Motel Fun

After picking me up late at night we found ourselves at the motel we used to get together sometimes. After a playful shower together I waited anxiously for him, naked, in the bed by the light of the TV. My dick was so hard for him it almost hurt. Please hurry, baby, I thought as my hand stroked my aching cock. I wanted to do something tonight I hadn't done before and I was a little apprehensive. I wanted to suck and lick and kiss that beautiful, gorgeous cock of his! To give him some of the pleasure he had given me, sucking my cock. Briefly, just now in the shower I had licked it, quickly, and he seemed to like it but he quickly stood me up, kissing me deeply as we ground our loins together. "I'll be waiting for you in bed, honey" I whispered as I exited the shower. I couldn't wait to make love with him again! At last he appeared, walking toward our bed, his magnificent hard-on leading the way as his scrotum hung seductively below. He got in closely next to me as our eyes met and our arms went tightly around each other. "You're so exciting, sweetheart" I said as our hot lips came together in a passion filled expression of love for each other. His hot, silky tongue f***ed it's way into my mouth as my own tongue began playing with his and I moaned in pleasure and acceptance. His body was moist from the shower and very hot as we dry humped ourselves to excitement. Soon his cock found mine and we rubbed them against each other as the feelings became electric and urgent! "Oh Petey, Petey, you make me so crazy!" he said as my legs went around his hips, holding him tightly against my own ravenous body. Oh but I loved the feeling of him on top of me between my legs!! As the electricity sparked between us I thought of the erotic image of him sucking my cock and I whispered huskily in his ear "Guy, darling, I want to suck your dick!" I had said it without even knowing I was going to! It just came out of my mouth as if on it's own! "Ooooohhhh YES!, honey, YES! anything you want, baby!" He rolled off of me then, lying on his back as his cock stood straight up alluringly. He was so hard! My left hand went around his beautiful shaft as I watched his eyes close in exctasy. It was so exciting!!! I kissed my way down his body anxious to get to my destination, never letting go of his manhood. Stroking it slowly now as my mouth hovered over it. I brought my lips to his cockhead and reveled in it's softness, planting little kisses on it as my tongue licked. I brought the head of his cock into my mouth and felt his hips rise to me. His cock was HOT in my mouth and the pleasure I gave him excited me all the more as I clamped my lips as tightly as I could around him. My arms went around his hips as I tried getting as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. "You're delicious, baby" He moaned and bucked his hips and I knew he was enjoying my attentions to him. "Baby, you know just what to do!!" he husked in his exctasy and my tongue lavished his cock head, my lips straddled his shaft. Licking, I brought his scrotum in my mouth and ravished it. I kissed his inner thighs before returning to that heavenly shaft and devouring it with my hot mouth. He was bucking wildly as he pulled me up to his hot lips. As we kissed and petted, his hand on my cock, he whispered to me urgently "Honey! I've got to have you!!" I held him tighter as I replied "YES! darling, YES!! FUCK ME! OH FUCK ME!!" I opened my legs wide in anticipation of him mounting me. Oh but he was glorious as he lowered himself to me, first a little cock rub then pressing his bulbous cock head against my love hole as if asking permission to come in. I blew him a kiss as our eyes met prior to his entry and then I had my man! "Tell me if it hurts, honey" I moaned my pleasure in reply. Just his cock head was in me but the warmth and fullness of his dick threatened to take me over the edge and I didn't want it to end yet. I thrust to him and his cock went farther in as he let out a gasp "Oh Petey, yes" I flexed my anal muscles and watched him flinch with pleasure and he drove even farther into me! The intimacy of the moment was overwhelming! "You're really getting the hang of this, aren't you?" he asked playfully. Glad for the momentary relief I said to him "Oh Guy, your cock feels so good in me!" And it really, really did. He filled me up and the thought of him in me made me love him all the more. The soft pulsing of his cock in me, the firm shaft seeking intimacy, his balls slapping mine as we thrust toward each other. To say nothing of our loving embrace and kisses as we fucked. And my own cock nestled between our bodies as he humped me. We gradually worked ourselves into an erotic rythym as we humped tightly embraced. "Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, more, baby more!" I found myself saying... or almost begging. "You're wonderful, hon!" he said, raining kisses all over my face and neck, licking as he went. The feel over his body moving against my cock had brought me to the edge of orgasm as we thrust together and quite unexpectantly I started cumming! "Oh! Oh oh!! Guy! Honey!! I'm cumming! Oh Guy I'm cumming!! LOVE YOU!!!!! OH GUY!! OH, OOOHHH!! HONEY!!" Squirt after squirt of hot cum issued from my hyper stimulated cock as we rubbed it together humping each other like we were. And then I felt him inside me beginning to cum! His cock head expanded and he rammed his cock as deep as he could into me as he let go in a titanic orgasm. We were both cumming now!! "Baby!!! Oh yeah, babe! Oh yYYYEEEESSSS!!!! Oh yYYEESSS!!! SO GOOOOOODDDD!!! PETEY!!! YYESSS!!" He collasped on top of me and we continued our embrace. Lightly kissing I told him how wonderful he was. We slept in each others' arms.
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1 year ago
Kisses xxx
2 years ago
love this, and I am so HARD right now! xxx'es!
2 years ago
Great one.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Excellent story, you have a writing talent.
2 years ago
Fucking hot story Pete! Thanks!
2 years ago
Just wonderful!
2 years ago
wow! first of your stories for me, have to read the rest.
2 years ago
Your stuff is way hot!
2 years ago
loved this story!