A story written for my wife

A little about my self my names rebecca i live alone im 27 and about my body im a curvy girl that men and women love some say plump i say the right size for passion It was a hot sunny day and was laid in the garden reading some stories on literotic on my laptop. Working on my tan I was only wearing a tight black two piece bathing suit that clinged to my curves and accentuated my large bust. I was drinking a bottle of wine with ice because it was so hot the stories and the wine got to me and i could feel my crotch getting wet and my nipples becoming erect. I wished my boyfriend hadnt left to go abroad for the summer so we could have laid by the pool all day and seen what fun we could have i put the laptop down and turned onto my front to get some sun on my back and slipped the straps down of my shoulders the heat from the sun burned down and i slowly fell asl**p. I was awoken by some moans from across the garden fence I got up and peered through a gap in the fence and what i saw took my breath away. My new nieghbour was laid on her sun lounger with her legs hanging over the sides. She was about 5 foot three with blonde hair and a really curvy body her bikini top was pulled down and her small pert nipples were very erect I gazed through the gap in the fence as she played with herself now this was better than the stories I had been reading I looked harder and could see her thrusting her fingers in and out of her slot my legs began to tremble as i looked at her and wished it was my fingers she had inside her. She turned over and knelt down exposing her bikini bottom to me, her arse looked gorgeous encased in her skin tight lilac shorts she then grabbed the sunscrren bottle and thrust it into her hole. Moaning loudly she just kept thrusting harder not caring about the noise she was making. Pulling my shorts down i let my fingers feel the wetness of my hair then sweep lower and sliding two fingers over my clit and into my hole I stifled my groan and thrust hard into my hole it was amazing i was so turned on ripping my bikini top down i roughly grabbed my boob and squeezed it hard making the nipple stand out more than it was i wanted to come at the same time as her thrusting with the same rythem i could feel the pressure building as i watched the show she was giving me. I wanted her body i wanted to make her come but at this moment i needed to come and with that thought still in my mind my neighbour started to shout ''harder harder you bitch make me cum'' '' rebecca make me cum i need to cum'' & nbsp; She was pushing herself over the edge and i was following her moves and we came together in two loud screams i stood there panting my juices running down my legs I pulled my fingers from myself and rubbed the wetness over my boobs then slipped them into my mouth. Looking back through the fence she was gone wondering if she had heard me or seen me watching her please herself i gathered my things and walked into the house the memories still in my mind i laid on the bed and brought out my toy collection and eased off my swimsuit and i knelt on all fours and thrust the eight inch life like plastic cock straight into my shoaking hole on one deep thrust bottoming out in my hole i pulled it out quickly and thrust it back in wanting to come over that plastic cock. the need of my body and the thoughts in my head i came quickly pulsating round the thick shaft
When I could stand I thought no man had given me pleasure like that i changed the sheets on my bed and went for a shower soaping my body and shaving legs I stepped out the shower and went to get dressed drying the body I looked at myself in the mirror admiring my curvesIi chose my out fit for tonight black stockings purple satin thong which fit me so tightly and and the matching bra i slipped a light summer dress over the top and looked in the mirror and was stunned at how sexy I looked.
Going to the fridge and grabbing two bottles of wine from the fridge and walked to my nieghbours front door and knocked lightly. The door was opened by helen she was dressed in a white short skirt and a halter neck top ''welcome to the neighbourhood'' i said she looked at me and said come in a look of lust in her eyes. We sat in the kitchen enjoying the wine she kept glancing at my cleavage and moving about in her seat. asking for a guided tour we picked up our wine glasses and moved to the stairs i asked where her husband was and she said''out but will be home soon'' winking at me my body tingled.
We toured the upstairs and ended up in her room we sat on the bed and looked into each others eyes we kissed pure electricity shot through us both. Helen pulled open my dress, buttons ripping and she pushed me back and buried her head in my crotch i was wet and she licked my pussy through the the black satin i reached up pushed her onto the bed and pulled the white panties to one side she was bald and i licked my lips and stook a finger into her hole making her squirm we kissed each other our hand touching whatever was there. We were such a contrast we looked like opposites she moved me into a sixty nine and held her slot above my mouth i could feel her ragged breath on my bare thighs.We licked and stook our fingers into each other in perfect rythem
The bedroom door slowly opened and pete stood watching the show and couldnt believe helen had the sexy neighbour in bed already.He took his cock out and walked to the bed the first i new was when the hot wet tongue of helen was replaced by a hot and throbbing cock head. It slipped into me an inch at a time till all nine inches were buried inside and our pubic hair was crushed together I came just from the sensation of being filled so much the hard cock was pulled from hole and then thrust back to the hilt my tongue still buried in helens slot her pussy leaked a stream of honey that i just kept licking, being filled by this cock was blowing my mind i came again and again he was a stallion helen lifted off me and i saw it was my boyfriends b*****r fucking me so hard
Begging for him to fuck me fuck me like i knew he wanted he pulled me onto his cock and turned me over so i was riding him i looked at his hard body muscles straining his eyes staring at my body his fingers found my clit and my nipple and rubbed them both in circles i wanted to come this was all i had dreamed off and told them i was but pete erupted deep inside me and that set me off we stared at each other as we both had the longest orgasms of our lives
callapsing on pete and held him close our hearts beating in perfect rythem he turned and kissed my lips ''i love you ''

We laid there catching our breath helen walked in and said her husband would be home soon I looked at pete he kissed my lips and said i was all he dreamed about when his friends moved in he set this up so he could finally be with me, with that we got dressed and walked home and ended up in the shower loving each others bodies all night long
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