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A Great Date

Tony and I slid into the booth and sat at what I call 'affectionately' close. We were at our favorite place where we could display our relationship without ridicule or undue attention and we were having a great time in each others company. "Thanks for the date, honey" I said stealing a quick kiss from him. "You're welcome, sweetie" he said smiling as my fingers tickled the bulge in his pants under the table. "Date won't last long if you keep that up!" he half laughed as my own cock shot to attention at touching him. Taking a sip from my drink and stroking his face,getting myself under control, I leaned in closer inhaling his fragrance and listening to the music. His arm had just gone around me when one of the regulars came over and asked him for a dance on the small floor. It was a fast tune and Tony was known for his great dancing and, knowing I didn't like fast dancing (no rythym), he turned to me and asked "Can I, baby?". "I'll be watching" I said, kissing him on the cheek. And it was true. He could dance with the graceful, seductive moves of a tiger in the jungle patrolling his domain. He could have been a go-go dancer but I'm glad he wasn't. That's not to say that we didn't dance together. On the contrary when a romantic slow dance came on the jukebox we would walk hand in hand to the dance floor and with him leading would begin a steamy dance. I would swoon at his movements and touch. It would always end cheek to cheek, my arms around his neck, his around my waist, occasionally caressing my bottom to the good natured catcalls of some observers. In fact the way he moved was one of the reasons he had caught my eye in the first place. He was so cute throwing me a kiss whenever he got close to his dance partner. My mind went back to our first make-out, petting session. we sat on his couch just watching a movie and he leaned over to me saying "Petey" softly and just like that we started kissing! It just seemed the most natural thing and my arms went around his beautiful body, wanting to hold and caress him. His lips were HOT and soft and melted onto mine as the kiss deepened. I moaned in pleasure and his silky tongue shot into my mouth. Pulling me to him, my own tongue passionately met his in a dance we would repeat many, many times. His body felt incredible!! Warm, open and inviting, he was irresistible. Our embrace tightened and intensified and I felt his arousal grow, increasing my own carnal desire for him. Breathlessly I broke our kiss and nuzzled his neck, my hot lips planting kisses everywhere. We held and caressed each other and I felt his hips grinding into me, our cocks pressing. Oh! but that was sooo hot!! His silky tongue licking me anywhere he could, his hand reached for my imprisoned cock. I thought I would explode as he set it free and touched me for the first time! My hand was rubbing beneath his shirt, all over his chest, stomach, even his now hard nipples. Short, little kisses all over my face now as I unbuttoned his shirt and felt his hard, heavy dick. It felt so good in my hand!! Without thinking I started stroking him, watching his face for approval. I snapped back to Tony and watched him dance. I was swooning just watching him I realized. Then,in my mind I was back on the couch with him. Instinctively I moved down kissing and licking him as I went. Reveling in the pleasure he gave me and the arousal I excited in him. I licked his erect nipples before moveing down surrounding his navel with my lips and forcing my tongue into it. He was squirming in ectasy as I gobbled his cock, inserting it deeply into my hot, hungry mouth. It felt so warm and erotic as you softly 'ooohed and aaahed' to my tongue licking. My arms now encircled your hips as I plant short, intense kisses on the soft, sensual skin of your cock head. Your hands are running through my hair as I bring you closer, and you're bucking for release. The flat of my tongue laps at your dick head and pulsing shaft as I lick and kiss you down to your scrotum and I suck as much of it as I can into my passion filled mouth. As I kiss my way back to your wonderful manhood your scrotum tightens and just then you're shooting gobs of white nectar into the air! I plunge on top of your cock and suck as much as I can into me as you arch your back in orgasm. As your orgasm subsides I release your cock from my now sated mouth and notice your cum still streaming from you. And that was just the start of that night I remembered as I watch you walk back to our booth. You slide in tightly to me and ask "How you like my dancing, hun?" I kiss your lips and say "I LOVE it!" and I knew this was going to be a really great date!
Posted by peteguer 3 years ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
I feel as tho tony and petey are real.
Love them both.
Ahhh! Young lovers
I was there once.
in 1978 thru 1981.
then i lost him.
Had to make a choice.
Him or my family.
Wonder and always will, what if i had chosen him.
Thanks for the memories.
They are all i have now.

2 years ago
Love reading the ongoing sex adventures of Tony and Petey. The mouth action in your stories makes my mouth drool and I need to keep licking my lips wishing they were YOURS.