The ConVentioN part

2. Arrival
Pulling against the chains that secured her arms over her head, Sasha whimpered in frustraition
yet again. Her bonds hardly rattled at all as she shook and twisted her body to try and get free.
All she succeeded in doing though was making her heavy tits jiggle and bounce painfully. Alone
and naked save for the few cow patterned garments her mistress had allowed her, Sasha cried
softly in the darkened room. Her breasts were swollen with milk, now each one was larger than
her head! Pink bands had been tied to the base of her nipples, preventing any of her milk from
leaking out. Another band was tied around her cock and balls, not letting her cum no matter
how aroused she became!
For a week she'd been like this! Bound and unable to touch herself, meanwhile other cows
were milked and fucked while she could only watch! Nurse Jaime had particularly enjoyed
making Sasha suck the cock of another cow woman while she herself was denied any
stimulation at all! Her balls felt heavy with backlogged cum, and her breasts needing milking so
much that she felt what little sanity she had slipping away a little more each day. Now she was
locked in this strange room, with only its tiled floor, three cots, and shower heads to one side to
keep her company. Three other cows had been shipped along with her, but Sasha hadn't seen
either of them since they were loaded into their shipping crates. Panting softly, Sasha tried
pulling at her chains again to no avail.
"Ahhh, I wanna cuuum!!!!" she yelled.
"Hello?" said a small voice.
Sasha turned her brown eyes towards the door that led out of the room to see a young girl of
about twelve or thirteen, wearing a blue pleated skirt, white stockings with two inch blue heels,
and a matching sweater tee that left her slender midriff bare. She had blue eyes and yellow
blonde hair that was tied up into a pair of short pigtails. She wore pink lipstick that made her
pouty lips stand out. Sasha felt her cock twitching with the desire to feel that small mouth
wrapped around it and she instantly felt ashamed of herself. More so when she thought of
asking this girl to help her.
"What's your name?" she asked after fighting with her conscience for a few moments.
"Peach," the girl said with a sweet and innocent smile. "You're really pretty," Peach said and
walked over to her, looking Sashas naked body up and down. Her eyes stopped at her twitching
erection and the purple haired dickgirl felt her cheeks flush with shame and humiliation at
having such a young girl see her slutty body like this. "Why are you in here, and what's that?"
Peach asked and pointed to her dick, her expression confused.
"Thank you peach, I'm Sasha," she said after another couple moments. "I'm a patient of one of
the doctors here, uuhnnnn!!!" she said then whimpered as she felt her cock throbbing against
the ring secured around its base. The young girl looked up at her concerned. Oh! Those puppy
eyes! Sasha whimpered as Peach asked her what was wrong. "Please," she asked, "Please,
touch my cock," she pleaded, unable to keep her voice from cracking in shame.
"Cock?" the little girl echoed, confused as though she'd never heard the term.
"That, between my legs..." Sasha explained, willfully twitching her dick for the girl.
"Oh, okaaay.." Peach said still sounding confused, but still wanting to be helpful. Sasha
watched as much as her big tits would allow as the girl knelt down and lightly touched her small
fingers to her throbbing cock. Sasha gasped at her touch, so much sensation from just a little
tough! She moaned and felt Peach pull her hand away.
"No don't!" Sasha gasped, "Please... could... could you wrap your hand around it please?"
Peach complied and Sasha cooed. The girls hand could barely grip her thick rod, but it felt oh
so soft. "Yeessss, like that..." Sasha said, "Now, move your hand up and down slowly." she
said. Again, the little girl did as asked and Sasha had to stop herself from moaning. She didn't
want to frighten the girl away, not when she was so close now.
"It's so big," the girl said, "And it smells funny, are you sure you're okay Miss Sasha?" she
asked as her other hand moved to trace the ridges and bumps of her cock with its fingertips
while the first one continued stroking. Sasha could only let out a soft moan, she was so close
now. Once, she just needed to cum once! The rest of the pain would be bearable is she could
just cum once! Then there wouldn't be any need to corrupt this innocent little girl anymore!
"Don't stop...!" Sasha breathed as she felt the girls hand stroking her more steadily now, less
frightened and more confident. "Yes.. yes yes...!" she moaned as she felt her cock ready to
burst. Her closed eyes didn't see Peach leaning in close to take the womans dick between his
Just then the door burst open and Dominiques tall physique filled its frame. Her deep blue eyes
smoldered with anger as she stormed across the room and grabbed the back of Peach's shirt,
lifting the blonde with ease and glaring daggers at Sasha before smacking her with her free
hand, "Stupid cow! How dare you try and ruin our opening ceremonies!?" She then turned and
half carried, half dragged Peach out of the room as Sasha began bucking against her chains,
her balls aching painfully from the near climax as her cock ungratifyingly spasmed.
"WaaahhhhhH!!!" Sasha wailed in despair.
In the Bar/Restaurant of the hotel where they were staying, Ami Mizuno and Haruka Ten'ou sat
together at one of the larger tables. A handful of people milled about and idle conversation filled
the air. Nearly everyone was here for the convention from what little Haruka could pick out of
the conversations. English was only a third language for her, and she could only speak enough
to get by, Russian and French were her second languages after Japanese. Michiru spoke
English fluently, but she hadn't come along on the trip, and anyway, as a cow, she could be
seen out here among normal people.
Not that the blonde would mind it, in fact, right then Haruka was fantasizing about having
Michiru at her side, her cowbell collar ringing loudly as she fucked her tight little pussy while
everyone watched and paid to sample fresh milk her her fat udders. She felt her cock stirring inside her black slacks, making a long thick lump down one of her thighs as she thought of how
good it would feel to thrust into Michiru, making her moo and moan while her big cock stretched
her flat belly. So many people would be staring at her slutty perverted body, jeering and
degrading her like an a****l whore! Michiru would love it!
"Ah, Jaime-san!" Ami suddenly called out and waved to the blonde Horsegirl from Russia. Her
little fantasy broken, Haruka looked up and nodded to Jaime as she came over and gave Ami a
big hug. Jaime was nearly a foot taller than Ami, making the blue haired woman look like a
young girl next to her. Haruka herself was only about six inches shorter than their acquaintance,
but the two of them were similar in body build that they equally respected one another.
"Glad that you two could make it," Jaime said in Japanese, her accent was thick, but Haruka
understood her just fine.
"We wouldn't miss this for the world." Haruka replied and took another sip from her mug of beer.
"Thanks again for inviting us." Ami added.
"Don't thank me, thank my cousin," Jaime said, "She's wanted to meet the both of you in person
for some time now. She also wanted to thank you for your little gift last year."
"Oh," Haruka said, raising an eyebrow, "How is he?"
"Doing just fine," said Dominique from behind Haruka, "I was fucking his perfect little ass the
entire trip here."
To Haruka's fortune, nothing startled her anymore and she simply turned to smile up at the dark
skinned woman while she moved to take the remaining empty seat. She was dressed in an
elegant white cocktail dress that barely covered her nipples and was slitted up the left side to
show off her well toned thighs. A pair of pearl earrings studded her slightly pointed ears as she
called a waitress over and ordered a glass of red wine.
"Nice to finally meet you in person," Ami said with a smile before finishing off her White Russian
and ordering another large vodka and kahlua. When it came with Dominiques wine, Ami poured
her own 'Moon Milk Cream' into it and stirred the drink slowly while Jaime continued.
"So, who all did you bring with you?" the horsegirl asked.
"Setsuna, Hotaru, and Clementine." Ami answered. Jaime made an approving sound while
Haruka and Dominique silently sized one another up.
"Sorry that I was late," Dominique said after a few moments, "We had a little security issue with
our prized cow that would have ruined our opening ceremonies."
"Sasha? Is everything alright?" Jaime asked.
"It's resolved, Meryl and I just finished deciding what to do with the interloper." Dominique
assured her cousin.
"I hope it wasn't a federal agent." Haruka said.
"They won't be bothering us," Ami said, nursing her drink slowly, "I have the personal
assurances from the Crown. Anyone who even suspects something about this little party has
been reassigned to Alaska."
