Our spot

The night air felt wonderful as we drove together in the night. I was sitting close to him with my arm around his neck as he fondled my inner leg. Oh, how I wanted him at that moment! I hoped we were going to what I liked to call 'our spot' but It was so romantic just riding with him like this in the car and I felt I could erupt at his slightest touch. I leaned in and kissed him on his neck as his hand reached my pulsing hard cock. "You'll make me cum, sweetheart" I whispered huskily into his ear. With my hand in his hair my right hand reached for his massive member and was gratified by his raging hard cock and he started thrusting to my touch. "Baby, now you're going to make me cum!" So I backed off a little as I thought of his exciting cock, hard at the thought of our lovemaking. "You know where to go, don't you honey?". "Yes, oh yes!" he said as he quickly kissed me on my swollen lips. "Hurry, darling" I whispered, my tongue lolling in his ear. I was kissing him everywhere I safely could as he turned into the dirt road leading to 'our spot'. This was the place where we had made love to each other for the first time. It was where I had discovered the joys of man to man love and I was after more right now. After he turned into the road he stopped and we kissed each other deeply and lovingly, both my arms completely around my love. While deep in his arms we broke our kiss, "I love you, Guy" I whispered to my darling man as he lavished his love on my neck and ears. "Let's get parked, honey so I can love you". So we found our spot and parked. The crescent moon gave just enough light that we could admire each other as we stripped. We were both wildly hard and aroused we fell into each others arms and started rubbing our members together. G-d it was sooo very gooood to be with him again! To feel the weight of him pressing down on me, my thrusting back up at him, the contact of our dicks together driving me crazy with desire! His tongue was exploring my mouth as I moaned with pleasure, needing his cock all the more as we press together. "Oooh, honey you feel so good!". "I love you, Petey, I'll always love you" and I gasped in extacy. I wanted him inside me now as we continue thrusting at each other. "Fuck me, Guy, oh fuck me! my love!!" I beg as we move together. "Oooooh baby, I want you!!" he husks as we position ourselves for the consummation of our love. His cock is massive and it presses against the nub of my love hole. He's sooooo warm!! And large!! It's exciting for us both to make a fuss about the moment of entry. My legs encircle his hips as he mounts me, his cock against my opening. "Aaah, baby love" I gasp as his cockhead pops into me. "I love your cock, Guy!" "I'm so glad to hear that baby as I'm going to give it all to you!" "I want it!!" I say to him as he slides in a little more. The warmth of his cock is spreading throughout my body as I tell him how good he feels in me. He's pulsing and hot as he enters me all the way and my legs hold him there as my muscles squeeze his lovely dick. "I've missed you, darling" I say softly to him. "I've missed you too, Petey" he says as a prelude to a kiss. "Ummmmm" I moan to him as we begin thrusting. "Oh yeah, Guy, give it to me, baby, give me what I need!" "Oh Petey, oh honey , yes, oh yyyesss!" Alternately squeezing and releasing I synchronize our thrusts and he just rocks my world as we give ourselves to each other. It's so beautiful and I crave his hot creamy cum spraying and spurting inside me as he thrusts furiously now. "Give it to me, honey!! oh yyyesss give it to me bbbaaabbbyyy!!!!" I scream out as we fuck each other. I'm erupting with cum on his stomach as he let's go iside me with his love juice! And what a load he gave me! At least eight full spurts of my love's cum found their home in me! I hold him tight in my arms as he comes down from his orgasm and tell him how much I love him. We kiss deeply as we separate but remain close. "That was so very wonderful, Guy, will it always be like this?" "I promise, my love" And we embrace tightly as we again kiss deeply. I really love 'our spot'!!!
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