The Party's Over

Saturday night and the d***ks are all over the house. And they would be for at least another two hours, I thought sourly. All night I had been stealing glances at him in anticipation. OOHH but he looked sooo very, very good. I couldn't wait for him to steal into my room after this stupid 'party' and we could make our brand of mad love. At 2:10 AM(I was watching the clock!) he came at last and slid into bed with me. I felt his warmth and started to swoon. My back was to him as his arm went under my neck and the other hand stroked my hip. His hot breath was on the back of my neck when he whispered "Your body feels wonderful, sweetheart". I put my hand on top of his and gave it a little squeeze and said "We'll have to be quiet". "I know" he said while taking my earlobe between his lips. He effortlessly slid my shorts off and I backed into his hard, hot cock. His hand found my passion and stroked it slowly as he kissed my neck and ear. I slowly wiggled my bottom against his dick and moaned softly. He felt so great! He responded to me by pressing his hot cock against me even harder. I spun around and we started to kiss, our tongues darting into each others' mouth. I was losing control as we lapped at each others tongue, alternately sucking and then lapping. Next he went for my neck with his open mouth and hot tongue and the passion grew in me. I moved even closer to him and our dicks came into contact. He winced with pleasure as I started to thrust towards him. "Oh yeah" I whispered as his hands roamed all over me. My left hand sought out his heavy maleness and I gasped while gentry holding him. He was licking and kissing my neck as I moved my hips back a little and with my right hand positioned my cock for our cockheads to gently come into contact. OH!! but this was stimulation on a whole new level! "UMMMMM" he moaned as I gently moved the sensual heads around, pressing ever so lightly. I was becoming wet and so was he as I continued stimulating. "Don't...stop, honey! Don't...." he said softly. "Ahhh, I..won'!" He was kissing me wildly with his hands on my face. Then I pulled his foreskin up until it covered my cock-head and I thought I would explode. IT WAS SO WARM!! Like an electric blanket was around my dick. "You're driving me crazy!!" he blurted out and I knew I was doing a great job on him. I broke the contact and started kissing him back as wildly as he had me. Moving down to his neck and chest and even his nipples. I licked my way to his belly button and encircled it with my lips and lapped at it with my tongue. His "oohs and ahhs" excited me more and more. I smelled his musky cock and swollowed him hungrily. "Ummm" I moaned as I slowly, oh so slowly stroked him with my mouth. My hand around his stiff shaft I lapped at his bulbous head and tasted his wetness. He was DELICIOUS!! His hips were bucking wildly as I adored him. He was getting close to orgasm as I licked and kissed his scrotum and even his anus. We were making too much noise I thought so I slowed down. "We'll wake someone up" I whispered while moving back up to his heavenly lips. We melted into each others body and our lips came together with his tongue insistently in my mouth. I longed to feel his weight on me but he turned my back to him and, raising my leg a bit slipped his swollen member to my scrotum and let my leg come down again. "Oh yeah, that's it!" he said as he pushed against me. "Ummm...very sexy" I purred and pressed him back. His cock stuck thru and I lightly touched the head as he started thrusting slowly. "Your ass is perfect" he whispered as he jerked me off. "Perfect enough to fuck?" I asked. "Yessss" he said as I gripped him between my legs as he thrust. Then he pulled back and dragged his cock-head along my crack until he came to the entrance to my love. I yearned to feel his cock enter me and I moaned in anticipation. Oh he was soooo big and sexy. First that lovely, bulbous head and then his rock hard, pulsing shaft entered me and I threw my head back in ectasy. "OH YEAH, sweetheart!" I said softly. "Your so..firm...and..tight!!" he gasped between slow and sensual thrusts. I was close to climax as he lavished attention to my aching dick. He jerked me off as I thrust back at his eager cock. He was nuzzling my neck as I came in his hand. "Oh honey!, oh baby! I couldn't hold it anymore!" as stream after stream of love juice filled his hand. And then he pressed his cock even farther into me as he warmed my whole body with his love. "Uhhhhhh, uhhhhh" he moaned as his climax subsided. Slowly he pulled out of me and I handed him a towel I had set out. "You were wonderful, lover" I told him. "And you were spectacular" he said while drawing me to him. We kissed deeply and then embraced tightly when I said "I need you". "I love and need you" and enjoyed our last few moments together.
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Great story! Hopefully more to cum?