Dinner and a ...?

It had been a long week and I was determined that work was not going interfere with me persueing that gorgeous hunk I had met the week before. So I looked at the number before answering the call. Not recognizing it I thought excitedly 'maybe it's HIM! Answering, with the vision of him in my mind I was rewarded by the sound of his seductive voice, "Hi, Petey?". "Yes Nolan, honey, I was hoping to hear from you" I squeeled. "Nice to hear the sound of your voice" he said. "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, and maybe a movie?" My fingers toyed with my zipper as I asked "Are you asking me for a date?" "Well, yes I guess I am" and we both laughed. "Come on, babe, don't make me beg and I promise to show you a GOOD time" he pleaded. "Already have" I responded and then "Alright, hon, what time?" "Great, I'll pick you up at your place at, say, sevenish?". "Sounds good, Nole, thanx, I'll be waiting". "Thank you, luv ya, bye". "Me too" I said to the now dead phone. I had about three hours and I wanted to look good for him so I selected an outfit that went with some tight pants I had and took a shower. Finally the magic hour had arrived and I heard a knock at the door. Standing there, with a red rose in his hands was the object of my desire. He looked TERRIFIC! Tight, open neck shirt covering his trim body and wearing brown slacks over his athletic legs. "Come IN!" I said grabbing him. "You look so hand...." his arms were around me and we started to kiss, his tongue wagging in my mouth. Ooohh, his soft lips and hot tongue! I heard the door click close and pulled back as I took in his fragrance and my arms went around his neck. "some" I said "You look so handsome" I said quickly as the tips of our noses touched and our forheads rested on each others. "We'll never get out of here if you keep this up" I said to his dreamy eyes. "Oh, this slightly crushed flower is for you, sweet thing" he said back to me. We both chuckled and prepared to go. But not before I stole a kiss from those pouty lips and poured out my tongue to his eager mouth. I asked how his week had gone on the way to the restaurant and he asked about mine then asked about the place we were going to eat at as he said "It's a little upscale, maybe, but the food is good and I think you'll enjoy it". "I'm sure I will" I said softly. The restaurant was really nice and we were shown to a booth by a window with a view of the lights and the river. "Very nice" I said as we slid in opposite sides of the booth. He smiled at me as he sat. The lighting was dim but distinct as I marvelled at his good looks and perfect body. We ordered from the menu and engaged in some chit-chat while we waited for some drinks. "It's really a nice place, Nolan, thanks for inviting me". "My pleasure" he said said slowly and with a meaning we both understood. My foot then went to his lower leg, rubbing it slowly up and down. He shook his head as the food arrived and we ate. "This is delicious" I said to him. "Told ya, I come here a lot, but the place looks a whole lot better tonight". The waiter came to remove the dishes and we ordered another round of drinks. I was relaxed as the drinks came and I stole a look at him. 'Yummy' I thought looking at him, 'do you feel how much I want you to fuck me tonight!' my mind screamed as I leaned in. My foot, again, went to rubbing his leg. "I guess we should forget about a movie" he said putting his lips together and half blowing me a kiss. "Ummmmm" I hummed as I thought of his delicious hard cock. "Ready to go?" he asked. "Oh yeah" I said, letting my tongue extend towards him. In the car I couldn't keep my hands off of him. He was so virile and charming as my hand felt for his manhood. He backed the car out as I stroked his hard cock under his pants. "Oh yeah, oh yeah" he panted as I continued stroking him. We got out to street as my hand now went between his luscious skin and the top of his pants and then downward to his pulsing dick. My fingers stroked his pubic hair before I palmed his aching hard-on, going slowly up and down. Oh how great he felt to me, my own cock, rock hard and begging for his attention. "We can't drive like this!" he exclaimed. "I know, I know" I said licking his cheek and removing my hand. It would only be a few minutes I thought and I started counting all the things to do before the door clicked closed in my room and we were alone. We held hands as we drove and at last we were there. I don't even remember the lobby, the elevator or walking down the hall. I do remember the door-click as we melted together crushing our loins together while being swollowed by his kiss. I embraced him with a week-long denied passion as we kissed deeply, boring into each other with tongues dancing in each other mouths. We raced to the bedroom, shedding clothes as we went. We landed on the bed in each others naked embrace, our erections warm, moist and touching, feverishly kissing and licking all over our faces, neck, ears, just anywhere. We slowed down as I d****d my leg over his hip to move in to him more. "God, you're hot!!" I said to him. "I spent the whole week just thinking of this moment" he said as my eyes closed and his soft and sexy lips came down on mine. I started humping towards him and he humped gently back as our passion built to new heights. His hand went down and encircled us both and he sensuously moved up and down. Oh it was to die for!! My hands caressed him as his free hand caressed my bottom, alternately squeezing and rubbing. I was sucking on his neck as we writhed in our ectasy. "Honey, you're wonderful!" he husked into my shoulder and my cock started to swell to climax. "Stop, baby, oh stop, I don't want to come yet" I said between breaths. Before he could ask why I moved down to his marvellously erect manhood and had the head in my mouth lavishing my tongue all over his delicious soft skin. "Oh, Petey, oh yeah, suck me!" he moaned as I increased my amorous attentions. His cock seemed to stretch my mouth open and the feeling was wildly erotic as he slowly bucked his hips up to my eager and hungry mouth. By now my left arm hugged his waist and my left hand was jerking him off as I alternately bobbed and licked his provocative love member seeking the reward of his creamy love juice. "Ah, baby I'm going to CUM!!" he yelped as I moaned and loved him. With a subdued thrust his fountain erupted in my ravenous mouth. It was so hot!! and he was delectable as he spurted his love into me. "Ummmm, ahmmmm, oommm" I moaned as his titanic climax relaxed. I swollowed his love juice and kissed his pubic area,cock and inner thighs before moving up, kissing all the way to his face. "How was that, lover?" I asked, kissing those full lips of his. "I think I'm falling in love" he replied exhaustedly and I lay my head on his chest. "Ooohh" I cooed. He was sooo warm as we lay and still hard as I moved to increase our contact. I was turning him on again, I thought as we rolled over with me on the bottom. He was between my legs as I saw the passionate look on his face. My arms went around his neck as I pleaded between kisses "Fuck me, lover, oh fuck me!" I longed to feel his cock inside me as he gently filled the vacancy that screamed for his manhood. My legs gripped him tightly as he thrust fully into me and I squeezed his cock. Releasing, he pulled back for another thrust. "Oh, baby, oh sugar" he sighed. It was GLORIOUS!! I started humping him back as we synchronized and built again to a furious passion. He laid down on top of me and I kissed his face all over as our lovemaking intensified. My cock was nestled nicely between our lusting bodies as again I swelled to climax. "Ahh, Nole, honey I'm coming!! ooohhhh!!" Spurt after spurt of my love for him spilled out between us as he increased his love thrusts. "Oh!! you're so warm, lover" he cried out as he too let go with a hot stream of man-milk in me. I squeezed his cock to get every drop of cum from that beautiful dick before he pulled out. "I love your sex, sweetheart" I said, looking into his handsome face. "And I love yours" he replied while pulling out. I ran for a towel and came back to him licking my cum off his fingers. "Oh you like that eh?" I asked playfully. "I love it!" he said enthusiastically. and I wiped him off. "Never mind, I've got plenty more for you" I sighed seductively while kissing his pouting lips. "Stay the night?" I asked hopefully. "You bet!" and we fell together in a deep embrace and kiss.
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3 years ago
Very Hot, Love your writing
3 years ago
Tis is still a hot fucking love story thanks
3 years ago