I Love it!

"Oh, honey, your cock feels sooooo good inside me!" I whisper in his ear as his massive manhood thrust slowly in and out. The feel of our embrace as we slowly bring each other to orgasm is overwhelming as we physically express our love. "I love you, Petey, I always will my darling". I gasp in ectasy at this as I thrust back at his throbbing cock. From his first touch I had hoped for this and didn't even know it at the time. The pleasure of his hand stroking my dick for the first time was exciting and I began looking forward to his attentions. Even beginning to check out his considerable assets. I would wake up to him caressing me while whipering compliments in my ear and the desire in me would build faster than my erection. Our make-out sessions became more and more passionate as I surrendered to him more and more every time we got together. I remember the first time I felt his beatiful cock. It felt so right in my hand as I slowly stroked it, pressed it against my own wildly pulsing cock. The feelings were electric and reached every part of my body and we both came all over each other. It was the first time I realized that I was falling in love with him. We laughed and swirled our cum, mixing it together. We're kissing now, his lips press tightly to mine, my tongue shooting into his mouth searching for an unattainable closeness. Oh he feels so good!!! Never let it end! His naked body is so exciting! I grip his cock with my anal muscles as he fucks me and he gasps. "Oh petey, you're beautiful!" he says, breaking our kiss. "I love you so much, Guy" I say while licking his neck. This is what I live for now and there's no going back. I will always want him like this and will do anything to hold on to our love. I want him!! Faster now, he is building to a volcanic orgasm and I feel him grow in me, his cock head mushrooming. He feels even more wonderful as he begins cumming inside me, he moans in pleasure as I do the same in anticipation of his passion! He presses his cock tight inside me, his mouth in an "O", as he spurts his warm, loving essence, pump after pump in me as my own orgasm sprays between us. After thrusting wildly at each we lay together, still inside me, "You're the best, Petey, my love....the absolute best!" Kissing my face. Kissing him back I tell him, "I love that cock of yours!!" I LOVE IT!
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2 years ago
oh Peter, I LOVE this!
2 years ago
Am fucking you in my head now Petey.
2 years ago
VERY sexy!!
2 years ago
Wow, you are hot!