First time anal

In my last story I told of the young guy I met while walking my dog, the following week I kept an eye out for him in the hope we could repeat our fun, but to no avail. I'd given up thinking it was a one off however on the Thursday the week after I once again spotted him this time a little deeper off the track. I wasted no time heading towards him from twenty meters away I could see that beautifull rock hard cock, this time I tied my dog to a low tree branch. Unlike last time he had a travel rug spread out on the ground, I hoped that was because he was looking forward to us getting together and not he was waiting for someone else. Luckily as soon as I reached him he laid down and encouraged me to do the same, it wasn't long before we were both naked and sucking each others cock. How I love the feel of a cock in my mouth that soft velvety, yet hardness filling my mouth and pushing against my throat, I get hard just thinking about it. I was thinking the only thing that could improve the experience wass not to have sticks and stones under the blanket digging in to me, but you can't have everything in the outdoors. I was really getting off on his cock when he pulled away, okay I thought he wants to take his time, when he reached into his pack and took out a tube of lube.
I thought he wanted me to fuck him, I had done it before more than a couple of times with girls and guys so i certainley didn't have a problem with it. However he asked if he could fuck me, now I had never tried it except for a couple of small vibrators, the only body parts had been fingers and they had been fairly thin ones. He asked me if I would consider it, I looked at that beautifull cock standing there and before I knew it I agreed. I did say that he had to take it easy and if I said stop, that was it, then I got on my hands and knees in front of him and waited.
First he squeezed some lube on to a finger and spreading my cheeck he slipped hi finger in to my hole gently working the lube in so that there was no friction, deeper and deeper he worked it until it was fully in before removing that finger re-lubeing and this time sliding two fingers in. I was getting a warm feeling inside and my cock was now rock hard then the fingers were removed, this time something bigger was pushing against my sphincter and for a while my sphincter fought against it, then a bit more pressure and the head of his cock was through. I have to say there was a bit of pain but nothing I couldn't handle, slowly the cock filled me a not un pleasurable feeling. I was happy it wasn't some guy with a thick long cock with a huge head that was fucking me I don't think I would have got any pleasure out of that, but this cock I was certainly able to take. Once up to the hilt he stopped for a minute or so his hand reaching round me to grasp my rock hard cock and slowly stroke me, god what a feeling a cock deep inside me while being wanked, a thought passed through my mind that all I needed now was a cock in my mouth.
Once I was used to him he slowly drew out till just his knob was in me then slid back in, though to be truthfull I was pushing back. For five minutes we worked in harmony together as he slowly fucked me, he continued to slowly stroke my cock and I could see pre cum dripping from my slit onto the rug beneath me, my prostrate being stimulated by his cock was making my juices flow. Then I was concious of him speeding up his cock driving harder and deeper into me I reached back with one hand to his balls and began gently massaging them, I felt them tighten as he suddeley pushed as deep as he could making me grunt. I knew then that his cock was pumping his cum deep into me, my own cock was also pumping cum all over his hand, it was then I thought about condoms, a bit late. As he softened inside me he slowly pulled out a full condom hanging from the end. We chatted as we got dressed he said it was his first anal and how much he enjoyed it I said I was surprised how much I enjoyed him fucking me, not as painfull as I thought it was going to be. After dressing we seperated hopefully to meet again some time before going our seperate way all be it me walking a little strangely, or it felt that way.
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8 months ago
Once you've had enjoyable anal, as you described, you are hooked. Since I had my first male experience, I've had more males than women and you know what, I've loved it all. :)
1 year ago