My b*****r-in-Law and His Friends

As I had mentioned in my previous story Just For a Friend's Promotion, I had started off with my b*****r-in-law a few weeks after marriage.

A quick brief.
This guy is amazingly handsome.
He is 34 yrs old, same age as my husband. Extremely fit. A bachelor and a womanizer. He is simply amazing.
He and I had started flirting the 1st time we met at my wedding reception.
We flirted when my hubby was not around.
His name is Vipin.

Then I met him a couple of times for dinner with my husband.
We exchanged phone numbers and we started smsing each other pretty frequently.
Things went very flirtatious between us, so much so that when my hubby used to be asl**p, I used to get out of the bedroom to talk to him for a couple of minutes.
We used to flirt a lot.

Once while talking at night and I was about to cut the phone, he kissed me over the phone.
That's the time, I realised that he wants me too as much I want him.
I didn't respond to the kiss but the number of phone calls and smses increased.

We went out for dinner and lunches also, but when my husband was out of the country. Nothing happened as such except lots of flirting.
He guided me also about where to go in Delhi and where not.

I helped him buy a camera also from Jakarta. He got it imported through one of my friends and it saved him lots of money.
He used to come to our house in late evenings for dinner or drinks. My husband, I and he used to chat for hours over drinks.
Sometimes, when my husband used to be fixing drinks and all, he and I used to flirt but carefully.
Like, he blew a kiss towards me, or I winking at him or I smsing him that he is looking so hot.

While serving drinks or anything, if my cleavage got exposed, he used to slyly point it out without my husband getting to know.
And I used to bend over further and show more cleavage to him. hahaha!!!
Sometimes, he used to look at my legs and smile and pretend to look under the skirt. It used to happen if I was wearing short skirts.
And I sometimes, very carefully, lift my skirt to expose more legs, thighs and panties.
And sometimes, I used to stare at his pants with lust in my eyes and then laugh.
Once, my husband was not in India. That was exactly after 3 weeks of our marriage.

I was home alone as Pan, a lover, had just left in afternoon and he could not come over in the evening.
I had started off with Pan immediately after my honeymoon. He used to study in the same university as me in Japan and was the only guy I knew in India. Anyway, it was just this that my husband had travelled out immediately after our honeymoon and Pan was at my house and things went out of control.

Anyway, I was in the shower when Vipin called.
As soon as I came out of the shower, I noticed a missed call.
So I wore a dress which is very cute small dress. And I don't wear anything inside.
And I called him back.
I could make out he was driving. He asked
"Hey babes. Why didn't you pick up the phone earlier?"
I said
"Sorry. I was having a shower."
He said
"Ooooh!! The thought of you having a shower drives me crazy."
I laughed and said flirtingly
"Really, darl? What goes on in your mind?"

He said
"Hmmm...the thought of water dripping on your body, you totally naked under the shower....your body...."
And he laughed.
I said
"Wow!! Nice thoughts and they are turning me on now."

He said
"I am already turned on."
Then I joked
"Is it nice to get turned on at your b*****r¡¦s wife?"
He said
"When the b*****r¡¦s wife is so amazingly beautiful and sexy, then it¡¦s okay."
It carried on for some time. We kept on flirting shamelessly.

Then he said that he has got the camera and he was generally going around the city clicking pictures.
I also said I would like to see the camera also which took so long to come. It¡¦s a really high end camera.
He said
"OKay. Am close. Am coming over."
I said okay.
I thought whether I should wear anything else. But a weird thought came and I stayed in that dress only.
But I combed my hair and all.
Then I sent off my servants for the night.
The security guard called and said Mr. Vipin is there. I told him to send him to the lounge on the 1st floor. The ground floor of the house is too formal for f****y. ļ
I welcomed him.

He flirted and said that I look amazingly hot.
I gave him compliments too.
Then he showed me his camera. It was really nice.
We sat together near each other. He didn't know that I was not wearing anything inside. ;-)
I asked him what he wants to drink or eat. He wanted a drink.
So, I made a drink for him and served him.
I saw him staring at my cleavage as I bent down. And it was a lot. The dress was loose and I was not wearing anything inside.
He said
"Oooh! Wow!!"

I laughed and I covered my neckline and we carried on flirting and chatting.
In between, I heard my phone ring. It was lying on charge in another room.
So, I rushed their and it was my husband calling up from Vietnam.
I talked to him briefly and I didn't mention that Vipin was at home.
We generally chatted for some time.

While I was talking to my husband , Vipin came into the room and started clicking pics of me.
I smiled and I posed.
He blew kisses towards me. I did the same while talking to my husband. HAHA!!
From where he clicked my pics, he could see my cleavage and my legs. I didn't mind it.
In fact I was so turned on. I just wanted to fuck him so badly.
I kept down the phone and smiled at him. And he clicked my pic.