"And I have pull with the local authorities." Dominique said proudly. "Anyway, I'm looking
forward to seeing your demonstrations this week. What do you have planned first?"
"An open house on our three cows. Live demonstraitions of the bio-chamber will require that
perspective buyers bring their own subjects." Ami said.
"Ah that's right, you haven't been in business that long, it's understandable that you wouldn't
have spares." Dominique said.
Haruka gave the horse woman a dark look, "We've dominated the Dairy Market of Japan."
Dominique said nothing and took a long sip of her drink. "I'm sure I can arrange a few girls from
my local businesses, I'm very interested in your technology Ms. Mizuno. Jaime and I are still
f***ed to use surgery and hormone therapies on ours. And repairing the scars is very, time
"Ami please." Ami said as she placed a hand over Haruka's balled fist under the table, "And we
would both be very grateful for that Ms. Akhal-Teke."
"Dominique," she replied with a sensual smile, "Now, shall we discuss our events schedule so
as we don't overlap our primaries?"
Haruka could tell she wasn't going to like this Dominique woman very much...
Walking from the lobby to the elevators, April sighed as she fished out the card key to her room.
The hotel bar was getting a little too crowded now as the sun began to set fully in the west. And
while she didn't mind being ogled of a bunch of horny old men, April wasn't in the mood for
being groped by strangers. She paid her tab and left, again thankful that the bartender didn't
even try to card her as she ordered up one redbull and vodka after another. The energy drink
had kept most of the dizziness at bay as she slid off the stool and walk by the table where
Roxy's aunt was meeting with two Japanese women she didn't recognize.
A couple hours ago, her mothers boss, a tough looking woman named Dominique had stormed
into their suite dragging her little bitch of a b*****r with her. Meryl and Dominique then began
arguing over some woman named Sasha and the opening events. Bored, April quietly excused
herself, smacking Peach upside his head for causing trouble so soon as she exited. She made
a beeline for the bar and had been there since.
By now though whatever trouble her b*****r had caused should have been resolved and April
just wanted to get some rest and escape from one nasty case of jetlag. After that, maybe she'd
pimp out Peach to one of the many perverts at this little convention, and pimp him cheap! That thought brought a smile to her purple painted lips as she pressed the call button for the elevator.
As the elevator doors opened, April grunted as someone tackled her from behind, shoving her
inside and somehow pushing the close door button at the same time. She then felt a pair of
hands groping her big fake tits as she tried to struggle, "Get the fuck off me!" she cursed and
tried to push herself back away from the wall. She then felt something hard pressing against her
shapely ass. Her assailant only gave a low chuckle and licked the edge of her ear as one hand
moved down between her legs, rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her panties before
pulling the black thong up between the lips of her cunt. April winced in a mix of pan and
perverse pleasure. Normally she liked this kind of thing, but not with some d***k and probably
ugly old man in an elevator.
The slightest panic went through her before her assailant whispered into her ear, "Then I
wouldn't be able to fuck you..." April knew that voice and felt her pussy moisten instantly! Her
expression shifted from anger to lust as she stopped struggling and began rubbing her ass back
against Roxy's thick dick. Both dark haired teens smiled as Roxy turned April around and
pressed her mouth to hers. The big breasted girl parted her lips instantly and wrestled her
tongue against her girlfriends as Roxy moved her hands up the slut pink skirt she wore and
ripped off the black thong panties she wore. Tossing the flimsy underwear aside, Roxy pushed
herself inside Aprils dripping pussy.
"Oohhh!!" April moaned, loving the feel of the dickgirls thick cock sliding into her welcoming
cunt. Her arms wrapped themselves around Roxy's shoulders while her hips humped back
against her girlfriends thrusts. "Oh yes, bury it!!!" April moaned as Roxy began pounding into
her, her more than foot long dick pushing into her so deep!
"Mmmmm, you've missed my cock, haven't you?" Roxy breathed hotly into Aprils ear then
began nibbling on the lobe while she fucked the other girl up against the wall of the elevator.
Meanwhile she moved one hand over to the control panel and slid her room key card into the
slot above the buttons. The VIP room floors then lit up and Roxy tapped the one where her
suite was located. Turning her attention back to April, Roxy tore open the girls baby blue button
up top, sending the button flying everywhere and exposing her gorgeous tits! They jiggled and
wobbled from the sudden exposure and Roxy gripped one in her hand, squeezing it hard as she
felt April wrap her legs around her waist.
"Gawd yes, I've missed your cock so much, fuck me, FUCK ME!" April groaned as her pussy
spasmed in orgasm. The elevator silently lifted the two teens up to the selected floor, its low
hum drowned out by Roxy and Aprils pants and grunts. Before they were halfway up the
building, Roxy had April stripped down to only her skirt as she pushed her down onto all fours
and began fucking her from behind. "Unnn, unnnn nuuuh... ahhh!!!!" April grunted and groaned
like an a****l while she rolled her hips against Roxy's thick cock. She loved the shlick shlick
shlick noise of her pussy gushing around the other teens dick while her ass smacked wetly
against her pelvis.
When the elevator doors dinged open, April barely managed to grab most of her clothes as
Roxy fucked her out into the hall. Pushing her up against the large thick panned window,
mashing her huge tits against the glass so that anyone in the building across from them could
easily see her being taken like a cheap whore! The cool glass on her hard nipples made April
howl in sick pleasure as she turned her head back to meet Roxy's lips in a sloppy lewd kiss.
Drool freely ran down her chin as they fuck walked down the hall, moving passed the windows
towards the luxury V.I.P. suites. Handing her the key, April swiped the card through the door
lock and the two tumbled into a large and spacious room. With black carpeting and white
furniture. Before she knew it April was on her stomach on the large cushy bed, all the remained
of her clothes were her fuck me pumps as the rest fell by the wayside.
"Yes..." Roxy hissed in pleasure, now stripping off her own clothes, eager to get naked with her
girlfriend. She savored the sight of her dick sliding in and out of Aprils dark pink pussy, loving
the way her pussy lips clung to her fuck rod as though they didn't want it to ever pull out.
"FUCK!!!" April screamed, her pussy gushing hotly around Roxy's tool. The dark haired girl
kneaded her own ample tit and licked her pierced nipple with one hand while the other gripped
a fistful of Aprils purple dyed hair, pulling her head back as she slammed into her harder and
harder. "Yeeeees.... fuck my ass now!!!" April begged. Roxy happily complied, loving the way
Aprils asshole easily accepted her dick without any coaxing at all. "Ahhhhh fuuuuuuuck!!! FUCK
MEEEEEE!" the purple haired slut groaned and rocked her body back and forth, making her tits
and ass jiggle inticingly.
Spanking the 'SLUT' tattoo at the edge of Aprils ass, Roxy groaned in pleasure, loving the feel
of her friends deep hole. She gripped Aprils hips and piston fucked the other girl hard, loving
the feel of her balls slapping against her dripping pussy. "Mmmm, yeah, you gonna cum you
little whore? Gonna cum from my cock in your ass!? Huh!?" Roxy asked, spanking her roughly
while slamming her dick hilt deep inside her.
"Yes, CUM!!! Cumming in my asSSSS!!!" April howled, her tongue hanging from her lips as she
panted and grunted like an a****l. "CUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!"
"Mmmmm, you're such a trashy whore April!" Roxy insulted, or maybe complimented her as
she felt her cock getting hotter inside her. "Mmmm, yeah, where do you want my cum bitch!?"
"In my pussy, cum in my pussy, PLEASE!!!!" April begged desperately. Roxy smiled and pulled
her dick out with a light 'pop' then roll April onto her back, mounting her again and slamming her
cock hilt deep just as she came. Unloading one thick wad of cum after another into the girl. April
then reached up and pulled Roxy down into another lewd and sloppy kiss while her legs held
her friend inside her.
"Slut." Roxy said with a groan of pleasure.
