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"Meet me at my house after school, Petey" Tony said to me in the hall as we changed class. I nodded yes to him as his eyes looked at me furtively and intensely. All the rest of that school day I thought of what we had done together two days before. Sitting right there in class I remembered the sensations he brought out in me and GOD! how good it had felt. I had to admit to myself that I WAS attracted to him and absolutely excited about making love with him. I was getting hard just thinking of him right there in class! One of my new fantasies was going to the men's room and finding him there and he makes me suck his giant cock in one of the stalls. Silly I know but he's always on my mind and I couldn't wait for the day to end and be alone with him in his room. Maybe we would get naked together again and hold each other tight, rubbing our cocks together all the while! Uuummmm!
At last the day ended and there I was at his house knocking on the door! "Come in" "Hi Petey, Tony's in his room, go right up" Tony's mom said to me and I shot up the stairs to my new love's room. I knocked softly and opened the door. He was standing just inside the door as I opened it and he closed it behind me while at the same time wrapped his arms around me. "I've missed you!" he hissed to my ear, holding me close. "Aaaahhh, yes" I managed to say as his emotions overwhelmed me. He brought his face close to mine and as we looked into each others eyes we started to kiss. His lips were wet and hot and they covered my mouth as my tongue shot into him, my arms clutching him closely. I could feel he was hard as we pressed together and that was exciting. As he was kissing and licking my neck I said to him "I thought the day would never end!" "I couldn't wait to be with you like this, TONY!" "SSSHHHH, I don't want anyone to hear us" he said, kissing me. "Let's get on the bed, baby" I whispered to his ear, and I couldn't resist a lick at the same time. "Lock the door and I'll get naked". I did and turned to find him gloriously naked and beautiful, I stripped in a second and we fell together on the bed naked and clutching each other, kissing and licking all the while. OOOOHHHH there it was again, at last!, the feel of his cock on mine, exciting me to heights of passion I had never imagined before! I kissed him deeply, inserting my tongue as far as I could into his beautiful mouth, feeling the softness of his full lips on mine. "Oh Petey! How I've longed for you!" His warm body next to mine was so very exciting and he rolled over on top of me. I thrust upward to him as we embraced in our love. His large cock felt heavy on mine but no less exciting as we writhed in our ecstacy. It was like electricity throughout my whole body as they touched. We were both moist with precum as we kissed and licked at each other. He kissed his way down to the source of my passion and took me into his hot mouth. "Oh, honey that feels good!" I said softly, caressing his shoulders and back. "Uuuummm" he moaned and I reached for his cock, wanting to feel it in my hand and stroke him. I fondled his dick and his balls, lightly pressing the palm of my hand against the tip, it was glorious! He moved and I got my mouth around his throbbing cock and luxuriated in the feeling of him in my mouth. Now it was my turn and I let out a "UUUUUUMMMMM!!!!". He was delicious! I kissed and licked his legs, his balls, his cock and any thing that was part of him and he did the same to me as we made mad love to each other. "We're going to do something else today, baby" You said softly to me as you spread my legs, falling on top of me. My arms around your neck I say to you "Anything you want, Tony" I said smiling up at you as I saw our cocks come together. Then you move slightly down and taking your dick in your hand, press it against my anal opening, rubbing it up and down. I looked at him anxiously but excitedly and he says "Let me know if it hurts too much, my love" It was exciting to me that he wanted to fuck me! And I wanted to fuck him back! To feel his cock throbbing and hungry inside me! "Oh Yess!, honey Oh yes!" And we kissed deeply as he positioned himself. He pressed the head of his cock harder now and I spread my legs further to receive him. Oooooh but he felt sooooo goood as his cockhead penetrated me and I squeezed it with muscles I had just then discovered! "Oh God, Petey! That's it!" "Ooooommm, Tony!!" my arms completely around his neck, licking at his ear. He thrust slowly and tenderly all the way into me then. "Tony, Oh Tony! That's wonderful!!", squeezing him again. My legs embraced his body as he began rythmically thrusting and I would thrust back and squeeze his cock as we fucked toward an explosive climax. Our tongues danced together as we did this, my cock pressed against his body as we moved. Our pace quickened as our passion grew, our embrace tightened. I pressed our lips together and I feel your hot cum spray and spurt inside me as you moan into my mouth. My own climax erupted next, soaking both our bodies with cum as I thrust time after time on your cock. It was glorious!!! "Oh God Petey, How was that?" All I could whisper was "Sweetheart" as I looked up at him. He rolled off of me, both of us exhausted for the moment and I say to you at laast I LOVE your big sexy cock, Tony!" We would have to do this more often I thought!
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2 years ago
Damn it !
What memories you brought back to me.

2 years ago
Rubbing my dick as I read your well-chosen words. Ah, to be young and learning about the pleasures of man-to-man sex. Those memories never lose their erotic power. Soft kisses to you.
2 years ago
Hot stuff!!
2 years ago
Man you should be a writer.
2 years ago
fucking wonderful story!
3 years ago
My wet dream!!!
3 years ago
Very hot stuff; good job!