Lonely Afternoon

It was Thursday afternoon after school and I was laying down on my bed. I was missing Guy like crazy and he was all I could think about. If I kept this up I knew I'd have to whack off just to relieve the pressure but I couldn't think of anything else. I loved our sex together and my feelings for him were intensifying, if that were even possible. My hand went to my hard-on as thoughts of him and me together came into my mind. He was so very, very turned on the last time we made love I hadn't been able to think of anything else all week. I started stroking myself as I thought of his hot ejaculation spraying inside my receptive,satisfied butt. I thought of his cock pulsing and pumping in my mouth and my strokes became longer and faster. The sparking stimulation of our dicks pressing sensually and lightly against each other. The way he oh so slowly goes up and down sucking my cock while lapping it at the same time. Oh yeah, Guy, I thought, 'I love you, baby'. The way he holds me in his arms and those soft lips pressing against my receptive mouth. 'Ooh, aahh you go sweetheart'. Him telling me how wonderful our sex together is afterward. And my cock is swelling up, ready to launch a stream of cum at any second. BUT WAIT! This is so unsatisfying I thought. There's just no substitute for my lover and I knew it. Only the warmth of his tight body next to mine could bring calm to my anxious emotions. I missed him sooooooo very much!!! Yet again my mind came around to his massive cock buried deep, exploring my body. Feeling the pulse of his heartbeat as he pumps his manhood gently in and out, complimenting me all the while. Thoughts of me tenderly squeezing his dick with my anal muscles as we both build slowly toward climax. Kissing his face as he comes inside of me leaving his sweet love nectar in me for me to relish. What's this!!?? Without thinking I had been jerking off and had come all over myself! Oh well, I thought, it will have to do until the weekend when we'll be together again fucking each others' brains out!
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3 years ago
See if you use your imagination you canrelive all your explotes of love and happness thanks
3 years ago
very hot!!!
3 years ago
Ahhhhhhh yeah babe