~End Chapter 2~

4. Day 2
Jaime leaned back in her seat inside the hotel restaurant, a plate of half eaten steak and eggs
in front of her. The other day had gone well, Dominique and herself had sold several of their
girls to businessmen and women here. And they had also managed to make some headway
with some of their hormone therapy d**gs. After a solid nights sl**p, the blonde haired
horsegirl was looking forward to letting herself relax a bit during the second day of the
"Aunt Jaime!" called a voice. The blonde looked up to see her niece Roxy walking towards her
with her friend... Jaime couldn't remember her name, one of the months of the year. The two
girls walked over to where she sat and each took a seat themselves. Roxy had dressed herself
in her usual miniskirt that left most of her dick visible and a t-shirt with a picture of a pair of
chocolate dipped cherries being stabbed by a knife over the front. Jaime knew that Roxy had
the same image tattooed near her dick. Her friend on the other hand was dressed in a thong
bikini that was barely restraining her huge tits! The heavy mameries jiggled and bounced with
her every step, threatening to break free at any moment. Around her waist, she wore a skirt
that was made of a very translucent material. Her CumDumP tattoo was clearly visible and
readable above the cut of the bikini bottoms! Jaime cut another bit of her steak and chewed it
slowly at she eyed the purple haired girls body.
Roxy's friend shot Jaime a sultry look as the waiter came around and offered them both a
menu. She then winked at her with the eye that had a star tattoo next to it. Roxy only ordered
a glass of some soda while her friend didn't ask for anything. "We already ate in our room."
Roxy said.
Jaime nodded and said, "I see, and I'm sorry, I forget, what was your name again?"
"April," April answered with another expression that bordered on slutty.
Nodding, Jaime said, "I saw you only for a moment the other day, are you enjoying the
Both girls nodded and April asked, "Wanna fuck?" Jaime only smiled, she already knew Roxy's
friend was a total slut, but had only met her a few times and hadn't had the chance to see first
hand. "Roxy's told me about you," April continued, "And I've always wanted to feel one of those
inside me."
Taking her napkin out of her lap and lying it on the table, Jaime grinned and said, "Let's go."
She left some bills on the table for her meal and quickly followed the girls back to the elevator.
Once inside, April was on her knees in front of Jaime, her hands sliding up the white and blue
minidress that she wore, pulling down her panties just as the blondes horse dick unsheathed
itself in front of her. April made a slutty groaning sound as she stared up in awe at Jaime's
length. The horsegirl could easily smell the girls cunt inside the closed space of the elevator.
She then watched as April shucked her top and mashed her massive tits around her thick
a****l dick! Jaime groaned at the feeling, those were no silicone or saline implants!
"Oh, that stink, I love it!" April said with a throaty groan, taking a deep breath in through her
nose, the purple haired girl took in the musky smell of her horse dick while she slowly and
expertly rubbing her tits up and down Jaime's long fuck pole. The blonde haired horsegirl
leaned back against the wall of the elevator, groaning in pleasure as her sweaty cock slid easily
between Aprils huge soft tits! She slowly and lewdly licked her lips, tearing open the top of her
minidress to let her own big tits wobble loose. A pair of hands were instantly on the big fleshy
globes and Jaime looked down to see Roxy fondling her tits as April moved to begin licking her
big horse balls while her hands pumped up and down her length.
"You sluts!" Jaime groaned as she savored the feel of Aprils tongue sliding over her balls sack.
She then moved her hand to grab her nieces dick, stroking it slowly while the younger girl
moved to suck on her left tit. When the elevator finally reached the correct floor, the three of
them stumbled out and across the hall to her suite. Once inside, they left a trail of clothes on
the floor as they went towards the bed.
"Nuuh, and proud of it!" April groaned as she quickly slid off her panties and pushed Jaime
down onto the bed before crawling into it with her. Her face instantly went between the
horsegirls legs, licking and fondling her heavy balls while her free hand continued stroking her
long throbbing erection. She then slowly ran her tongue up between the horsegirls balls and
along the base of her cocksheath. April then stopped at the spot where Jaimes dick turned
from a flesh tone to a dark pink and took in another deep breath. "Oh fuck, I love that stench!"
she moaned as she quickly slathered her tongue all the way up the dickgirls length, making
sure to mash her big tits around it as she neared the head.
"Mmmm, isn't it wonderful?" Roxy asked as she crawled in behind April, rubbing her own dick
against the girls naked ass while her nipples grazed against her back. Her arms reached
around Aprils torso to grab and mash her tits around Jaime's cock even tighter!
April grinned, "Uuuuhhhnnnn, I have to have this inside me!" she breathed as her tongue darted
around the flat horse cock head. Both Roxy and Jaime smiled at the purple haired girl and
Helped her stand up on the bed. Roxy then held Aprils pussy lips open while Jaime slowly
pushed her cock inside her. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuucck!!!" April with a throaty voice, "Sooo fucking
thiiiick!!!" Her head leaned back against Roxy's shoulder as she slowly lowered herself onto the
blonde thick horse shaft. Jaime moaned in pleasure and delighted in watching her dick slowly
vanish into the dripping depths of the teens cunt! Already Jaime could see a slight phallic
shapped dent form in Aprils pelvis as her cock pushed deep inside her!
"Mmmm, so, how does it feel April?" Roxy asked with a sly grin, "I've only had it in my ass
"Fuuuck...." was Aprils only response as the last seven inches sank into her as she straddled
Jaimes pelvis. Roxy grinned again and slowly pushed her own dick into Aprils ass, making the
girl squeal like a pig, her nipples spraying milk into the air as the two of them began pumping in
and out of her slowly. "Ohh fuck yes!!! Fuck my holes! FUCK MY FUCKING HOLES!!!!" she
screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Ooohhh, fucking slut!" Jaime groaned as she began slamming her thick horse dick up into
Aprils cunt, loving the way her walls clenched around her meat pole. She then moved her hands up to the girls giant tits, squeezing and kneading them as their milk rained down on her.
"Mmmm, April loves being a slutty whore, don't you April?" Roxy said as she matching her
thrusts to her aunts, groaning in pleasure as she felt Jaimes dick rubbing against her own inside
Aprils moaning sweaty body.
"YES!!" April answered, her entire body shaking in orgasm, her pussy spraying slick juices all
over Jaime's pelvis. "Yes, I love being a slut, I love having big hard cock stuffed into my holes!
I wanna be covered in cum forever!!!" she panted while her body spasmed with one orgasm
after another. Roxy grinned and then grunted as she began cumming inside her ass. Jaime
then groaned as well, an a****l sound that was almost like a horses whinny as she began
cumming inside Aprils womb.
"OOOOHH FUUUCK, YES, CUM INSIDE ME, BREED ME!!!!" April screamed at the feel of the
dickgirls' hot cum inside her.
Grunting in ecstasy, Jaime pumped three more thick wads of her cum into April before pushing
both girls onto their backs and quickly pulling her dick free with a loud wet sucking noise! She
then mashed her dick between Aprils tits again, madly humping the girls mammeries while her
fingers pinched the pink nipples, making her milk flow out even faster.
"So goooood..." April moaned as she licked the length of Jaimes shaft as it passed in front of
her face. The horsegirl smiled then grunted as she came again, her thick baby batter spurting
right in the sluts face, coating it in hot white creme! "Nuuuuuhhh...." moaned April as she
moved her hands to her face to rub the fluids into her skin and spread it all over her naked
body. Jaime helped by rubbing her thick cock all over April's body.
"Mmmm, I think I have just the event for you." Jaime said after a few minutes.
Inside her booth on the sellers floor, Ami masturbated as she watched her prized cow go to
work! Hotaru knelt on all fours on a soft mat as she serviced five men at once! The dark haired
girl mooed and moaned around the cock in her mouth as she furiously humped her hips back
against the man behind her, making the baby fat of her ass jiggle in a delicious way. Tears of
joy streamed down Hotaru's cheeks as she moaned in orgasm after orgasm. She bobbed her
head up and down on the cock of the man in front of her, doing her best to make him cum and
show how much of a slut she was! Part of the girls mind thought back on how just a few years
ago, she hardly ever managed to get a man into her bed. Her ever young body turned most
men away. So the dark haired girl had taken to going to underground sex clubs to be with the
l****a perverts and other deviants. And it was good, but not enough. Hotaru wanted to be
desired by anyone that looked at her, she wanted sex to be the first thought of anyone that
even looked at her!
