans as I moved inside of her. She kissed me and said, "I can't believe we are doing this...I can't believe I am doing this. Oh fuck Peter. Your cock feels so good in my....oh fuck."

The first time didn't take long for either of us to come. Julie started first. She moaned and laughed and her cunt muscles were squeezing my cock so hard there was no choice but to shoot my semen into her.

When we were done she was still ready to go. I needed a little help though. "I am kind of soft right now Julie, but if you were to suck my cock, I would be hard very soon." She liked that idea and asked, "Would it be all right if I am on my knees and you stand up. That would be so slutty...don't you think?" I laughed and said, "Oh yeah Julie. Get on your knees slut and suck my cock." As she moved to her knees I stood up. My cock was a rainbow now, covered with cunt juice and my semen. Julie put her hand on the slippery eel and sucked it all the way into her mouth. She held it there as my cock started to grow. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the head move to the back of her throat. She started sliding her head back and forth now in a flurry of excitement, obviously happy to have a prick in her mouth once again after all that time. She was really going to town when I stopped her.

"If you want me to come down your throat Julie...that would be fine with me. If you want me to fuck your slutty cunt doggy style, then now might be a good time to do that." She pulled away from my cock and giggled. "Doggy style please!" She was on her hands and knees, her ass raised up. She looked over her shoulder as I positioned myself behind her. I guided my prick to her cunt. The hair around the slit was matted and plastered against her cunt lips. There was semen peeking from inside. I slid my prick inside her juicy hole. She pressed back against me trying to get it all the way inside. I held her hips though and controlled the movement. The head was deep inside her and I pulled my cock muscles. That made her gasp and then giggle. "Do me Peter. FUCK ME!"

I held her hips hard and pounded her cunt. I lasted longer this time. It was hot seeing the semen coating my shaft as I pulled away and then the splat when I slammed forward into her. I have fucked juicy cunts many times, but this was the juiciest cunt I think I had ever fucked. Julie dropped her head to the pillows and extended a hand to where we joined. Her fingers felt the shaft as the hard and juicy member moved in and out of her. She pressed her clit against the juicy meat and soon was coming on my shaft. She seemed oblivious to anything but where hard meat slammed into juicy meat. She was screaming and fully engaged in orgasm. I was not there yet and my cock was a piston at full speed slamming into her. Finally I felt the ecstasy as my cum moved from balls along shaft and exploded inside of her.

After the storm was over we both fell forward onto the blankets and fell asl**p. I woke up some time later, looked at the clock and shook Julie. "Julie honey. That was great. The wife and little ones will be home in less than an hour. I think it might be time to get you dressed and out of here. We have time for a shower though. She nodded her head and followed me to the shower. We laughed when we saw the semen sliding down her thighs. "You really filled me up Peter."

She dressed. I stood there watching her. We kissed once she was clothed and I opened the door for her. I found out later she had gone on to the rest of the homes on her route that day. She was a dedicated woman.

You should be able to read the original version of this story by scrolling below this. I think the first was better. What do you think?
Posted by peterpierre47 2 years ago
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18 days ago
i am Jehovah's Witness and have had many experiences like this one. it actually happens more often then you would think. my husband is a mail man and between the two of us we get asked in for sex almost everyday.
1 year ago
Absolutely, absolutely great story. Thank you
2 years ago
didn't see the original but this was great!
2 years ago