He sat down opposite me. I smiled and asked him why is he clicking pics of me.
He said he wished he had his camera ready when I served him the drink.
He was hinting at the cleavage that he saw.
Then I smiled and I said
"Now click my pic".
I got up and bent down in front of him....and then he clicked.
He clicked and he said WOW!!!
I asked seductively....
"Want more?
And I posed and lifted my leg to the couch.
You can very well imagine what happened later.

Now, Vipin and I have been bonking like crazy since then. I now live in Jakarta, but whenever we meet, its pure unadulterated sex and lust.
In Delhi no matter what, he made it a point to come home to me every single day.
There was a time when I got really serious about fucking him. I used to be desperate to fuck with him or to give him a blow.
And he also was crazy about me and my body.
No matter what, he used to make it a point to come home to me every single day. Otherwise, he used to make me to go to his office and we fuck in his cabin.
Or his house.
Or he called me to any of his friend¡¦s houses and we used to go to a room and we humped like crazy.
I even met him in a mall and had sex with him in the car itself.
It had gone way deep.

There were times when he called me just for a blow job especially when I was having my periods.
He said that he has to ejaculate inside me at least once a day¡K.either in my pussy or mouth.
I liked it. I loved it.
I have been going and getting naked in front of him every day. Even if I had sex with others, I still used to meet him somehow to have sex with him too.
Having him fuck me like a mad man was an addiction.
Normally I like soft and gentle loving sex. My hubby gave me that. But with his b*****r it was dirty and filthy sex.
I used to love it when he treated me like his mistress or sometimes like a slut also.
I loved it. I still do. Whenever he visits us in Jakarta, he bonks me like a whore....and I am helpless when I see his dick.
In India, If he asked to meet me, I used to agree immediately.

If I didn't, then he threatened me. In fact I liked this f***eful nature.
He also showers me with love and caring and all.
But he treats me like a whore also.
He has even gone to the extent of making me fuck with some of his friends also.
That was when I was too desperate for him and I went out with him as his partner in one of his official trips.
He had to go to Goa on an urgent trip. He was staying in my house and my hubby was out of town. So, he took me along.
And we behaved like a married couple. And there he organized for 2 of his friends to see me fucking with him and then fuck with them too.
Initially I had refused, but he threatened me that he will show my nude pictures to my husband. And I agreed and I Loved it.

He made me fuck with some of his colleagues there.
Then sometimes, he used to call his friends over while I am in his house.
When I went to his house, I used to spend almost 9 hours there. And I am naked all through.
He has called his friends over and f***ed me to fuck with them.
I have loved it.

In fact, a couple of times when I was in his house, after having sex with him, I asked him to call his friends myself.
I, myself, asked him to call his friends to fuck me.
He calls 2 or 3 guys. And I do it with all of them
I have done unthinkable things with him.

One that I remember very clearly is this.
One fine day....7:00am, I woke up with my usual....I was all naked.
My hubby, like some of my previous lovers, loves to wake up with a blow.
So, I started feeling his dick and he had a wonderful morning hard on.
I sucked and licked it lovingly and he was moaning all through and feeling my body.
I made him cum in my mouth and I swallowed some and the rest I took it out on a tissue.

Then I made coffee for him and myself and woke him up properly.
We sat on the terrace and had coffee.
Then preparing breakfast and all. I was naked all through. My hubby loves to see me roam around naked in the house. :-)
Morning time, the servants have strict instructions not to come to our floor.
And then finally I had a shower with him.
In the shower, we had sex. Mind blowing sex.
Then he got ready and went to work.
I immediately called up Vipin and he asked me to come over to spend the day with him.
I got dressed....a front open, one piece short dress.....and I didn't wear any undergarments.
The neck line also is very deep. :-)
I went to the local shops to buy a few things and then drove to Vipin's house.

I have the keys to his apartment, so I don't need to ring the bell.
I went in and I had opened my dress from the front to expose my breasts.
I found that there is some other guy sitting there in his underwear.
I have met him before.
In fact, I have had sex with him once his house only.
I tried to cover my boobs, but it was too late. He already had seen a lot.
I asked him where was Vipin.
He said that Vipin had to go to his office for a bit and I am here to give you company.
I sat down and called up Vipin and asked him what the hell is going on.

He apologized and said that there was an emergency at work.
He also asked me laughingly that i can do whatever I want with his friend.
I told him to shut up and i hung up.
Then I talked to the guy for a bit. My breasts were still exposed. I made no efforts to cover them.
Then he went out and brought some coffee for both of us.
We had it and we were generally started chatting and he was sitting next to me and constantly staring at my tits.
I was switching around the tv remote and i found that a movie in the paused mode in the dvd player. It was a porn movie.
I resumed it and we watched it while having coffee.

After sometime, he started feeling my bare thighs. I pushed his hand away.
He again did it and moved towards my pussy and touched it. I pushed his hand away again.
After sometime, he touched my exposed breasts. I let him. I smiled and continued watching the porn movie.
He really started squeezing my tits and I paid no attention to him and I continued watching the movie.
Then he opened the rest of the buttons and he took my dress off. I helped him.
Thats it.