Then came the day she walked in on Ami stroking her massive horse cock. Hotaru didn't
question what had happened, how Ami had come by such a huge piece of fuck meat. Hotaru
only knew that she wanted it, and she wanted it now! After that, when Ami turned her into a
dairy cow, Hotaru had finally found her heaven. No longer was she a flat chested little girl, now,
now she was a giant uddered fuck cow. Her shameful perverted body only good for milking,

fucking, and birthing new cows! It was pure bliss!
Now, as she knelt there on the floor, Hotaru groaned around another mans cock, taking no time
to even swallow the cum from the previous man before wrapping her pink lips around a new
one. Her udders, each one larger than her original body, were pooled to either side of her, milk
trickling down from her nipples as a man pushed his dick into each one!
"Uuunnn fuck!!" groaned one man as he came inside Hotaru's pussy, "This cow is perfection!"
he said as he pulled out to make room for the next man in line. Hotaru mooed in pleasure as
she felt a new cock going into her pussy, moving her hips to match his thrusts as the previous
one went to speak with Ami about something. Hotaru didn't care though as she focused on
taking the cock in her mouth all the way down her throat! She moaned as she felt another man
cumming in her nipple, mixing her milk with hot delicious cum! The dark haired girl still couldn't
believe she could take a cock in her nipples! And now, she couldn't get enough of it.
"Gaah, more, fuck my nipples mooooooore!" Hotaru mooed after swallowing another mans cum.
"Ggrraah, what a whore!" grunted the man fucking her right tit.
"Yeesss, whore, I'm a whoooore... MOOOOOOGGGGH!" Hotaru replied before another man
shoved his cock into her mouth. She looked up at his belly fat and groaned in lewd pleasure as
she bobbed her head up and down, tickling her nose on his thick pubic hairs. She gagged
slightly when the man grabbed her head and f***ed his cock all the way into her throat before
she could fully relax.
Across from her, Ami finished entering the buyers info into her small handheld computer. All
the data went onto her private hacker proof server back at the farm. By now Jessie was
already busy making calls to send the modified bio-chambers to their buyers. Jessie, Ami's
own daughter through Michiru, was the only one of the girls that the horse cocked dickgirl
hadn't turned into a cow. She had kept her in a l****a body for the first couple months, wanting
to feel the tight cunt of a little girl again as she had with Hotaru, and over time, Jessie had
shown herself to be shrewd and intelligent. Ami couldn't bring herself to make her into a cow
and had only given her breasts equal to the size she and Haruka enjoyed. She had even
offered to give Jessie her own horse dick, but the aqua haired girl decided for now that she
enjoyed being a total lesbian when it came to fucking her mother and s****rs.
Just thinking of her smart, slutty daughter got Ami's dick hard again and she smiled at the man
as she watched him transfer the agreed funds from his account to hers. She wasn't worried
about any new competition from the new cows that would be made by her technology, as the
milk quality from her herd was top shelf! Every drop was from pure bred Lunarian, not just from
plain human girls. Even today, fights still broke out from time to time over who got the last
bottle of the nearly addictive drink in stores.
With another sale finished, Ami turned just in time to watch the man fucking Hotaru's face cum
inside her throat with such f***e that the dark haired little whore couldn't swallow all of it,
causing a large amount of cum to come spraying out from her nostrils! The man pulled out
slowly, cum and spittle hung in ropes from Hotaru's mouth as she panted for breath while the
two men on either side of her continued fucking her nipples! Her giant udders rippled from their
every thrust, making Hotaru moo and moan in ecstasy.
"Moooo, sooo good, MOOOOO!!! CUUUUMMM!!!!" Hotaru screamed as the men in her nipples
finished and pulled out, making her udders spray out a mix of cum and milk with such f***e that
a small rainbow formed in the air over the girl. She then slumped onto her udders as she finally
passed out just as the last man finished fucking her well used cunt.
Smiling again, Ami looked at the clock and saw that the dealers floor would be closing soon and
she moved to pull the curtains of her booth closed before taking Hotaru's heavy body back into
the resting room where Setsuna and Clementine lay in their makeshift stalls. Milking hoses
were attached to both womens nipples, steadily draining their udders and making a fresh batch
of "Moon Milk" for tomorrow's free tastings. She stripped off the cowprint outfit Hotaru wore and
washed her off with a small hose before putting her in the empty stall to rest. "You did very well
today Hotaru, I'm very proud of you." Ami whispered before gently kissing Hotaru's lips.
"Coooock...." groaned Setsuna in her stall as she kneaded her udders needily.
"Aww, is my little Set-whore hungry?" Ami teased as she began stripping off the black cocktail
dress she had been wearing.
"Mooooogh!!" Setsuna moaned before Ami gagged her with her thick horse dick.
~End Chapter 3~

5. Day 3
Kneeling inside the room where she and the other two cows were kept, Sasha panted softly as
she slowly stroked her throbbing hard-on. After she had been f***ed to **** that sweet little
girl, Sasha spent most of the next two days in a kind of fog. She had cum so hard, so good,
that everything just blurred by. She felt terrible, and wished she could beg the girl for
forgiveness, but she hadn't seen her again since that day.
Whimpering softly, Sasha looked down at her cock, feeling ashamed of her perverse body and
the way it made her act. But even with her shame, she couldn't stop masturbating! Even as
the door creaked open, Sasha couldn't stop her hands from pumping up and down her shaft
even faster as she moaned in pleasure.
"Well now, I see you're having fun." Dominique said as she walked in wearing another white
gown with a neckline that ended just above her FUCK MACHINE tattoo. Her big tits jiggled
slightly with her every step as she walked over to Sasha and attached a leash to the collar
around her neck. Pulling the dickgirl to her feet, Dominique led Sasha out of the room and
beyond the booth where she had been kept for the last couple days. Sasha whimpered in
shame as men and women jeered and leered at her as they walked through a large crowd. All
the while, she continued stroking her dick like a woman possessed!
Dominique led Sasha out of the main Dealers room to the hallways of the Convention Center.
The two of them then walked along a long dimly lit hallway, the only sounds coming from the
buzzing overhead lights and the footsteps of the handful of people that were also in the hall.
They eventually came to another room and went inside. Sasha only had a moment to take in
any details, a cold concrete floor, bare walls with only a faded yellow line painted at waist level,
bright glaring lights overhead. There were a handful of people inside, most of them men but a
few women. All of them leering at Sasha as she was led to the back of the room where a small
temporary wooden fence had been place in a square, forming a pen. The inside was strewn
with hay and inside was a green haired woman with magenta eyes. The first thing Sasha took
in about the woman was her enormous tits, bigger than any pair Sasha had ever seen before!
Each one must have been as big as her torso, capped with a dark pink nipple that oozed with
thick and tasty looking milk.
She was dressed in a cowprint body suit with holes for her pussy and gigantic breasts! Around
her neck was a choker collar with a rectangular cowbell hanging from a metal ring in the center.
She looked up at Sasha with glassy lust filled eyes as she drew nearer, Sasha could smell her,
a thick, heady, musky odor that made the dickgirls cock throb.
She wanted her. Even though Sasha had never met this woman, the only thing she could think
of was burying her cock inside her tight pussy! The purple haired woman barely even noticed
the blue haired woman with her own horse penis as she was taken to the side of the stall.
"Welcome everyone, to the human b**st show. Today, we're mating two special breeds of cow
for your viewing pleasure." Said a blue haired woman dressed in a dark blue mini-skirt and
matching button up top. Her skirt however wasn't hiding anything as a long and thick horse dick
jutted up from underneath. Though it was covered by a dark blue latex sleeve, the shape was
clear to her as the women went on to explain about the green haired woman and herself.
Sasha barely registered her words though as Dominique detached the leash from her collar and
pushed her into the stall. Sasha was on the cow woman in an instant, rubbing her cock against
her soft rump as she inhaled deeply. She smelled so GOOD! The odor was making Sasha
forget all about her constant humiliations as she pressed her mouth to the green haired
womans in a lewd and passionate kiss while she continued humping her ass.
