Together Again

We sat next to each other, naked, on the edge of your bed in the darkened room, unsure of what to do. I thought of last weekend's glorious encounter with you and my forearm and hand caress the tight, warm skin of your back. I skipped a breath as your hand came to my white hot thigh, rubbing toward the soft inner skin closer to my rapidly growing passion. All week at school we had semi-avoided each other, confused, maybe, over our compelling, powerful and growing infatuation. I lean into you and say softly "You feel it too, Tony?" "Yes!...oh yes!" you reply and I think of watching you (hungrily?) walking in the hall to class, masculine and sure in your lithe movements. When we would briefly speak at all I could think of nothing but the desperate, deep and loving kisses we had shared as I watched your lips move. "Petey, ahhh..." you breath hotly on my neck as your arm encircles my waist now and my body ignites in contact with yours. So tight, yet so supple to my touch! I think of looking at you in class hoping no one would notice as I'd dream of us together and quickly averting my eyes,smiling, as you glance back. Or was it the other way around? Didn't matter I think as your sweet, hot lips scoured the tender flesh of my neck, your tongue leaving exciting little remembrances of contact as you went. Your hand at last reaches my rock solid, vibrating, love filled cock and I moan with desire. Without thought my hand finds your beautiful manhood and I feel it's pulsing passion, my index finger lightly caressing the tip and the rest softly gripping your firm shaft. "Oooh yeah, baby, that feels wonderful!" you gasp in my ear as you lick and kiss me. Finally your warm lips come crashing down on mine, our open mouths furtively exchanging tongues. We're both softly moaning now tightly embracing at this new level of passion and excitement. "Tony...oh my Tony, oh" I'm gasping, nuzzling and kissing your neck now. We slide onto your bed more now as you lay me beneath you, your passion filled dick and scrotum hanging seductively from your loins. "Please, Tony my love, please lie close on top of me!" I beg and you lower yourself to my ravenous body, our cocks together hot and moist. "Honey, I've wanted you so all week long" you huskily sigh as we grind in our building passion and my legs wrap tightly around your sensually moving hips. "Ooh, Tony, me too, baby" I reply, kissing your cheek, lips and even your nose. You raise those pretty butt cheeks up a bit and then I feel your hard, hot cock come down on my own raging dick. I swoon in the sensations it generates throughout my lust-filled body. "oooh lover, aaah" I manage to breath to you as you kiss my cheek with a slow "Petey...." With the need to feel you inside me I quickly slip out from under you and with you now on your knees I grasp your cock with my lips seemingly drinkng you in to my hot mouth, my tongue dancing on the head. "Ooooh, oh Petey" you whisper in surprise while rocking slowly and slightly back and forth, my excitement growing yet more in your increased passion. I kiss your body all over as we position ourselves for mutual gratification. Your white hot mouth engulfing my eager cock, I let out a soft moan of assent, not wanting to leave the delight of your cock filling my own mouth. Oh, but this was heaven lying on our sides pleasuring each other in your bed! Our hips couldn't remain still as we do this and every slight movement just adds to the thrill of the experience. With a perfect sense of timing you brake off and sliding expertly above and between my outspread legs you press your bulbous, hot,sensuous cock-head against my anal nub. The thrill quickly spreads throughout my lusty body as you press it here, then there, then here again and then, when I can stand it no more you're fully inside me in all your white hot glory! My breath escapes me with an audible "Aaaahhh" as I enjoy your length and girth and you bring your gorgeous body down on mine, encapsulating my dick. My legs grasp you and my arms are around you as we writhe in this new ectasy, your arms tightly holding my willing, scorching body. Looking into each others' eyes we begin to slowly thrust together, your scrotum slapping tenderly against my bottom. "You're...incredible!" I manage to say as our pace quickens. "So....good...tight" you excitedly breath to me as I caress your hips. All too soon your scrotum tightens and your cock head expands as you spurt your love into me. Spray after spray of your hot love fills me and I'm overwhelmed by my own climax. "Tony, Tony" I lightly call out, feeling your sweet cum in me and my own orgasm coming over me. "Aaahhh" you sigh to me as I thrust my hips up to meet the remains of your climax. After, when we both come back to earth, we lie in each others arms just luxuriating, my leg d****d over your hip. "How.. about... we take a shower together?" you ask, kissing the side of my lips. I think about this and say "Can we do it again after?" I ask as we both giggle while walking hand and hand to the bathroom.
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2 years ago
Incredible! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Dang Pete, you are a good writer. You know how to phrase things to get the most emotion of what is being read. Every story is a meat beater. Hard to pick a favorite. You should publish a porn book.
2 years ago
Love it...just beautiful
3 years ago
so sweet - thanks for another awesome story