good fucking

thank god 3 months at sea not had rest or sex havin men around 24/7 can do things to a man,singapore been here few times wid times and some fucked up shit wow,
left for land 3 days leave was gonna make the most of it.
went in couple bars checking things out see what was happening,
found out there was a lady boy competition on thought what the hell always good for a laugh, never thought anything about it, as in men being women,
got in the club it was packed with sailors all with the same idea spose,
any way the guy in charge started to speak to the crowd asking if there was anyone
who wanted to help judge the competition but they only needed 1 person,so to be fair the ones who wanted to judge they gave raffle tickets and were going to pick out 1 person from a hat thought fuck it give it ago about 20 lads had there hands up thinking i had no chance,
next gave the hat a mix pulled out winning ticket no'451 looked round noone said anything i looked down at the ticket jesus i had the winner wow first time won anything before, held my hand up to aload of jeers smiling i went to the table at the front and sat down,there was 2 lady like boys sitting there and two women
they made room in the middle of them for me.
next the contestants came on and paraded round the stage fuck they were stunnin
could not even tell they were men big tits nice ass stunnin costumes bikinis micro bikinis nothin left to the imagination i was starting to get hard just looking, the ladys either side suddenly slide there hands down my legs and started to rub up and down getting higher and higher till they got to my cock which by now was on stalks straining to get out,they unzip my fly pop the old boy out all 8" inches quite impressed as they cupped my balls and rubbed my thick cock not even batting an eye lid i put my hand down there between there legs and rubbed there cocks fuck it was all i could do not to cum there and then
mmmmmmm they wewre quite endowed as well everyones breathing was getting faster and faster thank fuck there was an intervel we were guided to one of the back rooms to keep us together we all went in we had 1/2 hour to wait while the girls /boys got changed well the fun just carried on they both came ovr to me and kissed me started rubbing my body all over they stripped and so did i,the other ladies just sat and watched for now wow fuck me they were horny one was kissing me while one was sucking my cock, then they both started sucking me and licking my balls i had to sit down on the couch by the ladies watchin, they gladly moved up for me still sucking my cock and balls the ladies reached over and caressed my chest and nipples and started taking it in turns to kiss me i had to get there tits out and started sucking on there nipples mmmmm they stopped sucking my cock and got up one stood with there back to me and one stood either side of my legs ass in my face i knew what they wanted,i stuck my tongue in the ass and licked all the way up that crease mmmm fuck this was horny the other one came down straight on my cock in the ass while i was fucking the ass the ladies put there cocks in there mouths and started sucking them hard it was amazing helping the one in my face i started wanking him into the mouth of the women mmm,
the pace was building up now i could feel the cum building in my balls wow
next the guy on my cock got off held the head of the lady and cam hard spurt after spurt then the one i was wanking jumped down and sprayed the other women,
fuck this was hot then they all turned to me started sucking my cock between them, i told them to bend over the couch all of them,
i got up and one by one i fucked there asses good and hard wow,
balls were getting tight the feeling of relief was cumming fast i pulled out
just as i was cummin, fuck it went everywhere all over the place they took it all and sucked me clean mmmmmmm then the guys started pissing in to the mouths of the girls, where that came from i don't know but it was hot they loved it i thought go on then i'll have some of that wow they all turned to see me start spurting everywhere all over the faces,
suddenly there was a knock at the door asking us to go back to the stage what a show only in singapor wow.

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2 years ago
That's a HOT story!!
2 years ago
Thanks had to cum in m panties again
2 years ago
nice story