"Uuuuhnnn, MOOOOO!" the green haired woman groaned as she humped her body back
against Sasha. The purple haired dickgirl grinned and rubbed her dick between the womans
wide ass cheeks, savoring the pleasure of her warm body before plunging her thick cock deep
inside her!
"AHHHH!!!" both cow and bull screamed and Sasha quickly began pounding into the green
haired woman. All her shame faded away now as she plunged her cock in and out of the other
womans tight slick pussy. She looked down past her wildly bouncing tits and watched as her
dick vanished between the puffy pink lips of the womans cunt. The f***e of her pelvis slapping
against the womans ass made ripples in her flesh as the two of them bumped and grinded
against one another.
Standing next to Dominique, Ami lightly stroked her long horse dick as she watched Sasha bury
her dick inside Setsuna's dripping hole. Such an erotic sight, a cow and her bull fucking for the
entertainment of the crowd. It had been Dominiques idea to try and cross their two breeds of
human cows. And as luck had it, a quick test showed Setsuna to be starting her ovulating cycle
"Quite the sight isn't it?" Dominique asked.
"Indeed." Ami agreed as she began stroking her cock a bit harder. Her hand was pushed away
after a moment to be replaced by Dominiques. The blue haired woman then cooed softly as
she felt Dominiques hard horse dick rubbing against her back.
"Mmm, don't, it would be a waste if you spilled your cum here." Dominique whispered into her
ear as her hand gently and expertly teased Ami's throbbing dick. "Come by my room later, and
we'll have some fun."
"Okay..." Ami gasped.
"Mooooo, yes, yes!!! Fuck my cow pussy!!!" Setsuna screamed as Sasha groaned in pleasure.
"Mmmmmhh, dirty cow whore!!" Sasha grunted, loving the feel of being inside the strange
bodied woman! She savored every thrust as she grabbed hold of her wide hips and buried her
cock deep inside the woman. The cowbell around Setsunas neck clanged and rung with
Sasha's every thrust, the sound only made the purple haired dickgirl hornier as she leaned her
head back and groaned like an a****l. Her heavy balls smacking wetly against the womans
dripping clit and she mooed in open lust, her tongue hanging from her lips while she panted and
rocked her hips back to meet Sasha's pounding cock.
"Yeah, fuck her harder!!" jeered one of the men watching.
"Make her feel it deep inside!!" cheered one woman who licked her lips as she began opening
masturbating at the sight
"MOOOooooOOOOooOOOO!!!!" Setsuna groaned as her pussy sprayed hotly around Sasha's
cock. Her scent then became twice as strong and Sasha howled in wild lust! Pushing the
woman down on her giant tits, she began pistoning her cock in and out, the womans tight cunt
taking in her every inch as though it had been born to do so.
Out of the corner of her vision, Sasha saw some of the women in the crowd begin servicing
their masters as they watched. Sasha didn't care about them though as she grabbed a fistful of
the womans dark green hair and pulled her head back. "Moo for me cow!" she commanded as
she brought her hand down on the cow womans jiggling ass, spanking her hard. Milk sprayed
from the green haired womans nipples in twin fountains as she mooed loudly as rocked her hips
back against Sasha's cock.
"Moooo, MOOOOOO!!!" Setsuna howled and looked back at Sasha with blank thoughtless eyes
that seemed to BEG for her cum!
"Sooo goooood....!" Sasha groaned as she felt her cock spurting inside the green haired
womans cunt. She pushed her dick all the way inside her as she felt her thick cum spurting
again and again, flooding the womans uterus. She then pulled her cock free with a wet 'pop'
before rolling the cow onto her back and ramming her cock back inside, making her moo in
pleasure once again!
Elsewhere in the convention center, Roxy and April walked away from a booth marked Stallion
Milking Contest 3009. April had just finished entering herself at Jaime's suggestion and looked
down at the choker collar with MARE Branded into the leather. The collar as well as an leather
armband with the number 18 printed on it were given to her once she and Roxy had finished
filling out the entry forms. Only slaves were allowed to be entered, so Roxy had been f***ed to
register as April's master for clerical reasons.
"So, think you can win?" Roxy asked as they headed towards the food venders against the wall.
"Who cares?" April responded with a smile as she put the collar on, "You know I love showing
off how much of a slut I am, and this is a perfect opportunity."
"True that." Roxy said as she paid for a couple of sodas and hot dogs shaped like actual
penises. She took a large bite of hers and chewed it slowly while April took a long sip from her
drink. She swallowed after a moment and looked out into the crowd of milling pimps, whores,
and upper-class businessmen. Such an odd mix to find in one place, Roxy thought as she took
another bite of her hotdog. She turned to look over at April, about to suggest they go back to
their room and fuck when she spotted a young naked woman being e****ted through the crowd
by two of her aunts cronies that she'd met before. A moment later she spotted her Aunt joining
the trio and motioned the group to April.
"I wonder where they're taking her?" April asked.

"Let's find out." Roxy replied and finished the last bite of her hotdog. April nodded and made
quick work of the hotdog Roxy had given her as they caught up. The two of them easily moved
through the crowd and caught up to Jaime and the woman. Close up, Roxy could tell the girl
was drop dead gorgeous. With long brown hair that came down past her thighs and matching
brown eyes. Her tits were nice and big, nearly the size of her head. The womans waist was
neat and trim, with a hint of a six pack forming. This chick worked out, no doubt there. Yet
here she was, stark naked and being led through a crowd of horny men, women, and dickgirls.
"Hey Aunt Jaime, what's up?" Roxy called when they were in earshot.
The blonde horse girl turned to look back at her neice and smiled, "We're taking this slut to be
converted into a cow. Wanna come watch?"
Roxy and April looked to each other, nodded, and followed. April took a long sip from her soda
and followed, enjoying the way some of the men liked watching her huge tits jiggle and bouce
with her every step. Damn she wished her father were still alive, she'd fuck him every day just
to thank him for these beauties! Oh well, she thought as she tossed her now empty soda in a
near by trash bin and followed Roxy and her aunt to the booth run by the two Japanese women
she'd seen earlier this week. Only the blonde one was there at the moment, but that was
enough. She was dressed in a slutty outfit that made April jealous. A dark blue leather
miniskirt that left her horse cock and balls exposed, a bright yellow top that barely contained her
impressive tits, and over that a white lab coat.
Jaime and the blonde Japanese woman exchanged a few words in her language, April couldn't
follow all of it, something about being late and here's the girl. The Japanese horse cocked
dickgirl then went to look the brown haired woman over, groping her big tits and ass before
giving her an injection of some bright pink fluid. Whatever the stuff was did its work fast.
Almost instantly the girls eyes became glossy and her legs unsteady as she fell into the
Japanese womans arms. They kissed lewdly, their tongues lashing against one anothers as
the blonde fondled her naked body, making her moan in wanton desire. April and Roxy then
watched as the Japanese woman led the girl inside the large chamber that stood behind them.
Once sealed inside, Jaime spoke to the gathered crowd, "Sorry for the delay, but as promised,
a live demonstration of the human dairy cow conversion system." She then nodded to the
Japanese woman who began working the controls of the chamber. It quickly filled with a thick
clear slimy substance, and within moments the brown haired woman was floating in inside the
chamber. "The bio-mass gel is much like an artificial womb, so the subjects are in no danger of
drowning," Jaime explained while the other horse cocked girl began tapping the last few buttons
in the sequence. The machine then began humming softly and the dark haired girl inside was
bathed in a bluish light.
The crowd gasped as instantly the womans already large breasts began expanding, growing at
an almost impossible rate. Her hips widened as well, and Jaime explained that this was to
make birthing easier and even pleasurable for the 'cow'.
"Hey, I recognize this," April said to Roxy quietly, "It's the same process that was used to give
me these babies." she said while groping her big and what she always considered fake tits.
"Really?" Roxy asked then smiled, she turned and pressed her body up against Aprils before
kissing her deeply and moving her hands to grip her ass, "Maybe we should get a cow bell for
you to wear then?" she suggested.
