Wife and her lover Part 1

Anne worked for a transport company in the North of Adelaide for a number of years and had been close friends with one of her male colleagues before realizing he had a crush on her, her first hint was a very suggestive valentine's card he received from him. Anne brought the card home for me to look at and I suggested that she might want to do something about it as she had a bit of a thing for him as well. I have to mention now we were swingers and had threesomes in the past so it wouldn't bother me too much. Anyway the day after the card arrived Anne suggested to the guy that perhaps they go somewhere for lunch where they could discuss their options, settling on a nearby pub. By the time lunch was over they had decided that they would have an affair and would consummate it as soon as possible, on returning to work Anne phoned me to see if it would be okay if she and her colleague got together at a mote that evening, my cock thickened in my trousers as I gave her the okay provided of course that she would tell me all about it when she got home. I got a phone call at 5:30pm to let me know she was just arriving at the motel she also told me she wasn't wearing any panties at the time, my cock got hard at the thought of what was going to happen soon.
Anne arrived home at 11:45 that night looking like she had been well and truly fucked, over coffee she told me Mick had quickly undressed her before leading her to the bed he proceeded to kiss her all over before concentrating on her breasts with his mouth and slowly working on her clitoris with his fingers bringing her to orgasm multiple times before slowly penetrating her for the first time. It seems that Mick had fallen for her when she first started at the company and had been dreaming about fucking her since then, that night they made love three times before leaving for their respective spouses. A week later they were in the same motel this time Anne took the lead after slowly undressing Mick and herself she slowly sucked him off swallowing his cum, when he recovered she mounted him and rode his cock until he shot his load deep inside her again I got the story when she got home while my cock was bathed in whatever of his cum remained there.
Apart from their motel trysts they also fucked in their lunch hours in an isolated section of a nearby car park, this was where I intended to watch them the next time they met. Anne told me Mick had suggested they meet in the car park the following day and told me roughly where they'd be at, not that it would be too hard to find as Anne's car was a distinctive red Peugeot. That lunch hour I was ready in the car park as soon as they drove in I got myself into a position so I could see into Mick's car something made easier by him positioning the car close into a bank with bushes on two sides. Minutes after Anne got into his car I watched as she went down on his cock her head bobbing up and down rapidly before she stopped and allowed him to undo her blouse and bra giving him access to her nipples that he started sucking on in earnest she had already removed her tights it seemed as I could see his hand working under her dress I watched as she orgasmed a few moments rest and I watched as he knelt on the floor in front of her and slid his cock into her cunt fucking her hard until he shot his load then a quick tidy up of their clothes and Anne was back in her car and Mick was back in the drivers seat a quick beep of their horns and they were gone, back to work but a delay between them so no one at work would suspect their tryst. For my part I wondered back to my car with a smug look on my face happy with the events of the day.
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