I grabbed him and he grabbed me and he bonked me like a mad man.
I sucked his dick, he licked my pussy, then we humped like crazy.
He came some in my pussy and then I grabbed his dick and made him cum some more in my mouth and he also made me dirty.
I had his cum on my face, neck and tits.
We kept on lying like that for some time.
Then my husband's b*****r came.
He laughed on seeing us lying naked and on seeing cum all over me.
We chatted for some time.
While chatting he prompted me and I agreed and i picked up some cum from my tits and licked it. hahahaha!!!
Then the friend got dressed and went.
Then I and Vipin had shower and then we went to the bedroom and had sex.
It was beautiful. We made love.
I made him ejaculate all in my pussy and then I licked and sucked his dick clean and he slept.
I also lied down for some time.

Then I logged on yahoo and chatted with some guys for a while.
When Vipin woke up, he told me about the plan to go for a movie with his 2 friends.
I wanted to have sex that time, but he said later and I wore the same dress and we went out.
We picked up his friends. I knew one of them only.
I had sex with him in my house a couple of times.
Then we reached the movie hall in NOIDA. Vipin's friends had booked the premier lounge. and I sat between Vipin and the guy I knew, his name is Rohit. The other guy was sitting next to Vipin.
While the lights were still on in the theatre, Vipin had put his hand inside my dress and was squeezing my breasts.
Rohit was seeing all this and we were holding hands.
I knew what I wanted. I wanted to blow Vipin as usual in the movie theatre and I wanted to have sex with the other 2 later.
Rohit and I started kissing passionately. I loved it and I started going wet.

Vipin and the other guy saw it and were teasing me. I didn't bother and I continued kissing the guy while Vipin had his hands inside my shirt.
He went ahead and opened the buttons of my dress. :-)
Then the movie started and I concentrated on Vipin.
I took his dick out and I gave him a blow and I swallowed all of it.
While I was giving him a blow, Rohit had started fingering me.
It was just wonderful.
And the guy next to Vipin was constantly looking at me sucking Vipin's cock.
When he could not see because of darkness, he used his phone light to see me sucking Vipin's dick lovingly.
I winked at him and smiled at him. :-)

After I was through with Vipin, Rohit opened his jeans and i bent over the other side and I started sucking him. I asked Vipin to finger me.
He didn't.
But I continued sucking that guy. Then I felt Vipin squeezing my hips and slowly inserting the finger inside my wet pussy.
I looked back and saw the other guy doing it. Vipin and him had changed seats.
I laughed and I continued sucking that guy's dick.
But I didn't complete it.
They insisted on having sex. And I also wanted it.
So we left.
Vipin stayed back and watched the movie and I went down to the basement car park with the 2 guys. In fact, we rushed.
In Vipin's car, I took off all my clothes and I asked the guy I knew, Rohit, to fuck me.
But he wanted a blow only.

So, I asked the other guy and he said yes, but not here.
We got out of the car and the guys took out the back seat and put in on the ground outside the car.
I was scared but I was sooooo excited. The fear of getting caught is amazing.
The new guy lied down on the seat and opened his pants. I saw his dick and i was in love. hahahah!!!
I sucked, kissed and licked amazingly.
Rohit commented on the situation.
A public basement parking.
A girl, all naked sucking a man's dick while another guy standing and waiting his turn.
We all laughed and I continued loving that dick.
Then I sat on his dick and I took it inside and I rode him.
I asked Rohit to come closer and I started sucking him.
I came like a thousand times. It was amazing.

The guy who I was riding came inside my pussy and I immediately left the Rohit's dick and I sucked and licked his. I made him cum more.
Then I got back and made Rohit cum.
And he did what many guys love to do.
Cum all over me.
I just lied down on the seat and Rohit shagged on me.
Then, I got a huge shock. The guy who was already done started peeing on me. I silently shouted and I tried to avoid it...but couldn't.
Both the guys laughed and then Rohit also peed on me.
I just could not do anything....I just lied down there and accepted the guys peeing all over my face and tits.
And there was huge amounts of cum on my face too.
Then I took tissues and I wiped myself clean and but I could not wear that dress as I was wet.
The guys called Vipin.

He left the movie and came down. And saw me and laughed.
I said I can't do anything till I wipe all the pee.
Vipin suddenly took my dress and started wiping the pee from my body.
I said what the hell am I gonna wear now. All of them said nothing.
We all got into the car and left. Vipin was driving and I was sitting at the back....all naked between the 2 guys.
They were constantly fondling my tits.

Then we reached Vipin's home, I kissed every guy bye. Passionately. And every guy felt my body.
Then I very carefully got into my car and covered my tits from top with a cushion.
It was so dangerous driving back home like that.

And it was even more dangerous getting out of the car and reaching my house.
When I reached my house the security guards and servants were shocked to see my come out naked. But I paid them heavy tips to keep their mouths shut.
My faithful servants cleaned the car and I cleaned myself and got ready for my hubby to return from work.

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