April felt her pussy getting damp at the idea as she reached her hand down to stroke Roxy's
dick through the skirt she wore. She then nodded back to the show, "Maybe, but my tits are
nowhere near THAT big." she said. Roxy turned to look and gasped at the sight inside the
chamber. Big was an understatement, the womans breasts were each now nearly as big as her
torso and still growing! Her aunt was still talking, explaining that along with her body, the
womans mind was being altered, her libido was being hyper stimulated and her sex drive
increased a hundred fold. If the buyer wanted however, only her body chemistry could be
altered along with her body. Making it so the users specific pheremones would turn on her
sexdrive, rendering her a slave to lusts she couldn't fight no matter how much she might want to.
As the process neared completion, April could only stare in awe as the monstrous size of the
womans tits, each one larger than her torso. She would have trouble walking from now on,
though as Jaime explained, cows aren't meant to walk on two legs. Once the procedure was
finished, the tank was quickly drained and the woman released from inside. Jaime and the
Japanese woman caught her as she fell out of the tank and lowered her onto her knees. The
two blondes then took a pair of hoses with clear suckers attached to the ends and placed them
over her nipples.
"Oooohh...." the woman groaned as milk instantly began flowing out from her nipples and into
the hoses. Her glossy brown eyes then fixated on the two thick horse cocks in front of her and
she reached her hands out to stroke them slowly. Both dickgirls groaned softly as they quickly
grew fully erect. "So biiiiiig..." the woman moaned as she began licking Jaime's cock while the
Japanese woman handed out glasses of her milk to the crowd while her own dick was stroked.
"Mmm, wait here, I'll go get us some of that." Roxy said as she left Aprils side and grabbed to
glasses then quickly brought them back. April thanked her girlfriend and took a sip of the still
warm breast milk. It was sweet and thick, and reminded her of cantalope juice. Before she
realized it though, April found herself chugging down the thick substance and felt her nipples
getting stiff inside her top. She didn't know why, but she was suddenly feeling VERY horny!
The milk was obviously having the same effect on Roxy April deduced when she saw the
dickgirls cock jutting up from under the red skirt she was wearing! Before she realized
anything, the two of them were back in the hotel hallway and Aprils top had somehow gotten
lost along the way. "Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck me now!" April begged as Roxy pushed her up
against the wall next to the door to the room they shared. The dark haired teen kissed her hard
as she groped and fondled her heavy tits before moving one hand down and under her skirt to
rip her panties off! The next thing April knew Roxy was inside her, thrusting and pounding into
her cunt hard!
"Yes!! Fuuuuuck!!!" April screamed, wrapping her legs around the dickgirls waist as she
humped and rolled her hips against her thrusts.
"SLUUT!!!" Roxy groaned in pleasure as she felt Aprils pussy spraying juices around her dick
with every inward motion. She let the room cardkey fall silently to the carpeted floor and moved
her hands to grip Aprils ass while she leaned her back against the wall. Milk leaked steadily
from the girls big tits as she howled like a cheap street whore!
"Oh fuck... Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK ME!!!!" April screamed in orgasm
as her entire body spasmed in pleasure. Roxy grunted a second later as she came as well, her
cock spurting thick wads deep into her girlfriends tight little cunt.
Both girls then collasped down to the floor in a heap, completely spent. Roxy managed to pull
her dick free a moment later and open the door to their room. She then helped April to her feet
and the two of them dragged themselves into the room and closed the door behind them,
leaving Aprils torn panties and a dark stain on the hall carpet behind.
After the sun had set, Haruka went with Jaime to the hotel bar and sat down with her. Jaime
ordered a vodka straight while Haruka tried her first American Whiskey. The stuff had more
kick than she was ready for! "I've had sake that's gone down smoother..." she gasped out.
Jaime laughed, "That's what you get with that cheap American stuff," she told her before
ordering up some scotch for Haruka, "It goes does smoother than whiskey after you first try it,
but since you've already had a kick in the nuts from the other one..." she trailed off.
Haruka nodded and sipped, noting that it dd have a better flavor and didn't burn nearly as
much. "So, what what the name of that girl you brought for the demo today?"
The other blonde thought for a moment, "Can't recall, Tina, Tifa, something that began with a T
and ended with an A." she said before taking another shot of vodka. "She works for one of
Dominique's brothels in another city."
Haruka nodded and took another sip from her drink, laughing softly, when Jaime inquired as to
what was so funny Haruka explained, "T and A, well, whatever her name is, she has plenty of
both now."
Jaime laughed and turned her stool to look out at the night sky, "What will you do with her?"
Shrugging slightly Haruka said, "We'll take her back with us if Dominique doesn't want her
anymore, the other girls could use a new playmate and some fresh bl**d in the herd couldn't
hurt." Jaime then turned to look back at Haruka and she nodded in agreement.
Jaime opened her mouth to speak again, but something in her field of view caught her eye annd
she made a waving motion. Haruka turned and felt her building alchohol buzz instantly die at
the sight of Dominique entering the bar. The dark skinned and large breasted dickgirl walked
over to them and smiled at Jaime.
"How did things go?" she asked.
"They went fine," Haruka answered, even though the question had been directed at Jaime, "The
girl you sent took to her new body nicely."
Dominique made only the slightest sound of acknowledgement, then said to Jaime, "Tell Ami
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she can keep the girl if she wants, she always wanted to see Japan from what I understand."
Haruka fumed, her features flushing a dark red. What was her problem? She was doing just as
much as Ami here, and yet the woman barely even recognized her presense. Haruka opened
her mouth to finally tell Dominique off when the horse cocked woman spun on her heel and
walked out, waving to the duo as she left, "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." she said
before vanishing around a corner.
Growling in frustration, Haruka slammed her fist down on the bar top and motioned to the
bartender that she wanted a refill.
~End Chapter 4~

6. Night 3
Dominique laid back in the plush and comfy bed of her hotel room. Her clothes from earlier
tonight were strewn over a chair in the corner as she lay naked in her bed. She moaned softly
as Ashley, her slave boy, slowly licked up from the base of her horse dick and over her fuck
machine tattoo to tease her belly button. His teeth clicked softly against the golden naval stud
in her belly as he slipped his slender tongue in and out of the little hole. The white blonde
haired horse woman moaned in pleasure, her cock throbbing and oozing with her precum as
the boy worked his way up to the pierced nipples of her big tits.
"Ooohh..." Dominique moaned as he took one piercing between his teeth and tugged on it,
pulling her tit into a conical shape for a few second before letting it fall back.
"Silence!" Ashley told her. He then loudly smacked her other tit, making it wobble widely as
Dominique lightly chewed her lower lip to contain her moans. The boy then straddled her torso,
placing his hands on both her tits and squeezing them tightly, "Look at these big slutty tits,
you're nearly a cow yourself with these aren't you?" he asked as he pinched her nipples. No
milk flowed out from them, but Dominique sometimes thought about asking Jaime for the d**g
she used to make her own tits lactate. Her thoughts were then broken when her slave boy
smacked her other tit and said, "Moo for me cow!"
"Moo..." Dominique said softly, feeling embarrassed by the sound.
Ashley pinched both her piercings between his fingers and twisted hard, "I can't hear you!"
"MOOOOO!!!" Dominique moaned as her cock twitched hard, spurting a bit of precum into the
"That's better." he said as he lowered his own small dick between her big tits, "Turning innocent
women into cows like that, you're an evil woman, and you should be punished!" he told her,
"Mash those big udders you call tits around my little prick and make me cum you slut!"
Nodding, Dominique did as told, mashing her tits around the boys small, barely five inch long
cock. Her body was already beaded with sweat, making for perfect lube as she titty wanked her
slave/master slowly. The studs of her nipple piercings clinked together as she rubbed her tits
up and down the boys length while she stared down at the head of his dick as it peeked out
from between her tits. She panted softly as she rubbed her fleshy globes up and down his
length, loving the feel of it between her big sensitive breasts.
"Mmmm," Ashley groaned, his eyes leering down at Dominique demeaningly, "That's a good
slut, wank my little dick between those udders. Do a good job and maybe I'll cum in your face,
doesn't that sound nice?"
Dominique didn't answer as she stared at her slave boys dick, fighting the urge to take it
between her lips so she could suck out his salty cum. She then winced in pain as he suddenly
reached down and grabbed her fat balls and squeezed painfully hard, "I asked you a question
you fuck machine!"
