A cock or two. And First time Anal Sex.

So hope you enjoy this from early this year.

So every once in a while I like to suck on a cock.

Usually it is from Steve who I met on Craigslist. He gives a great massage with a huge cock to suck on while he sucks me off or jacks me off. And the massage is really good as well LOL.

But this day I wanted to try another cock.

So again Craigslist to the rescue.

Saw an advert, Mid 30's guy wants to suck cock and happy to have his cock sucked.
So after a couple of emails and text found out he was only around the corner.

10 minutes later I was around at his place. Gay porn on the TV and my cock in his mouth having an awesome Blow Job.
His name was David and was the same as me happily seeing his girlfriend but just liked a cock to play with.

He was quite GL 6'2 and had a 7in thick cock. When I got the chance to suck on it, wow it just grew in my mouth. I reckon maybe 8 1/2 at full erection. Damm I loved to try to deep throat it but it was just too big. He had massive heavy balls just full of ( hopefully ) white thick creamy CUM.
It didn't take long to find out as I quickened the speed of my sucking and felt his balls tightening and Dav's breathing changed. All of a sudden his cock exploded in my mouth and there was so much cum. So much it drippled out of my mouth and down my chin. It tasted so good I wanted more.

Dav then said well my mate is coming around later. So I went home to have a shower and get ready for maybe a hot afternoon of more cock.

As I had not had anal sex before being the first time that I'll have two cocks to play maybe it is time to try it.

So late afternoon I went back to Dav's place to find his friend Adam was already there. He to was GL about the same height as me, just didn't look like a guy to want cock. But hey I'm the same way.

But when I saw his cock I just wanted it. We were all now naked lying on the bed just playing with each others cock, when Dav went down on Adam. His ass was in the air and so I rimmed his ass. Spreading his cheeks so I could stick my tongue into his ass it seemed that while I went home he'd been playing with a dildo and wanted me to fuck his ass. So as I lubed my cock he open his legs so I could get in. It was his first time having a cock inside him as well.

I've fucked many women anally but to do with a guy and able to jack him off at the same time and with Dav's cock so big and hard, it wasn't to long before he shot another big load into Adam's mouth. I could also feel like I was about to cum inside Dav. My balls shudded and I came in Dav's ass. I've not seen a creampie from a guys ass before close up damm I needed to be fucked in the ass now.

I asked Adam to do it just as Dav was just to big for a first time fuck.
So Dav got his dildo out as I'd only ever used my fingers or some elses fingers and lubed it up, Wow did that feel good. But now wanted the real thing.

Adam got in behind me and started to lube my ass then I felt his cock press up against my butt cheeks, I breathed out to relax as he entered me.
Yes the first bit there was a little pain but then as I relaxed more and he began to thrust in and out it just got better and better until he came inside me.

It has now made me want to take Dav's cock but that will have to be another story very soon.

92% (23/2)
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1 year ago
very sexy
2 years ago
LUCKY Boy Peter,get both cocks up your sexy bum next time,XXX
2 years ago
Sounds hot.
2 years ago
hot story, just feels rushed
2 years ago
hot story but felt a bit rushed
2 years ago
Well Done.