We were in each others' arms and kissing hungrily before the engine stopped. We were parked at 'our spot', very secluded and private where we could let are passions for each other express themselves with abandon. His HOT lips covered my mouth and his silky tongue explored my mouth feverishly. My own mouth was open wide as if to swallow my man, I wanted him so. I moaned in pleasure against him as I felt the lithe warmth of his body held tightly against my own. "I need you, Petey" he said huskily while kissing my cheek and face, neck and ears, tongue lapping at me. I pulled him even closer as I whispered back "I need you too, darling", my cock raging at his stimulation. "Get naked with me, sweetie" he said pulling my pants off as he spoke. He was already gloriously naked and I reached for his manhood in my passion for him. Oh God he felt so good! Pulsing and hard in my hand! and HOT! He gasped as I started stroking his cock, rubbing my thumb on his pre-cum covered head. As he slipped my pants over my feet he enveloped my own cock with his beautiful mouth and sent waves of excitement thru me. I thrust my hips up to his mouth, sending my cock into his throat. He moaned in acceptance and pleasure as I reveled in my cockplay of him. He slid out from behind the steering wheel, half carrying me with him. We melted again in each others' arms, embracing as tight as possible, kissing passonately and deeply. He slid between my legs and on top of me as my feet rested on the dashboard. He lowered his massive cum-filled cock until it rested gently on top of my eager and hot, hard dick. "Oh Guy, I love this!!" I half shouted as our cocks pressed against each other, hot, moist and burning with desire. Slowly he rubbed his cock up and down my own hard shaft as we built towards an explosive orgasm. Our tongues danced with each other and our embrace tightened as we both felt the fever of unrestrained desire well up in us. "I want you, my darling sweetheart" he husked, kissing and licking all the while. I knew what he meant and had been anticipating it excitedly for about a week now. Truth be told I needed to be fucked and I wanted him to fuck me. NOW! but I had never done this. You could say we had never gone 'all the way' yet. "YES, baby, oh YYEESS!" I said, cupping his face with my hands and kissing his warm, soft lips. "Guy, honey, I've never done it" I said meekly looking into his eyes. "I won't hurt you, my love" "I'll never hurt you, baby" and we kissed deeply as he positioned himself. He rubbed his cock up and down my ass, his pre-cum lubing me. My arms and legs held him as his cock head pressed against my anal opening. "Just relax, Petey and remember 'I love you'" he said as he pushed. "Aaaaahhhh" I gasped as the head of his cock popped in. "OOooooh Petey!!" "That feels wonderful!" he said and it did! The heat from his cockhead spread thruoghout my body as I watched him in his exctasy. His cock hurt a little but it did feel WONDERFUL as he slowly pushed farther into me. I planted a long tongue-filled kiss to his neck as he continued into me with his manhood. "Oh baby, don't stop! Don't stop!" I cried out as he began thrusting his hips. I felt...full as he thrust his cock in and out and I began thrusting my hips back in rythym to him. We stared at each other as we made love and I whispered "I love you" to him as I was overwhelmed by the feeling of him inside me for the first time. Furiously now we fucked each other. "Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, fuck me honey!!" I shouted as we built to orgasm. "Petey, oh Petey! You feel soooo gooood!!!!, BABY!!! Oooooh!!" With his balls pressed tightly to mine his cock head mushroomed inside me and he sprayed his hot, glorious essence into me, holding me so tightly in his arms. It was glorious! as his cock pumped hot streams of jizz into me over and over again. The warmth of it exciting me to orgasm volcanically. I arched up to him as my sperm squirted out on him and me as we embraced. "Oh Guy, Oh baby, I can't hold it anymore hoonneeyy!! aaahhh!!". We relaxed against each other, trying to catch our breath as we cuddled and kissed. "I love you, Petey" he said softly, our lips touching. My legs hugged him tighter as we lay there. "I love you, too Guy" That was our first time, but not our last and I can tell you it really has been WONDERFUL!
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I just came SO HARD to this! XXXXXXXXXXXX
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great story