"Aaahhh, yes, YES! Cum in my face, please!!!" Dominique begged and began mashing her
breasts around his cock harder and humping them back and forth faster.
Grinning, Ashley reached over to the nightstand by the bed and picked up a small blue bottle
filled with a powerful lube that Dominiques company made. He uncapped it and then poured a
thin stream of clear gel down between her tits. The stuff worked fast, sliding down between her
dark skinned tits, making it easier for her to wank them up and down his dick. He then began
fucking her tits as she worked them back and forth, groaning in pleasure as his pelvis slapped
wetly against the undersides of her jiggling tits.
"Mmmm, that's it..." he groaned as he watched her pant and moan in wanton desire.
Dominique moaned loudly, her cock throbbing furiously now as she humped her tits up and
down on Ashleys dick. Her fleshy mounds were shiny with lube as his pale cock slipped
between them with wet slapping noises. "Does the horny little bitch want my cum now?" he
asked, his tone demanding an immediate reply.
"YES!!!" Dominique screamed as she felt her cock oozing a now steady stream of precum down
it's dark pink shaft to the dark skinned cocksheath. She panted in lust as he then pulled his
dick from between her tits and pinned her arms to either side of her head with his hands. He
then rose up on his legs and lowered his cock level to her eyes as he came hard. Dominique
barely had time to close her eyes as the hot and sticky cum splashed in her face. The bright
white fluid stood out starkly against her dark mocha skin as it ran down her nose and over her
lips where she licked it into her mouth. More still ran down her cheeks, as he spurted several
times without even jerking his small dick.
Panting, Dominique felt him release her hands and move to straddle her chest again. "Clean
your slutty face!" he told her. Dominique moaned as she used her fingers to sc**** his cum
into her mouth. She swished it around on her tongue for several long moments before finally
swallowing the salty spunk down. The boy then climbed off her body and knee walked along
the bed to kneel beneath her long thick horse dick. His fingers slowly traced up the length of
her shaft, stopping at the ridge of her cock sheath to encircle her girth.
"You're a dirty whorish woman, giving yourself a horses dick just to sate your own lust. I bet
you're just ACHING to push this monster up my asshole, aren't you?" he said to her while his
hands slowly stroked up her length, smearing her precum all over her cock, making it glisten in
the light of the room.
Still panting, Dominique only managed to nod and give an affirmative groan. This resulted in
Ashley bringing his knee down on her balls! "I didn't hear you!" he yelled at her.
"YES!!! PLEASE STICK MY DIRTY COCK UP YOUR ASSHOLE!!!!!" Dominique screamed in
pain and pleasure, her dick spurting another gout of precum into the air. The boy grinned and
caught the spurt in his mouth before it could fall back to the bed.
"Mmmm, alright, but only because you did such a good job with those cow udders of yours." he
said as he picked the bottle of lube up off the white blankets of the bed and poured a generous
amount all over her throbbing hard-on. He smeared it all up and down her length with his
hands and chest, hugging her massive dick against his small frame. He then fixed her with a
hard glare, "But, if you cum even a little without my permission..." he let the words hang like a
sword over her head.
Dominique nodded and then groaned as the boy stood up and slowly lowered himself onto her
cock. It slid up into his asshole with ease, making him groan in lewd pleasure as his once
softening cock sprung back to full arousal. The platinum haired dickgirl moaned as she
watched four, five, ten, every last inch of her penis slide up into him, tenting his flat belly with
her length.
"Nuuuhhhh..." he groaned and then reached behind him to grip the top of her ballsack, "Mmmm,
you're really hard tonight you cheap whore, it feels soooo good in my ass." he told her as he
gripped her tightly, "Does your slutty dick feel good with my ass squeezing around it?" he asked.
"Muuuhh, yes, my whore cock feels so good inside you," Dominique groaned, then moaned as
she felt him rolling his hips back and forth, stirring her cock inside his bowels. The pleasure
was so intense, it almost offset the pain of his hand squeezing her balls painfully tight.
Ashley grinned and began riding Dominiques cock faster, his slender body easily sliding up and
down her shaft as he looked down at her with disgust and revulsion, "You bitch, look at yourself,
fucking a barely twelve year old boy in your hotel room. You're the worst kind of person, you
barely qualify as human!" he told her as he began sliding up and down her cock even moan,
making Dominique moan in pain and pleasure as she fought with all her strength to keep
herself from cumming. Tears streamed down her face as she panted and moaned with the
need to cum!
Seeing her expression, Ashley laughed and licked his pink painted lips as his cock began
spurting cum again, most of it splashing into Dominiques eyes. Next he pulled himself off her
cock with a loud wet 'pop'! He then jumped off the bed and began putting his meager clothes
back on. His smile broadened as Dominique made a plaintive moan as she moved to begin
stroking her dick, only to have her slave tackle her arms and pin them to her sides!
"Did I give you permission to wank yourself?" he asked angrily.
"Nuuh, please... I wanna cum so baaaad...!" Dominique whined as her dick jounced up and
down with her unsated lust.
"You wanna cum?" Ashley repeated, his voice unsympathetic, he then slapped her still cum
drenched face, "You stupid cow, who said you would get to cum!?" Dominique could only pant
and whimper in need as Ashley got an idea. He knee crawled down the bed and hooked his
thin arms under her knees, lifting her ass up into the air and pushing her hips forward. "You
want to cum, fine, make yourself cum with just your mouth! I wanna watch you suck that filthy
cock after it's been in my ass!"
"Hooooaaahhhhh....." Dominique moaned like a whore as she opened her mouth wide and took
the tip of her own dick between her lips! She moaned louder as she ran her tongue over the
wide head, the tip sliding in and out of her urethra. All the while, Ashley grinned down at her
while gripping the base of her dick tightly. He had already felt Dominiques cock spasm several
times, but his grip wouldn't let a drop of her cum surge through the horse shaft! At the same
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time, he reached over and grabbed a long double ended dildo and shoved it up her asshole,
making her scream around her own dick.
"MMMMMMPPHH!!!!" Dominique groaned around her shaft as her head bobbed up and down,
trying desperately to make herself cum. Her dark blue eyes looked up at the pale skinned boy
pleadingly as her cock twitched in his hand. Ashley only laughed and began pumping the dildo
in and out of her ass hard!
"Yeah, you like that you slutty cow?" he asked and pushed every last inch of the dildo up her
ass, making a slight lump form in Dominiques belly. His hand held the long rubber toy inside
her as he felt the horse girls entire body shake in denied orgasm.
"WEASE WET ME HUM!!!!" Dominique begged around her cock as she continued licking and
sucking the head like a nymphomaniac. Tears ran down her cheeks now as pain began
overtaking pleasure and she felt herself on the edge of insanity!
Ashley laughed and slowly licked her balls, teasing them with his tongue before finally removing
his hands.
"GGAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Dominique screamed in sheer ecstasy as her cum surged throguh
her shaft with the f***e of a fire hose! Her mouth was instantly flooded with her own thick and
salty baby batter, so much that she couldn't swallow any of it and the hot white spunk
overflowed from her lips, bathing her face in white! At the same time, the dildo slowly pushed
out of her ass as her inner muscles all clenched and unclenched with orgasmic spasms.
Dominique howled in pleasure, the sound garbled by the tide of her own cum still splattering
against her face as Ashley let her fall back to the bed. The dark skinned woman gasped and
coughed, some of her own cum shot out her nostrils as her ass fell back to the bed. Her
massive horse dick still spasmed, spurting out one load after another of hot white fluids that
now covered her naked body.
"Hahhh ahhh haaah...." Dominique panted as her orgasm finally began to subside. She smiled
and began rubbing her own cum into her skin as though it were lotion. "Mmmmm, I needed
that..." she purred.
"Is Mistress pleased?" Ashley asked in a small voice, his demeanor and tone now completely
submissive again.
