Missing My Married Lady

Nights like this I wish rain drops would fall I could lay back in my bed and know I have it all…

You’re more than a woman you’re more than a friend I keep telling myself you could be in my life til the end Late nights I clutch my pillow wishing it were you I spray your perfume on my bed to make myself believe I’m sl**ping with you I wake up confused when you’re not there I tell myself you had to leave before I got up.

I ask myself if she knows how much she means to me then I hear her voice telling me how much I mean to her and once again I’m satisfied cause I know she wants me as much as I want her. I realize its only time that has separated us and that one day soon we will be together just as I imagined it would be… nothing but smiles when I think of you, laughter and joy in our voices when we speak, our imaginations running wild while making plans to meet.

I can’t sl**p baby, I’m so anxious I know the time is approaching for us to be together and I can’t hardly wait, my thoughts are running wild… will she hold my hand when I reach for hers… will she hug me deeply… when I lick my lips will she become uncomfortable… how will she react to my first kiss… should I kiss her neck or should I wait… will she accept my kisses, will she let me kiss the back of her neck… will she moan if she’s turned on… when I pleasure her nipples is she going to enjoy it as much as I will… is she going to let me suck each one of her toes will she like it or will she think its nasty. When I begin to suck her pussy will she want me to go nice and slow licking all around the clitoris then sucking the pussy lips then slowly trusting my tongue into her opening slipping one finger in to reach that “spot” that I know will drive her wild… all the juices from her waterfall begin to slide down my throat… will she make me to stop when her body begins to shake or would she allow me to go back to my slow pace… When I strip for her what type of look will she have on her face? Once we’re both naked and my dick is throbbing in anticipation will she reach out to touch it will she tell me how much she missed it.

I hear the phrase I’ve been waiting so long to hear “put it in” I gently slide into your warm wet opening a moan escapes your lips I slide out just to enter you again… I slide out again just to reenter you… feels so good being inside of you… now I know why I waited for you your pussy feels like I imagined it would so soft so wet… I want you to get on top I want to see your eyes as I slide in and out of you I want you to see the pleasure you’re giving me I want to play with your nipples while you bounce on this dick do you mind If I pull you to me so I can kiss you while I go deeper and deeper in your pussy yeah just like that I want you to cum again for me I don’t want to stop til you say stop come here let me lick your pussy some more… no this way I want you to sit on my face and feed it to me tell me how you want your pussy ate… Do you like it when I lick it like that?…. I want you to get on your knees I wanna pull your hair while I stroke this pussy from the back can I do it like that? You want it nice and slow can I go deep you want me to play with your ass while I stroke this pussy… oh okay you want me to taste your ass too… oh okay I’m sorry I didn’t know you liked that come here let me take care of that for you… you’re about to cum again oh you want me to cum with you okay baby I’m about to cum with you… you know I like it when you squeeze it like that YOU”RE ABOUT TO MAKE ME CUM. OH BABY... OH BABY… THAT FEELS SO GOOD… OH SHIT BABY LOOK YOU MADE ME CUM SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago
Damn. I want that.
4 years ago
absolutely beautiful....