gang bang

flickin through the porn sites cock in hand slowly wanking back and two nothing really takin my interest,when up pops advert for a bdsm site which was just a couple miles down the road.
clicked on the link up comes a couple explaining what they do and what they were looking for,clicked on the link asked what the couple were thinking of doing, they came back with email saying they were having a party and were looking for a subject too entertain the people coming and asked if i was interested in being the subject of there desire gettin quite hot thinking about what was going to happen i thought fuck it in for a penny. asked for the address and to go and have a quick meet before the event and see what it was all about.
they came to the door not exactly what i was expecting she came to the door leather boots all the way to her hips 5" heels upvc all in one with no gusset peep holes on the nipples holdin a whip wow speechless,she beckoned me in said nothing guided me in to a room sat me down on this chair, told me to be quiet and say nothing or she would punish me.
fuck i thought what the hell was going on party wasn't till that night,she got some silk scarfs and tide my hands behind my back put blind fold on and gag in my mouth.
next i hear some voices and people coming into the room i'm thinking i could break this scarf any time but thought lets see where this goes curious about it all.
next some one starts to unbutton my shirt then one is undoing my pants and pulling my cloths off,feeling quite vulnerable naked breathin starts to quicken
i feel one pair hands then two then three caressing me all over pinching my nipples licking them stroking my balls and cock gettin hard and horny,
someone kisses me then i feel the sensation of someone taking my cock in there mouth slipping it to there throat,mmmm hot getting in to the groove abit moanin
next someone feeding me a tit to suck bib pair too mmmm,while they were sucking me off they had my balls in there hand squeezin hard fuck it was getting hot,
next thye stood me up and lay me down on what felt like a table but then they put my legs in like braces and buckled my legs in then my arms were tied aswell
thought just go with it,next they start to suck my cock again pulling on my balls next i feel some one by the side of me they turn my head i feel them trying to push a fucking cock into my mouth i try to fight it but the sensation,
of them sucking my cock was too much to take never tryed it so fuck it took that thing right in sucking slowly then sucking harder mmmmmm thinking this is what i would like,mmmm could feel the cum building in the balls mmmm the cock in my mouth forcing it down my throat could sense he was going to cum tryed to pull away but then he grabs my head and spurt after spurt down my throat gagging at first but relaxed it was nice taste too.
my orgasm was building too next another cock is put in my mouth wow must have been 10" long and thick, mmmmmmmmm my balls are gettin tight and rady to blow,
they stop sucking i can't take any more why they stopped then feel them licking down to my ass probing my ass then i feel the fingers pushing into my ass mmm
the cock in my mouth is gettin close to popping too start gettin faster and faster then bam he cummin buckets is down my throat on my face down my body.
fuck can,t take much more the fingers up my ass get faster then someone starts too lick my body and face clean wow then someone starts too suck my cock again,
mmmm thats it ahhhhhhhhh i start too cum fuck it hurts it's that intense mmmmm
spurt after spurt they take it all down there throat then the fingers are taken from my ass and pushed into my mouth to suck clean mmm what a day thye release me i get dressed noone is in the room but the women standing there nothing said she guides me out the door nothin slams the door,
what a fucking party i walk to my car in a daze ...............

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