Dominique beckoned her slave back onto the bed with her, pulling him into a wet and sticky hug
as their naked bodies rubbed together. She smeared her cum all over the strawberry blonde
haired boy and smiled, "Mistress is very pleased." she told him before sitting up and having him
straddle her lap. Her still half erect cock rubbing between his asscheeks as she kissed her
lewdly, making him taste her cum as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. "Mmmmmm...."
both slave and Mistress moaned as Dominique coiled her long tongue around the boys. She
then moved a hand down to squeeze his pale ass cheek playfully as she lay back down slowly.
After rough days like today, Dominique found that giving herself over completely to anothers will
was just what she needed to fully relax. Before a year ago, she had used one of her cow
slaves, but the slut was never very good at her job, too submissive. But when Jaime had
brought home this gifted little boy... She cooed again as her body began to rapidly cool as her cum lost its heat to the air of the room. She needed a shower and the sheets needed changing,
but for right now, all the silver white haired woman wanted to do was sl**p.
~End Chapter 5~

7. Day 4, Part 1
"Uhh uhh uhh uuhhhh...!!" Sasha groaned like an a****l as she pounded her dick into Hotaru's
pussy hard, making the baby ffat of the young girls ass jiggle erotically. The two cow women
both knelt naked on the cold floor of the sellers floor of the convention hall, their bodies naked
save for the cow bell around Hotaru's neck that rung with every one of Sasha's thrusts, and the
cow print leggings and arm length gloves that Sasha wore.
"MOOOOOOO!!!" Hotaru groaned in sheer pleasure as she rolled her hips back against
Sasha's cock, loving the feel of it inside her as several people watched. To either side of her,
Setsuna and Hotaru's daughter Clementine both howled and mooed in ecstasy as the two other
'bulls' that Jaime had brought over to Mistress Ami's booth both mindlessly fucked her cow
"YES! MOOOOre..!!!" Setsuna screamed, her face locked in an expression of madness and
pleasure, her tongue hanging from her lips as she panted and grunted while the milking hoses
attached to her nipples continually drained her endlessly lactating udders of their milk. Her
deeply tan skin was covered in beaded sweat that dripped down onto the floor. Behind her, a
red haired woman with tits nearly as large as her own rammed her long cock deep into her
gushing pussy!
Standing to one side of the trio, Ami, Jaime, and Haruka all watched the wanton display of
a****l lust while slowly stroking their own fully erect horse cocks. The three dickgirls all smiled
and Haruka continued handing out samples of the milk drawn from the cows while they were
being fucked to give to those watching so they could compair it to the taste of the milk that was
taken when they were simply at rest.
"At this rate, we'll run out of everything we drew out the other day." Haruka said as she
continued handing out small paper cups of sample milk.
"Who cares?" Jaime said, her eyes locked on the six a****ls fucking each other in front of her.
She hadn't exprected such a strong reaction between her breed of cow and Ami's, it was both
facinating and erotic at the same time. Naturally she had heard from Dominique about the
show the other day, but she put that off to Sasha's lack of sex from before the convention.
This, this was something else! Not even a hint of disipline was required to get their cows
fucking, the instant they were all in the same room together, the whorish women were all over
one another!
"MoooOOOoooOOOooo!!!" Clementine howled as another of Jaime's cow women pounded into
her rapidly, the baby fat of the blonde girls ass constantly rippled from from the repeated thrusts
as both sluts groaned in pleasure. Drool slowly dripped from Clementines lips as she begged,
"More!!! Moremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremore... CUUUUMMM!!!!!"
Standing next to Jaime, Ami licked her lips and stroked her own dick through the fabric of her
blue and pink minidress. The long horse phallus had slid up the length of her dress to peek out
from between her heavy tits. Jaime however only wore a pair of white leather hot pants, with
the fly undone to let her cock and balls hang free. The russian horse cocked woman also wore
a matching tube top that could barely contain her enourmous breasts. On the back of her top
was a red nurses cross and Jaime had topped off her outfit with the head nurses hat she wore
at her facilities back home.
Seeing her inspection, Jaime moved closer to Ami and wrapped her arms around her from
behind, rubbing her long horses dick between the blue haired womans legs. She groaned softly
at the feel of Ami's naked pussy dripping all over her thick shaft. Moving her hand up to caress
Ami's big breasts, Jaime smiled and whispered, "Like what you see?" as she slowly licked the
edge of the other dickgirls ear. She then began squeezing Ami's tits around her own horse
dick, making the blue haired woman moan softly and begin to grind her pussy back and forth
"Mmmm, yes...." Ami responded, her voice husky as she leaned back against Jaime who began
leading them into the small room where their three cows spent their nights. Haruka only smiled
and continued filling and handing out cups of breast milk while their new cow knelt in front of the
blonde still licking and sucking her balls while her own udders were milked.
Once inside the small and sparse sl**ping chamber, Jaime slammed the door shut behind
them and ripped open Ami's minidress, letting her gorgeous tits and horse dick finally spring
free. Ami groaned in raw lust as she pressed her hands against the wall of the room and rolled
her creamy hips against Jaime.
"Ohh yeah..." Jaime groaned as she pulled Ami's naked back against her chest and leaned
over her shoulder to kiss her hotly. The two dickgirls tongues lashed against one another wetly
as the blonde squeezed and kneaded Ami huge tits. Jaime listened to Ami pant heavily as she
pinched and pulled on the womans nipples while she continued rubbing the length of her cock
alonge her now drooling pussy.
"Ahh, fuck... fuck me!" Ami moaned and moved her hand to grip her own dick, stroking it
furiously before leaning her head down to lick the flat bright pink head. It had been so long
since she'd felt anything inside her pussy other than one of her cows tongues. And ever since
she met Jaime by chance in a bar in Crystal Tokyo, she'd been wanting to feel the womans
huge horse dick stretching her belly with its length!
Groaning in desire, Jaime pressed the flat head of her cock against Ami's now seldom used
cunt. Both dickgirls then moaned as the blonde thick shaft stretched Ami's pussy lips wide as it
slowly inched inside her. Jaime settled her hands on the blue haired womans hips as she
watched her cock sink deeper and deeper into Ami's slick pussy.
"Fuuuuuuuuck..." Ami moaned and began humping herself back against Jaime's cock as she
braced her hands against the cold stone wall. She looked down passed her jiggling tits to
watch as her stomach tented up with Jaime's thick shaft. Drool slowly ran down her cheek as
she panted in pleasure, "Soooo thiiiick..."
"Fuck yeah..." Jaime grunted and began pounding her cock deep into the other womans pussy,
her heavy balls smacking wetly against her clit. Her deep tan hands slowly moved her Ami's
hips back to her breasts, squeezing the heavy mounds between her fingers. Both women then
groaned as they humped their bodies against one another, the shlick shlick shlick noise
Jaime's cock the only thing that could be heard over thair pants and moans.
"Uuhhnnn, deeper, fuck me deeper!!!" Ami screamed as she pushed her cunt down hard on
Jaime's shaft, forcing more of her length up into her womb.
"Uuuhhhhnnnnn!!" Jaime groaned as she buried her cock all the way inside Ami's creamy
skinned body. The blue haired woman howled in pleasure, her head leaning back and tears
streaming down her face. Moments later, Jaime and Ami were face to face, the blue haired
womans back against the wall and her legs wrapped around Jaime's waist. Ami's cock jutted
up from between their mashing tits and the two dickgirls licked and sucked the bright pink head,
their tongues meeting occaisionally and pulling them into another lewd kiss.
"Mmmm..mmmm...mmm..." Ami moaned around her own dick as Jaime pounded into her over
and over. "Gaahhh, fuuuck!!" Ami screamed just before her cock and pussy both sprayed their
juices. Hot white cum bathed both dickgirls faces as Jaime practically whinnied in pleasure
when she felt Ami's cunt clamp down around her cock like a vice just as she came. The two
women kissed again, their cum soaked faces still being coated with white cream as their
tongues danced in one anothers mouths while Ami felt her womb filling with thick potent sperm.
"Mmmmhmmhmm.. I think we both needed that." Jaime said with a smile before gently letting
Ami climb off her still rigid dick. She then began massaging the blue haired womans cum into
her face as Ami began looking around for a spare dress.
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it was great. kept me hard thrrough the whole thing
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